Are Mazda Parts Expensive? (The Breakdown)

For over 100 years, Mazda has produced some legendary cars with great quality and durability. Not only are Mazda cars highly reliable and comfortable to drive, but they are also cheap to maintain and repairs aren’t that expensive. If you’re wondering about the prices of Mazda parts, they are cheaper than the average vehicles and … Read more

Mazda vs. Toyota (Depreciation Compared!)

Mazda and Toyota are both Japanese multinational automakers. Toyota is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and has a world market share of 8.5 percent. Whereas, Mazda is the 22nd largest automaker and produces more than one million vehicles per year. Mazda and Toyota have manufacturing facilities all around the globe. Mazda vs Toyota … Read more

Mazda vs. Honda (Depreciation Compared!)

Mazda and Honda are Japanese multinational automobile manufacturing companies. Both brands are known for producing some of the most reliable and best-performing cars in the world. Honda is the world’s fifth-largest car company and its annual production is around 4.5 million vehicles, five times more than the Mazda. Depreciation is the main factor to consider … Read more

3 Best Mazdas for Seniors (with Pictures)

Cars are designed with users’ perspectives and convenience in mind. What should be the length? Interior space and headroom, cargo and storage, infotainment, and safety technology. Just like all age groups, seniors have their own requirements when using a car, and it needs to be comfortable for them to drive and convenient to use on … Read more