About us

Hi, I’m Norbert- the owner of Yougreatcar.com

I’ve created this website because I noticed a need for it. A lot of my friends were constantly asking me about stuff related to their cars, for example: “does motor oil brand matter”, “is it worth buying a black car”, “do Mazdas depreciate fast” and so on. The problem was that they couldn’t find these information online. I thought that more people might have the same problem. That’s why in 2021 I decided to start Yourgreatcar.com- to help people solve their car problems.

Because I’m a car geek, I write many articles on this website on my own, but I also have a few people who help me and complete my knowledge. Together we are like a car encyclopedia.

We try to write articles and help people as often as possible. My motto is simple- to write the most helpful article on the web. I believe that if you do something good, sooner or later, you will be rewarder. Because of that, I see more people coming to my website every month, which is super motivating and it proves that what I do makes sense.

The content on my website includes a lot of categories, including:

  • Car Rankings
  • Engine Content
  • Popular Automotive Question
  • Car Depreciation
  • …and many more

If you have some car problem or question, consider visiting my website. I don’t guarantee that I have answers to every problem, but I’m confident that answers that I have are 100% satisfying.