Are Audis Reliable After 100k Miles? The Truth

The German car manufacturer produces great vehicles, with intuitive interiors and trendy styling. Apart from that, Audis are reliable as well and, if maintained properly, can easily serve you beyond 200,000 miles.

Although expensive to maintain and known to have some manufacturing faults, Audis are generally dependable cars. Let’s have an understanding of how reliable Audis are after 100k miles, how can an Audi be maintained to last longer, and what other cars can be considered as alternatives to Audi.

Are Audis Reliable After 100k Miles?

Audis are very sturdy cars and have stood the test of time, especially after the recent revamp of the early 2000s. If the maintenance schedule is followed properly, all the faulty components are replaced on time, and it isn’t involved in a major accident, Audis remain considerably reliable after 100k miles and can serve you well up to 300,000 miles even.

There are certain models in the Audi lineup that are known to have some manufacturing faults. And with time, any car can become problematic if not maintained properly. But Audi has proven to be quite a dependable car and lasts a good amount of time.

If you’re considering buying a used Audi that’s driven more than 100k miles and concerned about your decision. Make sure you are buying a clean car with no history of accidents or multiple ownership, otherwise you’re in safe hands and Audis are reliable even after 100k miles.

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What are the Most Common Problems with Audis After 100k Miles?

Some of the problems that can pop up in an Audi after 100k miles are mostly mechanical and easily fixable. These include Engine oil leakage, problems in electronic components, Spark plug faults, timing belt issues, and axle joint issue. These problems can either be repaired or the parts can be replaced, which might not be cheap.

Let’s have a look at why these problems occur and how can they be avoided;

1- Engine Oil Leakage

If you’ve noticed a black pool of fluid under your car or reduced levels of oil, your car is suffering from a very common problem inherent to Audis. Engine oil leakage occurs due to damage of the valves or engine seals which occur over time due to poor maintenance routine or usage of bad quality fuel. It can be avoided by proper engine oil change on time and getting the inside coated with a professional surfactant, such as Liqui Moly Cera tec. This problem usually occurs after 175,000 miles.

2- Problems with Electronic Components

The most known electronic faults in an Audi occur after 150,000 miles and are mostly related to certain individual parts. These include malfunctioning head and rear lights, infotainment system failure, and unresponsive power windows. These problems can easily be solved by the replacement of faulty parts.

3- Spark Plug Faults

If the maintenance schedules are disturbed and plugs are not serviced or replaced on time, Audis can show symptoms of spark plug failure after 150,000 miles. Owners have reported ignition failure, loss of power while driving, misfiring cylinders, and poor performance with reduced fuel efficiency. It is very simple to get rid of, and the replacement of spark plugs usually solves the problem.

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4- Timing Belt Issues

Sometimes after a 125,000-mile mark and negligence on the owners’ part, the timing belt in an Audi can wear off or even completely tear. It is a costly problem to fix, and the damage caused by the failure can also be very daunting. Poor performance, jerky ride, and piston failure are the common consequences of a failed timing belt.

5- Axle Joint Issue

Axle joint on some of the Audi models can show signs of wear and damage, well after 100,000 miles. It usually occurs due to negligence of the driver or rough usage. The only way out of it is the replacement of the axle joint, as the ride becomes jerky and the car swivels to the side of the damage, affecting the traction and stability.

Cost of Fixing the Common Problems in Audis After 100k Miles

1Engine Oil leakage$650
2Faulty Electronic parts$700
3Timing Belt Issues$1,000-1,200
4Spark plug failures$100-200
5Axle Joint Issues$750-900

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Which Engines are the Most Reliable After 100k Miles?

Generally, Audi engines are quite solid and dependable, but any piece of machinery can develop problems after some time and miles of service. But the top 3 most reliable Audi engines after 100k miles include EA113, Gen 3 EA888, and 4.2L V8 engine. These are the sturdiest Audi engines and you can rely upon them any time, any day of the year.

1- EA113

The EA113 engine with 1.8L displacement and turbocharged forced induction is the most solid Audi engine and is offered in various sedan cars. Even after 100k miles, this engine would fire perfectly on all cylinders.

2- Gen 3 EA888

The Gen 3 EA888 did not have the problems its predecessors suffered from and lasted a lifetime with proper maintenance. It is the second pick among the most reliable Audi engines after 100k miles.

3- 4.2L V8

This monster of a powerhouse is offered in many S and RS models, even the Audi R8 V8 model. Although it has its problems, but nothing that troubles you as such and it is sturdier enough for what it does on the road, even after 100k miles.

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How to Take Care of Your Audi to Last Long?

Follow these steps to make sure that your Audi lasts a lifetime, at the peak of its performance & comfort;

  1. Stick to the official service schedule and use OEM parts only.
  2. Change all the oils and lubricants on time, and remember to switch the grade of oils when required (10,000 miles)
  3. Remember to do tire rotation & wheel balancing every 20,000 miles
  4. Change the brake pads on time and get the brake assembly serviced regularly (20,000 miles)
  5. Get all the electronic parts inspected and replace the faulty components
  6. Ensure that all the components and parts of the engine stay in optimal health, by proper maintenance and OEM servicing (20,000 miles)
  7. Get the transmission and suspension systems serviced at regular intervals (35,000 miles)
  8. Flush the radiator and replace the coolant every 75,000 miles
  9. Get the timing assembly serviced, and the timing belt replaced every 75,000 miles
  10. Change the spark plugs every 70,000 miles for optimal performance

What are the Best and Worst Audis After 100 Miles?

If you’re out shopping for a used Audi, remember these cars. The top 3 you can rely upon after 100k miles and the 3 you should avoid.

Best Audis After 100k Miles

  1. 2010 Audi A6
  2. 2012 Audi TT
  3. 2008 Audi A4

Worst Audis After 100k miles

  1. 2012 Audi Q7
  2. 2005 Audi S4
  3. 2011 Audi A4

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What are the Best Audi Alternatives After 100k Miles?

If you’re looking for a luxury segment car and want an alternative to Audi, there are some other very reliable options in the market. Some of these include Lexus ES, Infiniti Q50, Genesis G90, Kia K900, and Hyundai Azera.

These are all high-end luxury cars that can be great alternatives to Audi and other German luxury cars. These are absolute value for money, and very reliable cars to consider, even after 100k miles.

1- Lexus ES

This mid-sized luxury sedan from Japan is an absolute beauty to own and a charm to drive. With a luxurious interior, comfortable drive, and dependable performance, you cannot go wrong with a car from Lexus’s lineup and ES should be your top choice as an alternative to Audi.

2- Infiniti Q50

Nissan’s luxury subsidiary has made a name for itself in the premium car segment with different vehicles, and Q50 is one of them. With top-notch build quality, exclusive reliability, and luxurious interiors, Q50 can be a great choice after 100k Miles.

3- Genesis G90

At half the price of a German luxury car, you can get a brand-new Korean luxury sedan. Genesis G90 has everything that you want from a premium segment car and since its inception and penetration in the market, Genesis has set a mark in the luxury segment. If you’re looking for a car over 100k miles, must consider Genesis G90.

4- Kia K8

Korean automakers have really upped their game in the past decade, with some great technologies and premium vehicles. Kia K8 has a luxurious interior and some superb features, that can even give Germans a run for their money. So if you’re exploring options in the used car market, Kia K8 should definitely be on your list.

5- Hyundai Azera

Kia K8’s cousin from the Hyundai family, Azera shares much of its technology and platform with the K8 and even has similar tech and luxury features. If you’re a Hyundai fan and looking for a used car, you’re in for a treat with the all-new Hyundai Azera.