3 Best Kia for Seniors (with Pictures)

Buying a car is an interesting journey, from defining your budget to online research and finding your perfect match. A car isn’t just a medium to drive you around, it becomes a part of the person’s life and routine. Similarly, everyone has their own preferences based on their needs and likes. Seniors tend to buy … Read more

Kia vs. Hyundai: Resale Value (8 Models Compared)

Kia and Hyundai are South Korean multinational automobile manufacturing companies. Both are headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Their combined production is more than 6 million vehicles per year. It might come as a surprise to many of you that Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company. People often compare Kia vs Hyundai resale value … Read more

Is Kia Expensive to Maintain? (Exact Costs)

Kia didn’t get a great start in the United States, it’s been a steady growth from the beginning. In recent years, Kia has established itself as a major player as a go-to brand for reliable and long-lasting vehicles. Material quality and overall craftsmanship of their vehicles are on par with any major manufacturer. Their lineup … Read more

Why are Kias Cheap? Because They’re Unreliable?

People all over the world admire Kia for its reliable experience and affordable prices. A similar segment Kia would cost approximately 15% lesser than a Toyota or Honda. Mind you that Toyota and Honda aren’t Luxury brands either. So, why are Kias so cheap? People often justify their affordable prices by conflicting their reliability. Is … Read more