How Much is Bentley Oil Change? (the Facts)

One of the most prestigious cars ever in the automotive world is the British legend Bentley. State-of-the-art engineering, marvelous technology, attention to detail, and unprecedented luxury, Bentleys are in a league of their own.

But such bespoke vehicles come with an enormous price tag and are even expensive and technique sensitive to maintain. Bentley is an expensive car to own and run, and it takes special dedication to own one. Let’s understand how much an oil change costs on a Bentley? How often should it be changed? From where to get maintenance done? And other Bentley servicing facts.

How Much is Bentley Oil Change?

If you’re wondering about the Bentley Oil change cost, here’s an example. An average Bentley oil change costs around $500, whereas an oil change on a Mercedes is around $150. A Bentley oil change is three times more expensive than another luxury car.

Bentley is a premium and expensive vehicle, more so because it’s completely hand-built and premium raw materials are used in its production.

Always take your Bentley for periodic maintenance to an authorized dealership for a quality job, ensuring enhanced performance and lifespan.

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What Makes Bentley Oil Change So Expensive?

Not only are Bentleys very luxurious, but they also have high-performing engines and drivetrains as well. Such high-performance engines require premium fully synthetic motor oils to work optimally, hence the exaggerated oil change costs.

Bentleys are performance cars as well, apart from offering bespoke luxury. To keep the powertrain at optimal performance level, the company advises using Fully Synthetic graded motor oil, which is quite expensive.

The technicians at Bentley are highly trained professionals who use complex equipment, meant only for these premium vehicles. The engine oil change is also accompanied by some calibration and scanning of the system, adding to the cost of the job. Moreover, Bentley has partnered with Mobil 1, the premium lubricant producer, and its products are costlier in comparison to the others in the market.

Can You Change Your Bentley Oil in Non-Authorized Repairers?

Although it is possible to get your Bentley’s oil changed from a non-authorized repairer, it is not recommended as they’re not certified to do the job and they do not have Bentley-certified equipment to carry out the process professionally.

It may be a bespoke vehicle, but a Bentley has the same mechanical layout of the engine as other cars and a non-authorized repairer might be able to do an oil change. But there are certain complexities in a Bentley, such as its W12 engine which is different from regular V12s, and its calibration with certified equipment, that only authorized dealerships have in the inventory.

Taking your Bentley to a non-authorized dealer can do more harm than good, and saving a few hundred bucks for a meager job could cost you thousands in repairs later on. Moreover, the company could void your official warranty as only they are authorized to diagnose and perform regular maintenance of their cars, and taking them to a non-professional can cause damage due to alterations.

You could change your Bentley’s engine oil at a non-authorized repairer but it is not recommended.

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How Much is Bentley Oil Filters?

Just like other Bentley parts, oil filters are also quite expensive, particularly if compared with other vehicles. OEM Bentley oil filter costs $3,500, whereas an aftermarket oil filter costs $900. It is advisable to use only the OEM parts as aftermarket products can harm the engine’s performance.

Bentley spare parts, just like the cars, are very costly. Especially due to the high-quality and premium material used in the manufacturing process. Bentley oil filters last 10,000 miles, just as the oil, and have to perform an optimal functioning to meet the car’s performance needs.

The price comparison with other premium automakers reveals that Bentley oil filters are considerably expensive. A Mercedes oil filter (for S class) costs $800-1200 whereas that of a Bentley Continental GT costs $3,500, almost three times as expensive.

It is advisable to use OEM oil filters and get them replaced only by certified technicians at Bentley- authorized dealerships.

Do Bentleys Require any Special Motor Oil?

In one word, YES! Bentleys have high-performance engines and powertrains that require special motor oil with specific ingredients and particular grading, to meet the requirements of the system.

Bentley cars have engines with V8 or W12 cylinder configuration, lower compression ratios, and work at higher RPMs to perform optimally. Pistons move at a much higher speed and achieve maximum revolutions per minute. To maintain temperature and reduce friction at such higher speeds between the parts, special motor oils are required.

Bentley recommends premium fully synthetic motor oils and has partnered with Mobil 1 to formulate high-quality engine oils for its cars. The recommended grade for brand-new cars is 5W-30 to ensure optimal performance, and must be switched with time and mileage.

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How Often Does a Bentley Need Oil Change?

A Bentley requires an oil change after every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

Engine oil has a certain service life, some oils last 3000 miles while some can go up to 20,000 miles without any harm to the engine.

Bentley recommends you change your engine oil after 10,000 miles if the car is in regular use, or after 12 months if driven occasionally. Keeping the engine oil for more than 12 months can lead to sludge formation or debris collection, as the properties of engine oil particulates change over time and with the mileage.

Also, get the engine treated with a quality engine flush and use internal coating for enhanced performance.

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How Long Does Bentley Oil Change Take?

An average Bentley oil change can take anywhere between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on several factors. It is recommended to book an appointment before visiting the dealership to save your time and hassle.

There are several factors involved in the time taken for an oil change, for example, if you’re doing it yourself or at a workshop, is there any other problem with the car, is there a rush at the dealership, and its availability.

Ideally, you should take your Bentley to an authorized dealership for an oil change and let the experts do their job professionally. A regular Bentley oil change can take 30 minutes, as the technicians have to park the car on the ramp, check the health of the running oil, inspect and replace the oil filter, and calibrate or synchronize any parts if required.

Always book your oil change appointment with the dealership to save your time and have the crew and products available for a quick job.