VW Apple CarPlay Not Working (Solved)

Is your VW Apple CarPlay not working? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Apple CarPlay is available on iPhone models 5 and above.

If your VW Apple CarPlay stops working in the middle of a fun road trip, it can be quite annoying. However, we have collected the best expert advice to help you solve this problem. Let’s go!

How Does VW Apple CarPlay Work?

Apple CarPlay is an incredible interface that helps you access various apps safely while driving. You can keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road while also being able to play Apple Music, send a message, receive calls or check your map.

With iOS 13 and above, you also get an amazing view of the road coming up. All you have to do is plug your iPhone into the data port of the VW and you will get access to all your apps through the touchscreen display.

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What are the Most Common Problems Faced by iOS users with Apple Car Play?

Following is a list of some of the common issues that users face while using Apple CarPlay:

  • iOS Update Issues:

Apple CarPlay might start malfunctioning when an iOS update takes place.

  • USB Cable Issues:

Another issue that arises is that the USB cable just stops connecting, and so you do not have access to Apple CarPlay.

  • iPhone Detection Trouble:

Apple CarPlay sometimes does not detect your iPhone despite multiple tries. This prevents you from connecting your phone to the VW and accessing applications.

  • Outdated iOS Version:

If your iPhone has an outdated iOS version, the Apple CarPlay might present problems.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity Problems:

The Apple CarPlay can also stop working when there is an issue with the Bluetooth connection.

How to Resolve VW Apple CarPlay Issues?

You can resolve the above issues by trying any of the methods below:

  1. Prefatory Checks

Prefatory checks include doing the following things:

  • Checking that your iPhone and the VW’s infotainment system are turned on.
  • Ensuring that Apple CarPlay is supported in your region as it is not available in all regions.
  • Making sure that Apple CarPlay is compatible with the VW. You may contact your vehicle manufacturer if it is not. It is also possible to buy an aftermarket stereo from brands such as Alpine.
  • Making sure that the iOS version of your iPhone supports CarPlay.
  • If there is any other Bluetooth device connected to the stereo, unpair it before proceeding to connect Apple CarPlay.
  1. Apple CarPlay Screen Time Issue Fix

Following is the procedure for screen time issue fix:

  • It is important to ensure that Apple CarPlay is enabled on the iPhone that you are using. It may be wise to re-enable CarPlay as multiple settings interfere with its connection.
  • For doing this you have to go to settings then general and then CarPlay. Finally, reconnect your device.
  • Users who have turned off CarPlay on Screen Time on their iOS 14 must go to Settings then Screen Time then Content and Privacy Restrictions and finally Allowed Apps. They can then turn on CarPlay from there.
  1. Allowing CarPlay While Locked Fix

You can allow the CarPlay while the phone is locked by following the procedure below:

  • Your CarPlay must remain enabled even when the phone is locked. If that is not the case, it will turn off when you turn off your phone screen. You can fix this by going to Settings then General then CarPlay.
  • Pick your car from the options available on the screen. After this, you may toggle to Allow CarPlay While Locked.
  1. Enabling Siri:

Another solution is to check if Siri is enabled:

  • For CarPlay to work, it requires an enabled Siri. If Siri is not enabled on your phone, go to Settings and then Siri & Search.
  • Next turn on the options Listen for “Hey Siri”, Allow Siri when Locked, and Press the Side Button for Siri.
  • Sometimes the option to allow Siri when the phone is locked is not turned on. This stops CarPlay from operating properly. Enable it to fix this problem.
  1. Changing USB Cable
  • Your USB cable provides a connection between your phone and your VW. If it is faulty then the Apple CarPlay cannot operate. In case of an issue, you must check the wire for any damaged or broken parts.
  • At times the wire might be ruptured and this requires you to buy a new authentic USB cable.
  1. Making Sure Bluetooth is on
  • If you are using Bluetooth to connect to Apple CarPlay, make sure that the Bluetooth of both your VW as well as your iPhone is turned on.
  • Also, remove any other connected devices so that there is no hindrance in forming a connection between the VW and your iPhone.
  1. Reconnecting Apple CarPlay Connection

You can also try forgetting and re-establishing the connection. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings then General then CarPlay. Pick your vehicle from the options available.
  • Tap on Forget This Car.
  • Turn off and then turn on both.
  1. Restarting your iPhone and Volkswagen
  • You can also try restarting your iPhone and then your VW. This works well for most gadgets.
  • You can restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the volume up button and the side button at the same time.
  • If you have an older model, you will have to press and hold the Wake/Sleep button.

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What if the Problem isn’t Solved by Any of these Fixes?

If none of the solutions above fix the problem of your VW’s Apple Carplay not working, there may be a deeper issue with your car’s infotainment system. In this case, it’s best to take your car to a nearby Volkswagen dealership or authorized service center for further diagnosis and repairs.


We hope that this article proved to be helpful for you. In the beginning, we talked about the issues that you might face in connecting with Apple CarPlay. We then moved on to explain the solutions that might help you fix these issues.

These include restarting your iPhone and car, checking for connectivity issues, enabling the right options, and checking for hardware issues.

However, if the issue pertains, your last resort will be to contact the Apple Support Centre. If you have any further queries, you may reach out to us and we would be more than glad to help you.


  1. Are VW software updates free?

Answer: Yes, all navigation systems of the VW come with free lifetime software updates.

  1. When did VW add CarPlay?

Answer: Apple CarPlay was added to the VW models of 2016 and later years. The Wireless version of Apple CarPlay is available only on GTI models of 2021 and later years.


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