3 Best Lexus for Seniors (with Pictures)

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Everybody has their own point of view and preferences when looking for a car. Some want powerful engines with ultimate performance, while others want a comfortable interior with good fuel economy. Similarly, elders and senior citizens have their own requirements when buying a car.

When seniors go shopping for a vehicle, their main preference is to get a car that’s comfortable for them to use and is a convenient daily driver. Let’s explore the Lexus lineup and see which of 3 Lexus cars are great for seniors based on their features and utilities.

1. Lexus UX

Lexus UX is the entry-level crossover of the Lexus family and is loaded with a handful of luxury and driver assistance features. It has a compact design, ample cabin space, an interactive & easy to use infotainment system, and an array of safety features, seniors would definitely love to own a luxury crossover that’s easy to handle and use on the daily basis.

How is Lexus UX Good for Seniors?

Lexus UX is the most compact luxury CUV in the market, which makes it an ideal choice for daily driving and usage in tight spaces. The following aspects make Lexus UX a great option for elders;

  1. It is very easy to get in and out of the car due to its elevated height. Positioning and angulation of seats are ideal for easy seating and getting off the car.
  2. The trunk can be opened with a kick sensor, and closed with a push of a button. No need to stretch or burden the shoulders.
  3. With a highly customizable cargo area and rear folding seats, elders are never gonna worry about luggage.
  4. A very intuitive infotainment screen with a voice command function.
  5. With a 17-feet turning radius, elders are gonna love to drive the UX in tight spaces and turns.

Interior Space and Comfort

Despite a compact size, Lexus UX has ample space inside and a luxurious interior loaded with leather upholstery. There is considerable legroom and headspace for a person taller than 180 cm even.

There are leather seats with 8-way adjustment and heating, plus the memory function. This becomes so convenient for elders as they can adjust lumbar & shoulder support, have heated seats for back pain, and pre-set for them as they desire, via memory function.

Wireless charging is available, which makes it hassle-free, as there’s no need for wires or USB ports. If the seniors cannot use the touch screen, they have tactile buttons on their disposal and a voice command feature for convenient usage.

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Safety Features

Lexus is a top pick if the concern is safety and it is loaded with an array of safety features including;

  1. ABS, EBD, and Brake assist.
  2. 8 Airbags with passenger detection.
  3. Electronic Stability Assist for traction and stability.

UX also has the latest Lexus safety & ADAS Technology;

  1. Smart adaptive cruise control with speed watch.
  2. Front & rear parking sensors.
  3. Pedestrian detection & emergency braking.
  4. Rear guide camera with dynamic lines and 360o view.
  5. Blind-spot monitoring, Rear cross-traffic alert, and Lane Keep Assist.

Infotainment System

Lexus UX has a high-resolution intuitive touch screen display, oriented for the driver’s ease. If the fonts are not clear enough and elders are not comfortable with the screen, there are tactile buttons for all the settings & systems, such as climate and volume. Even the steering wheel has all the controls for calling and cruise control.

Ease of Driving & Visibility

UX has a height-adjustable driver’s seat with memory, so the grandpa would only be setting it according to him once and drive effortlessly forever. Driving and visibility are enhanced further by an onboard 3D heads-up display, adjustable steering, and blind-spot monitoring.

Price: $36,400

Engine: 2.0L hybrid engine

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2. Lexus IS

Lexus IS doesn’t belong to the SUV family, but has all the perks and features that the seniors would love to have. Most importantly, this sedan is very reliable, has a spacious interior with luxury seats and a very comfortable suspension. It has ample cargo space and driver assistance features to keep the elders at peace while on the road.

How is Lexus IS Good for Seniors?

Lexus IS can be a great vehicle for the elders, especially with its class-leading reliability and comfort.

  1. Although not as lifted as a UX, but it’s still quite comfortable to get inside and out of the IS, and be seated without any effort.
  2. Power trunk opener with a kick sensor, no need to worry about luggage.
  3. Enough space in the trunk with foldable rear seats, cargo is not a problem in IS.
  4. A high-definition touch screen infotainment system. With added voice command feature and touch control buttons.
  5. Driver assistance and latest safety features for safe & easy driving.

Interior Space & Comfort

Inside of a Lexus IS is very spacious and comfortable. 8-way adjustable seats with heating & memory function. Ventilated seats would always keep the seniors in ultimate comfort, plus the heated surface and added lumbar support.

Voice command, steering controls, and other intuitive options in the center console make it very easy to use all the functions. All the buttons are lit at night and easily accessible from the driver’s seat.

Safety Features

The suite of the latest safety and assistance features in Lexus IS include ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist,8 Airbags, and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) for traction.

IS also has the latest Lexus Safety Technology;

  1. Adaptive cruise control with speed watch.
  2. Driver Attention, pedestrian detection with emergency braking.
  3. Lane departure and Lane Keeping Assist.
  4. Rear guide camera with dynamic lines and 360o view.
  5. Blind-spot monitoring with rear-cross traffic alert.

Infotainment System

IS has a 10” high-resolution center infotainment screen. Wireless connectivity and screen mirroring make it much easier to use, so the elders don’t have to learn a new system. If the touch screen is difficult to use, IS also has tactile buttons for all the controls and voice commands, making it further easier without any distraction or inconvenience.

Ease of Driving & Visibility

IS is one of the easiest cars to drive, with no distraction and effortless controls. All the controls are within the reach of the driver, especially the touch controls on the steering. The driver seat is height-adjustable and multi-way support enabled, with the steering wheel also adjustable. All these features make it IS very easy for seniors to drive on daily basis.

Price: $30,300

Engine: 2.5L 4-cylinder turbo engine

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3. Lexus NX

Lexus NX sits above the UX in the Lexus crossover family and has better features with added convenience. It is easier to drive and has more cabin space, with interior utility, assistance features & ample cargo space.

How is Lexus NX Great for Seniors?

These features make Lexus NX a great option for senior citizens.

  1. It has a slightly lifted ride height, so much easier to get in and out with doors opening at wider angles.
  2. It also has a power trunk opener, kick sensor and modifiable cargo space for utility.
  3. A high-resolution touch screen infotainment system with voice command. NX also has buttons, if seniors are not comfortable due to any medical reasons.
  4. Driver assistance features enhance safety and comfortable driving in tight areas, further made easier by its compact size and easy maneuverability.

Interior Space & Comfort

The Interior of a Lexus NX is loaded with luxury, as it has a lot of space, leather seats, and upholstery with no cabin noise. Electronically heated seats are 8-way adjustable and set for regular use, thanks to the memory function. Wireless charging is another great feature that makes life easier for elders.

All the controls are easy to use, rear seats can be folded for enhanced cargo space, and heated adjustable seats make it very comfortable for seniors to use, especially with back and shoulder pain issues.

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Safety Features

Lexus NX is one of the safest cars to own and has advanced driver assistance features as well. The standard safety features include ABS, EBD, and Brake Assist, 8 Airbags, and vehicle stability control.

Mazda also offers their latest i-Activsense Safety Technology;

  1. Adaptive cruise control with speed watch.
  2. Pedestrian detection with emergency braking.
  3. Front & Rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring with rear-cross traffic alert.
  4. Reverse camera with dynamic lines and 360o view.
  5. Lane departure warning with lane-keep assist.

Infotainment System

Lexus NX has a high-definition, touch screen center infotainment with Lexus connectivity. Android Auto & Apple CarPlay wireless connectivity comes standard for ease of usage. There are tactile buttons and steering controls as well, for convenient usage, further enhanced by a voice command feature.

Ease of Driving & Visibility

Lexus NX has great utility and is very easy to drive. The steering wheel and driver seat, both can be adjusted according to the requirement of the user with easy-to-use controls and the voice command for distraction-free driving. Blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and heads-up display make driving much easier for the elders.

Price: $40,400

Engine: S 2.5 L Hybrid engine