Is BMW M3 E92 Reliable? (Must Read)

BMW E92 is regarded as one of the true last drivers’ cars, focused on handling and superb power, before BMW decided to handle all the controls to electronics. The M version of the popular sedan, the M3 E92, is the first and only M3 with a V8 engine and packs immense horsepower. The BMW M3 … Read more

Is BMW G30 Reliable? (+Common Issues)

BMW G30 is a generation of the popular mid-size luxury sedan, 5 series, that debuted back in 2016 and was based on the all-new BMW platform. It was refreshed inside out with newer powertrains, with a revised interior, and loaded with state-of-the-art technology. G30 is considered to be the smartest and most luxurious 5 Series … Read more

Is BMW F01 Reliable? (Solved)

BMW F01 is the generation of the 7 series that launched in 2008 and was available till 2015. Refreshed with an all-new design, lightweight chassis, newer powertrains, and improved interiors, F01 was considered a major upgrade over its preceding generation. F01 debuted with both the diesel and gasoline engines and was the first 7 series … Read more

Is BMW Z3 Reliable? (What to Expect?)

Z3 is a famous two-seater sports car produced by BMW from 1995 to 2002. In the beginning, only the roadster variant with a convertible top was launched, but later in 1998 coupe models were also added to the lineup. Nearly two decades have passed and still, BMW Z3 is a desirable car. But before making … Read more

3 Best BMWs for Seniors (with Pictures)

Automobiles are one of the most often utilized modes of transportation in the modern-day, and seniors, in particular, need them. Fortunately, car manufacturers have developed vehicles to accommodate elders and make their journeys easier. Seniors often look for a car that has more leg, head, and elbow room, a suspension that keeps them comfortable on … Read more