Is Acura a Luxury Brand? (5 Reasons Why it is)

If you’re in the market for a luxury brand, chances are you’ve scoured the German-made brands as well as the Japanese automakers like Lexus and Acura. Some models are high-quality with a high-tier price; other models, like the Lexus, are still flush with sophistication, just at a more affordable price point. 

Throughout your research, you may have asked yourself, “Is Acura a luxury brand?” This brand is reliable, constructed with high-quality materials, and has attractive features. Keep reading to learn if Acura is considered a luxury brand. 

Is Acura a Luxury Brand?

Due to its stylish attention to detail, reputation for high-quality cars, and state-of-the-art features, Acura is indeed a luxury brand. In addition, this brand is well-known for its reliability and craftsmanship. Consumers trust this luxury brand because it is designed by Honda Motor Corporation. 

Honda is renowned for its thorough manufacturing process and quality control measures; the same and more can be expected for Acura. 

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Which Brands Does Acura Compete With?

Acura competes with other luxury brands, vying for the customer’s attention and, eventually, their money. This healthy competition has pushed each brand to produce the best vehicles with excellent options. 

Acura consistently stands among the top in safety, efficiency, performance, technology, luxury, and value. However, competition can be fierce. I have included a few models that compete with the Acura in the tables below. These tables discuss the similarities between other luxury car compact SUVs.

2022 Acura RDX FWDVS2022 Cadillac XT5
10-Speed AutomaticTransmission9-Speed Automatic
22 / 28 / 24MPG (city/highway/combined)21 / 28 / 24
StandardPower SunroofOptional
Driver/ PassengerHeated SeatsOptional
2022 Acura RDX FWDVS2022 Infiniti QX50 FWD
10-Speed AutomaticTransmissionCVT
10 inchesTouchscreen Display Size8 inches
272 HPHorsepower268 HP
2022 Acura RDX FWDVS2022 Lexus NX FWD
StandardPower SunroofOptional
StandardHeated SeatsOptional
58.9 cubic feetMaximum Cargo capacity54.6 cubic feet
272 HPHorsepower203 HP
104 cubic feetPassenger Volume72 cubic feet

Next, let’s compare the line of premium compact sedans that Acura has to offer against the competition. The Acura ILX is an excellent option.

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Acura ILXVSAudi A3
8-Speed AutomaticTransmission7-Speed Automatic
28MPG (combined)32
StandardPower SunroofOptional
6-years/ 70,000 MilesPowertrain Warranty4 years/ 50,000 Miles
Acura ILXVSMercedes-Benz CLA
8-Speed AutomaticTransmission7-Speed Automatic
24MPG (city)25
StandardHeated SeatsOptional
6-years/ 70,000 MilesPowertrain Warranty4 years/ 50,000 Miles

Now, let’s consider the premium mid-sized sedans that Acura offers against some common luxury brands. The Acura TLX makes a great family car or for a night out with friends, family, and loved ones.

Acura TLXVSLexus ES 360 Premium
31Highway MPG32
25MPG (combined)26
StandardHeated SeatsOptional
60/40Folding Rear SeatN/A
Acura TLXVSCadillac CT5 Luxury
$37, 500MSRP$38,190
22/31/25MPG (city/hwy/combined)21/31/25
StandardPower SunroofOptional
Driver/PassengerHeated SeatsOptional
60/40Folding Rear SeatN/A
13.5 cubic feetMaximum Cargo Volume11.9 cubic feet
Acura TLXVSMercedes-Benz C 300 Base
10-Automatic SpeedTransmission9-Speed Automatic
13.5 cubic feetMax Cargo Volume12.6 cubic feet
6 Years/ 70,000 MilesPowertrain Warranty Coverage4 Years/ 50,000 Miles
StandardLane Keeping Assist SystemNeeds Higher Trim

Recent model Acuras beat the competition in many categories with their standard base models. In addition, most competing brands require higher trim levels to meet what Acura has to offer, making this brand quite attractive on paper. 

Now, more than ever, luxury car buyers have more options to choose from, and they are choosing reliable, high-quality prospects that are more affordable on their wallets. Many consumers already consider the Acura brand a luxury car; however, what other reasons make this car fit the “luxury” car mold?

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What Makes Acura a Luxury Brand?

Even with its reputation, you’ll still find people asking, “Is Acura a luxury brand?” Over the years, the Japanese automaker has developed Acura into a valuable luxury automobile that doesn’t quite fit the mold of traditional luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz or Lexus

While some consider Lexus more elegant, Acura is well-known for its productivity and dependability. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t always what you find in luxury cars, take Jaguar, for example. Acura is Honda’s luxury car, and as their parent company, Acura takes productivity, safety features, and design to a higher tier. 

Acura is high-class in many different ways. For instance, consider the points below discussing why I believe Acura to be a luxury brand. 

  • Performance – Among brands like Lexus, Acura is the clear winner when it comes to performance. The brand’s entire lineup consists of vehicles that focus on performance and take sportiness to another level.

  • Features – Many base models as a whole offer advanced safety/ infotainment features as standard, while other brands need higher trim levels for such things. Such features could be Lane Keeping Assist, Anti-collision braking, Super Handling (SH-AWD), and Adaptive Cruise Control.

  • Extremely User-friendly – Luxury cars are usually built for a great customer experience, one that you can’t seem to get in standard models like your Nissans, Hyundais, or Fords. Most, if not all, of Acura’s lineup consists of cars that make the driving experience as painless as possible. More seating room, cargo space, and more style than your average vehicle.

  • Premium Materials – Luxury cars are consistent with premium materials, and Acura is no different. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Milano leather, elegant wood grain trim, piping, and stitching. 

  • Audio – Most standard brands don’t have upgraded audio systems; however, some luxury brands do. Although, Acura typically places high-tier Krell equipment in their vehicle for sophisticated sound quality. 

The pricing structure is also part of what makes Acura a luxury brand. As I mentioned, Acura doesn’t fit the typical luxury mold, but it carries itself with reliable and stylish designs. You can be sure that you’re getting some of the best, advanced features for a great deal. Acura sets itself apart by its performance and standard features while keeping the reliability we’ve come to expect in Honda. 

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Is Acura a Good Luxury Brand To Buy?

So, let’s say you go to a luxury car lot and see many used models of different brands. You find BMW, Acura, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and you find one model of each that you would purchase. So, here’s why Acura should be the model you take home with you. 

  • Better Cost to Own – Reviewers of Acura’s lineup have determined that the Japanese automaker makes vehicles that give their customers the best quality car that’s affordable to maintain without draining their wallets. Kelley Blue-book has frequently given Acura high marks for the cost-to-own. For instance, BMW’s 10-year cost-to-own is $17,800 while Acura is much less at about $9,800

  • Longevity – Luxury vehicles as a whole aren’t well known for their longevity, but some are better than others. For example, an Acura’s longevity is identical to a Honda, typically 250,000-300,000 miles before a severe repair is necessary. However, this implies that regularly scheduled maintenance is performed. Many owners of the Acura MDX have noted that it travels well past 200,000 miles and even into the 400,000s

  • Reputation – The Acura brand has a long history in the automotive industry and has come a long way since the late 1980s. The brand is highly sought after with its proven track record, high-quality engineering, and affordability, even when considering used models. 

If you’re looking to purchase an Acura, I would consider ever-popular MDX and RDX models. These two vehicles are the brand’s best-selling models and are highly ranked. So, it seems fitting to use these models to compare alternatives to Acura. 

Compact SUVs are trendy in today’s automobile market, and many consumers are looking for the next big thing. In the table below, I’ve described several models for the MDX or RDX that may be an option for traditional luxury car consumers. 

Comparable Models
Acura RDXAudi Q5BMW X4Lexus RXMercedes-Benz GLC
Acura MDXAudi Q7BMW X5GMC Acadia DenaliInfiniti QX60

It’s plain to see that an Acura is an above-average vehicle and shouldn’t be discounted. However, it’s hard to find a brand that makes vehicles as reliable as an Acura. For instance, Acura is rated a 4.0 out of 5.0 on the reliability score, top-notch for a luxury vehicle class. 

The average repair cost for an Acura is $501, which still puts it below the national average for all models. Usually, Acuras only require a severe repair about 8% of the time. Compare this to an average of 12% for all other comparable models, and you start to see a clear picture of why Acura is an excellent brand to invest in. 


Affordability, reliability, and performance aren’t synonymous with luxury vehicles, but it is when considering an Acura. Many critics might say that Acura isn’t a proper luxury vehicle and should be regarded as a ‘premium’ variety, if anything. 

Fortunately, the brand has shown in many ways why it can be compared with other luxury models and come out on top. Honda has infused its luxury brand with superior quality engineering, performance, and longevity. 

With a low cost-to-own and style to go with it, you would be a fool to turn down the opportunity to own an Acura. The next time someone asks the question, “Is Acura a luxury brand?” You can answer with a definitive yes and give a list of why. 


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