3 Best Subarus for Seniors (with Pictures)

Every driver wants some preferences according to his comfort level while driving. Seniors require some extra care and comfort during drive i.e. extra space of seats and roof. Some seniors want less fuel consumption with more cargo space, and others want a car with a better suspension to drive smoothly. Most seniors have issues with … Read more

Subaru: Which Model Hold the Most Value?

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese conglomerate Subaru Cooperation. Its first car named Subaru 360 was launched in 1958. In terms of production, Subaru is the world’s 21st largest automaker and has a 4% share in the U.S automobile market. In this article, you will get to know do Subarus hold their … Read more

Are Subaru Parts Expensive? (with 8 Examples)

The average annual maintenance cost of a Subaru is $617, which puts it above the national average for comparable models. Compared to popular models like Toyota and Honda, Subaru sales only make up 3% of the market. However, many consumers who have purchased a Subaru say that it’s the best automobile they’ve ever owned.  Many … Read more