Mazda vs. Toyota (Depreciation Compared!)

Mazda and Toyota are both Japanese multinational automakers. Toyota is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and has a world market share of 8.5 percent. Whereas, Mazda is the 22nd largest automaker and produces more than one million vehicles per year. Mazda and Toyota have manufacturing facilities all around the globe. Mazda vs Toyota … Read more

What’s a High Mileage for a Toyota Tundra?

Toyota builds some really sturdy and long-lasting vehicles, with pure dependability & endurance in mind. Remember when the Top Gear team threw a Toyota Hilux from a building and it still ran like a horse. We are discussing its big brother Tundra, which is also a very reliable and highly capable truck. Toyota Tundra has … Read more

3 Best Toyotas for a Cheap Driving

If you think about reliability, the first name that comes to mind is that of the great Japanese automaker, Toyota. Having sold millions of cars and established an iconic name, Toyota has also enabled people to buy quality & affordable cars. Let’s have a look at the best Toyota cars, which are not just cheaper … Read more

Honda vs. Toyota- Resale Value (1-10 Years)

Honda and Toyota are both Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing companies. Both companies produce some of the best performing and most reliable cars available in the market. In terms of volume, Toyota is the largest and Honda is the fifth-largest car company in the world. People often compare Honda vs Toyota resale value for both short … Read more

3 Best Toyotas for Seniors (with Pictures)

With an increase in medical advancement and technology, life expectancy has increased. The older population in the world is growing. And senior drivers are a new norm. Alone, the US has about 45 million licensed drivers above the age of 60. With such rapid increase, the auto-manufacturers have also shifted their focus to the senior … Read more