3 Best Lexus for the Money (Costs Included)

Are you in the market for a reliable and affordable luxury car? If so, Lexus may be the brand for you. While some of their vehicles can be a bit pricey, there are a few models that offer great value for your money.

The most expensive Lexus models cost over $100,000. While many models are expensive, this article will discuss the best models that are affordable and reliable.

What’s the Best Lexus for the Money?

The best Lexus model for the money is the Lexus GS. Since its debut, the Lexus quickly became known for its reliability. It also offers a great value for the money, with a brand-new price of around $49,000, and there are even much more affordable used models that are in great condition.

The Lexus GS and other Lexus models on this list demonstrate that a luxury car doesn’t have to sacrifice reliability and affordability for style. Read on to find out more about the Lexus GS and the other models that Toyota’s sister company makes that are the most affordable.

1. Lexus GS

The GS is powered by a V6 engine that delivers 311 horsepower and 277 lb.-ft of torque. This car is sure to make a statement anywhere you go.

The Lexus GS also has a very reliable engine, with few problems reported by owners. In addition, the car is relatively easy to maintain and doesn’t have a high depreciation rate.

It depreciates about $15,000 over five years, which is a lot less than other luxury cars on the market.

The GS also has some of the best gas mileage among its competitors, with an estimated 21 miles per gallon when driving in the city and 29 miles per gallon driving on highways.

If you’re looking for a reliable car with a classic style, look no further than the Lexus GS. Lexus takes pride in getting the details perfect including stitching, leather seats, a sleek interior design, and interior wood accents.

Lexus offers this model in several different trims with options ranging from standard to premium, so there is truly something for everyone when it comes to their GS.

There are three different engine types in the GS, which are a 3.0 L V6, a 3.5 L V6 hybrid, a 4.3 L V8, and a 4.6 L V8. Depending on how much power customers want, they can choose from these different engines that are offered by Lexus.

The GS has a starting price of around $47,000 and comes with many standard features like leather seats, power windows/locks/mirrors, keyless entry/ignition, air conditioning with dual-zone automatic climate control as well as an eight-way adjustable driver.

There are reliable used models with under 100,000 miles available for $24,000 to $35,000. The lower range of these prices are cars closer to 100,000 miles while the ones at the top of this price range are closer to 40,000 miles.

The annual maintenance/repair costs for the Lexus GS average around $620, which is a little bit higher than other vehicles in its class. It is also a little more expensive to insure since most insurance companies insure it as a luxury vehicle.

Finding used parts for a Lexus GS is relatively easy, as this has long been one of Lexus’ most popular cars.

There are still some downsides to this vehicle. Some of the common problems include:

-Oil leaks

-Excessive wear on the brake pads and rotors (replacing these parts is relatively easy, but it can cost around $600)

There are also some known issues with the transmission on this vehicle. Specifically, the 2018 model is well-known for transmission grinding and hard shifting. While Lexus has issued a recall for certain models of the GS to fix transmission problems.

In addition, the Lexus GS has some issues with rusting on its undercarriage, but this primarily happens in coastal states or states where they heavily salt the roads in the winter.

Insurance costs vary depending on driver history, location, and age of the car. But generally, monthly insurance costs about $150 a month.

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2. Lexus RX

If you are looking for an affordable luxury SUV, the Lexus RX is a great option. This car has consistently been on lists of the five top luxury cars. The RX starts at around $47,000 and is a great option for anyone that wants a luxury vehicle with more space than a sedan.

There are two different engine types in the Lexus RX which include both a V-type six-cylinder as well as an eight-cylinder option (depending on your desired level of power). This SUV has been around since 1990 so it’s also a very reliable car and has proven itself over time. One of the most reliable engines for the RX is the V-type six-cylinder.

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The RX is also known for its great gas mileage, with an estimated 20 miles per gallon when driving in the city and 27 miles per gallon on highways.

Some of the most appealing features of this Lexus model are:

-The ability to fold down the third row of seats to create more cargo space

-Heated and cooled front seats

-A sunroof

Lexus also offers a wide variety of features that can be added to this car, depending on what the customer wants.

There are reliable used models with under 100,000 miles available for $18,500 to $28,500. The lower range of these prices are cars

One of the downsides to this car is that it does have a high depreciation rate. The Lexus RX loses around $21,000 in value over the first 5 years after being bought brand new.

One way to avoid this is to buy used. Used Lexus RX vehicles can be found for around $20,000 for a vehicle less than 10 years old and under 100,000 miles.

Monthly insurance costs for a new Lexus RX average around $130. Depending on your insurance company, used models are cheaper to insure than new ones. For a used model, monthly insurance costs around $80.

You should expect annual maintenance/repair costs for a new Lexus RX to range between $500-$600 per year, which is slightly Lexus RX are around

This price range will vary depending on whether you want to buy a four-wheel-drive or two-wheel-drive version of the Lexus RX.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re interested in buying one of these vehicles used, it’s important to check each model year for recalls. There are many recalls related to airbags on the 2015-2016 models.

Other common problems include :

-Faulty rain sensors (built into the windshield)

-AC problems

-Oil leaks

Maintenance/repair costs for this car tend to average around $780 a year. This cost covers items like oil changes, other fluid changes, and general maintenance.

There are many replacement parts available for the Lexus RX because it is one of the most popular models from Lexus. Finding parts should never be a problem for this car.

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3. Lexus CT

This is the most affordable vehicle on this list. The Lexus CT is a great option for anyone looking to buy a hybrid vehicle with the look of a luxury car. This car has an estimated 43 miles per gallon when driving in the city and 40 miles per gallon on highways.

The next model up from the CT is over $10,000 more expensive than the CT model.

Used Lexus CTs can be found for around $15,000.

The Lexus CT has a wide variety of features that come standard including:

-Leather seats

-Heated front seats

-A sunroof

-Backup camera

Lexus also offers several different packages that can be added to the car, depending on what the customer wants. Some of these packages include lane departure alerts, navigation, and a premium audio package.

The Lexus CT has one of the best reliability ratings on this list. Since it is a hybrid vehicle, it may be more expensive to maintain/repair than other cars. The average annual repair cost for the Lexus CT is $400 which is much lower than the other cars on this list.

The depreciation rate for the Lexus CT is also much lower than the other cars. The car only loses around $13,000 in value over the first five years after being bought new.

The downside to this car is that it doesn’t have the same power or storage space as other Lexus models.

One common problem includes gas tanks leaking due to faulty welding on the 2016 and 2017 models. Lexus has issued a recall on the gas tanks for these models.

Another common problem amongst CTs is brief engine vibration upon starting the car in the cold and wiring harness issues.

All in all, this is a less flashy, but still very practical car that gets great fuel economy while keeping the initial purchase price and follow-up repair costs low.

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Three Great Options

The Lexus GS, RX, and CT are all reliable and affordable Lexus models. They all have different features that make them worth the money.

Over time they have proven their worth in customer and experts’ eyes.

The best way to buy an affordable Lexus is to buy it used, but before you do that, it’s wise to have a knowledgeable mechanic take a look at it.