17 Essential Gadgets Every Car Driver Should Buy Right Now!

If you are a car driver, and you’re not the biggest fan of gadgets, then you should definitely get interested in them.

Some gadgets might make your life easier, and some of them can even save your life.

Take a look at these 17 amazing gadgets for car owners, and see how they can improve your life!

1. Ztylus Stinger Plus Car Emergency Escape Tool

We all want to drive safely. But the reality is that accidents happen on the roads every day. We hope that it will never happen to us, but what if… If you have an accident, Ztylus comes to help you. The company created a vehicle emergency escape tool that is able to puncture the glass thanks to a durable, spring-loaded window punch. Additionally, its razor-sharp blade lets you quickly cut your seatbelts. This tool is not a huge cost, but it can potentially save our lives.

2. ICECO JP30 Portable Refrigerator

If you’re traveling and often take food with you, you just need to have this portable refrigerator. You can be sure that your snacks and drinks are kept as cool as you like. This portable, hybrid fridge and freezer offer adjustable temperatures between -7 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. ICECO JP30 has amazing features like turning itself off whenever you’re not putting it to use. 

3. LandAirSea 54 GPS Car Tracker

This car tracker is a magnetic, waterproof mount that you can place in any car. Thanks to the app that is connected with Google Maps, you can track the location of your car anytime you want. Doesn’t matter if you’re concerned about your car being stolen, you want to track your kid, or you want to know where your wife is. With LandAirSea, you can always be sure about the location of your car.

4. Pure Enrichment Mini Portable Air Purifier

If you’re serious about the air that you’re breathing, this air purifier is a must-have. It cleans your air of 99.7% of dust, smoke, dander, and odors. You can also use it at home or in the office. The battery lifespan is up to 12 hours, and you can always charge it with the USB cable. A small investment that will result in better health.

5. Belkin MagSafe Car iPhone Holder

If you’re an iPhone owner, and you need to charge your phone while driving, or change the music, doing so through the cable might be a burden. Belkin decided to solve this problem and created a vent mount that lets you mount your iPhone with wireless MagSafe technology to the mount thanks to the magnet. It’s a safe solution and lets you charge your phone and keep it in a comfortable position when you’re driving.

6. Amazon Echo Auto

If you want your car to be at least more intelligent, Echo Auto is an accessory for you. It’s a device equipped with 8 microphones that catch your voice even if loud music is on. Think of it as Alexa for your car. You just say a voice command, and Echo Auto that’s connected to your phone. You can say commands or play music from Spotify, Apple Music, and so on.

7. Cup Holder Tray

Do you or your passengers often eat in the car? There’s something that will make your life easier. The cup holder tray lets you put your food on the tray and enjoy your meal in the most convenient way. It has 360° swivel capabilities, great design, and a secure mount. No more setting your food on the laps, no more risk.

8. Norshire Tire Inflator

Let’s be honest. Most of us have ever experienced a flat tire. The problem is that our tire inflators in our cars are often too big and too complicated to use. Allegedly the smallest tire inflator on the market by Norshire is under 9†tall and weights only 2 pounds. It can not only inflate your car tire, but also a bike tire, and many, many more. When it dies, you can just charge it with a cigarette lighter or with a USB cable. It’s a must-have tool.

9. Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It’s a simple device. You just put it on your dashboard and it’s constantly watching if everything is ok with your tires. For example, it is equipped with fast leak alarm, pressure alarm, or temperature alarm. You won’t be surprised when something is wrong and you will never end up with air slowly deflating from a tire. In addition, Tymate tire pressure monitoring system is solar-charged.

10. Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming your car in the car wash is sometimes expensive. However, by investing in Baseus car vacuum cleaner, you can quickly save a lot of money. This handy, cordless vacuum can work up to 45 minutes and has a powerful double filtration system. The look of this vacuum cleaner is sleek, assuring you that this isn’t one of those many bulky, portable options crowding up space in your car. You can use it not only in the car, so it’s a universal option.

11. BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

The problem with most breathalyzer is that they are sometimes not too accurate. Accuracy is pretty important, and BACtrack is onme of the best option for that. It’s a certified breathalyzer with long battery life, an LCD screen, and easy operation. You should always keep it in your car if you have any doubts about your sobriety.

12. Wolfbox G840S 12“ Mirror Dash Cam

When it comes to mirror dash cams, Wolfbox G840S will be one of the best picks available. This cam is cabable of catching front and rear footage at 1080p, providing an improved view at night and capturing anything no matter what time you’re on the road. A big, and wide display guarantees that you’ll have no issues backing up into any parking spot thanks to its hybrid dashcam and mirror.

13. Roav VIVA Smart Device

At first glance, it might be another charger that you plug into the cigarette lighter, but it has also another great feature. It has an Amazon Alexa assistant inside that you can use to control things—even CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s an interesting gadget that will make your car smarter.

14. Cobra DualPro 360° Radar Detector

If you like to buy things that will save you money, this radar detector is what you need. Cobra Dual Pro looks for radar and lasers all around your car, using arrows to indicate where the source is and voice alerts to keep you informed. You can also join a network of other drivers reporting speed traps. Just imagine how much money you can save with this device.

15. Inflatable Car Bed

Turn your car into a mobile hotel with an inflatable air mattress that feels a million times more comfortable than lying across the back seat. The inflatable air bed sleeps up to two people, and even comes with pillows. The car bed fits most car models, saloon car, SUV, MPV, except for the Lengthen Lincolns, Trucks, and minibus. Perfect for camping.

16. FLIK Middle Finger Light

Maybe this gadget will not save your life, but it’s pretty cool. The middle finger light lets you flip the driver behind you off if he’s an asshole. All you need to do is to click the button and the guy behind you who’s tailgating or doing other crazy stuff will see your reaction.

17. Dog Seat Cover

Do you travel with your dog? If you want to keep him safe and keep your car clean, you should get yourself this seat cover. It looks like a hammock and is very comfortable for your pet. It’s waterproof and wearproof, easy to install and clean.