8 Best 2019 Cars With a Red Interior (+Pictures)

If you are choosy about the color of cars to buy and drive, you must be prepared to choose the right color, whether red, green, purple, orange or black.

I love cars with red interiors because of their shiny and bright look, giving an exotic and exquisite appearance.

I will show you the 8 best cars with red interiors with the features to enable you to decide which car color to pick while buying quickly.

1. KIA K5

The 2019 KIA G5 has up to seven color options, and red is among them. The Kia K5 red car is built to provide exotic looks and exquisite feels. Additionally, it’s a fast car

Kia K5 is famous for providing a comfortable ride, with many tech features installed to keep riders safe and secure while driving.

It’s prebuilt with double four-cylinder engine options to boost up to 290 horsepower without breaking down.

It also has a fantastic gas efficiency of 29 cities and 38 highways, making it a recommended option for 21st-century car lovers and those who cruise a lot.

The 2019 Kia K5 red option comes with five good trims, and you can buy the base level trim at its original price of $23,590.

The trims include KIA K5 LX – $23,590, LXS – $24,590, GT-Line – $25,490, EX – $28,090, and GT – $30,590.

Each of these car’s trim levels has varying characteristics that place them apart. This is good because car buyers can now choose what they want and customize the interior and infotainment of the car.

Based on the lists and different prices above, it’s obvious that the more the car features, the higher the price.

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2. Mercedes–Benz S Class

The Mercedes – Benz S Class, is one of the cars with red interiors whose exterior features are outstanding, including a strong chassis and durable wheels and engines.

The red interiors are designed to provide luxury, comfort, and safety whether on the highway or racetracks. It looks much more like a redesigned sedan with a spacious interior, durable powertrain, and a bucket of tech features.

This super luxurious red interior car costs about $109,800 for the base model, while the other trim levels have different prices.

The costs are as follows; S 500 4Matic – $109,800; S 580 – 4Matic – $116,300; S 560 4Matic – $131,400; and S 560 – $140,000.

Mercedes – Benz S Class is is quite costly, though its enticing red interiors are worth paying for.

3. Lexus NX 300

I will always suggest this 2019 Lexus NX 300 for your riding pleasure if you’re a fan of 2019 cars with red interiors.

It’s an SUV with nice-looking interiors and strong exteriors for rough roads and sports. Most riders love its speed produced by its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

The engine delivers at least 235 horsepower enabling riders to increase their speed up to 124 miles per hour.

The 2019 Lexus NX 300 has only two trims: the conventional 2019 Lexus NX 300 SUV and the 300 AWD SUV.

The cheapest trim, which is an SUV, is sold at $37, 610 while the 300 AWD is least sold for $39,010.

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4. Acura TLX

The Acura TLX comes with luxurious red interiors and is among the best high-end cars wholly redesigned with a new set of safety technologies and infotainment.

It’s a four-cylinder and six-cylinder car, depending on your choice, with a maximum boost of 355 horsepower per engine option

The Acura TLX has six bases. The costs are as follows: Base – $37,500; Technology Package – $41,500; A-Spec Package – $44,250; Advance Package – $46,300; Type S – $52,300; and the Performance Tire – $53,100.

With these six options, you now have numerous alternatives to pick from, which you can further customize to suit your driving needs.

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5. Infiniti Q60

Infiniti Q60 will perfectly meet and exceed your expectations if your fancy cars have lovely red interiors and luxurious designs.

You’ll get the best ride experience, perfect handling, and comfort all through its lifespan. It can charge up to 400 horsepower with the help of its powerful customized six-engine.

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The 3.0t PURE costs $41,750 while the higher model is the 3.0t LUXE sold at $50,300. The costliest is the 3.0t RED SPORT 400, which you can luckily get at $58,200.

The vehicle is designed to produce and charge up to 400 horsepower, which is excellent compared to other 2019 cars with red interiors.

Its fuel efficiency of 22 is so commendable. You can give it a try if you can afford the maintenance costs because it’s a delicate car

6. Chrysler Pacifica

Are you aware that the Chrysler Pacifica red interior car is a minivan that gives a pleasant ride, poised handling, and spacious cargo area?

The infotainment is updated with new wireless systems and computer-assisted technologies that everyone finds appealing and easy to use.

This smooth 2019 Chrysler Pacifica has a $36,245 starting price for Touring: $39,545 for Touring L and $45,795 for Limited.

These are the trims and costs of the Chrysler Pacifica, which are still customizable. But always consider your budget before adding more features to avoid spending above your budget.

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7. Kia Stinger GT-2

I personally love the Kia Stinger GT-2 for its soft red interiors and car linings. It’s full of premium features you can never find in a 2019 car built for speed, comfort, and durability.

This 2019 car is roomy, has ample cargo space with a zesty engine performance of about 365 horsepower boosts.

The Kia Stinger GT-2 Sedan is sold for $50,390, while the GT2 AWD Sedan costs $52,590.

The two models have the same interiors and linings; the only difference is the number of extra tech and infotainment features they come with.

It’s also very costly, but the massive comfort and durability assure the owners can make the Kia Stinger GT-2 attractive.

8. Bentley Flying Spur

The Bentley Flying is a high-speed car with class and style, exotic and luxurious. The company has continued to maintain and refurbish this car always to satisfy the automobile needs of their customers.

Spacious and roomy, the Kia Stinger GT-2 is powered by two powerful eight-cylinder and twelve-cylinder engines which can roar over 626 horsepower, attaining a 198 miles per hour speed.

The Bentley Flying Spur offers two popular trims at different prices and features. You can own the V8 Bentley at a beginning price value of $196,000 and the W12 at $216,700.

The prices may be pretty outrageous for car buyers on a meager budget. If you don’t have enough money, keep away from the Bentley Flying Spur, even if you’re in love with the red interior.

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Why Do Car Buyers Choose Cars With Red Interiors?

Many car owners bought red interiors because they are primarily roomy, have supportive seats, sufficient cargo capacity, high-quality materials, solid finish, and up-to-date technology that makes one feel good.

Many car buyers usually focus on the exterior features of autos with little attention to the performance, styling, fuel economy, and cost with little attention to the exotic benefits of the cars.

Most car interiors have soft-touch surfaces, clean leather, colorful surface linings, and a quiet feel. The vehicle interiors may vary according to brand, but most car manufacturers who enhance the car’s colors ensure they possess captivating and bright colors.

It’s crucial to observe that the scoring and choices vary by segment. It’s impossible comparing the interiors of a mainstream car to that of a luxury model. For instance, Chryslers produce great cars with striking interiors, but they don’t parallel Volvo’s.

We can give each car some thumbs up based on its styling, comfort, room, and feel compared to another. However, our choices can change based on the trends in the market.

While cars with red interiors may be attractive and alluring, some of them are so costly to buy and maintain. Some of the brands are also fragile and exotic to be used in some places and roads.

So, I suggest you prepare your budget perfectly considering the cost of regular maintenance and repair services. In most countries, insurance can be a huge challenge to owing some of these colorful cars I’ve discussed above.

In the long run, you should be able to know what works for you while buying a car, if to pick ones with lavish exteriors and poor performance or cars with red interiors coupled with fantastic speed, infotainment, and safety features.

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