10 SUVs that Will Last 300k+ Miles (with Photos)

About a decade ago, cars that could last up to 200K miles were hotcakes, but things have drastically changed now.

Even cars that could last over 500K miles are now in the market.

However, this article will discuss all the best 12 SUVs that will last 300k+ miles, their pros and cons, costs, and any other information you need to make the right decisions if you intend to buy any of the cars.

Can SUVs Last More Than 300K Miles?

Most SUVs are built to last longer than 300K miles under good maintenance and road conditions. Perhaps the reliability of a car to run for years on the road could be the most challenging factor to consider while buying a car.

The maintenance cost of most cars can exceed their purchase price, thereby incurring more costs for the owner. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing a car to buy.

Then, the question is, “how do I determine if a car is reliable or not?”. Of course, some car manufacturers like Toyota are reputed for shipping reliable and durable vehicles into the market, but there are many more competitive brands manufacturing SUVs that can run 300K+

One effective method to check the car’s effective delivery is to find out the mileage. If the vehicle can boast of big numbers on the clock, then it’s a sweet choice.

SUVs that last 300K+ miles are always rugged and are the best on the roads today.

While many cars that crossed 200K miles were considered reliable five years ago, we now have good SUVs that go beyond 300K.

They are as follows:

Toyota 4Runner

As the name implies, the Toyota 4Runner can keep running well on the roads. This has been proven over the years, with the Toyota management boasting that over ninety percent of the 4Runners sold over ten years ago are still on the road.

The Toyota 4Runner can boast of its hardcore rock-crawling hardware in the TRD pro series designed with Bilstein shocks and springs tuned by the Toyota Racing Development for protection.

Aside from the enhanced infotainment features, car buyers yearn for; the Toyota 4Runner possesses an updated Entune system and Scout GPS Link app for easier navigation.

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Ford Expedition

The 2016 Ford Expedition boasts of its speed and long-lasting ability while retaining its old-school reliance on steel.

Its new SYN 3 communication and entertainment system is something else to watch. The technology is fast and accurate than those found in other non-SUV Ford cars.

With these features coupled with a cutting-edge powertrain and standard 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, the Ford Expedition offers them a richer experience.

Despite its roomy cargo space and capacity, the speed is also astonishing, making it a good choice for family use.

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Chevrolet Suburban

I can bet that the latest Chevrolet Suburban will maintain the long-lasting capability the mode has been known for over the years.

The previous brands were known to have high mileage numbers, and the latest model is no different. This Chevrolet Suburban has been rated high for its strong and lighter body structure with high-strength steel, making it more distinct from older ones.

This upgrade didn’t only boost durability. It assures the owners of a better-refined driving experience.

Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia counts itself among the SUVs with 300K miles, underpinned by its reputation for reliability and fully boxed steel frame.

This is a 3-row car powered with a naturally aspirated V8 engine with higher output than the Ford Expedition.

The Toyota Sequoia also guarantees the same Entune enhancements as the 4Runner accompanied with app-based navigation and Eyes Free mode for Apple’s virtual valet, Siri.

The only difference between the Sequoia and other similar SUVs is in its dimension because Sequoia stretches by more than a foot past its stablemate midsize for a total length of over 205 inches.

Chevrolet Tahoe

The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe does indeed look like one of the longest-lasting SUVs, based on all the data we analyzed. Still, it further builds its case for durability thanks to a strong Tahoe performance in research by J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study.

In that evaluation, vehicles from the 2013 model year were evaluated for dependability after three years in service. The Tahoe finished as No. 2 in the study’s Large SUV category, behind only the GMC Yukon—which we begin covering in the next slide.

As for the Tahoe, it’s just a tad smaller than the Chevy Suburban, with the same seating capacity but a bit less cargo space, and it too shares a high-strength-steel body structure and is fully boxed perimeter frame.

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GMC Yukon XL

The Professional Grade advantages of the 2016 GMC Yukon XL show up in its durability and on-road reliability.

As a result, the Yukon XL serves the same formidable strength as many of the other longest-lasting SUVs. Only it adds the sort of premium cues seen in just a few.

The Yukon XL Denali can match luxuries with more expensive brands, from a standard V8 engine for best-in-class power to a head-up display to heated and cooled front bucket seats.

This extended-length Yukon has a mobile Wi-Fi hot spot and 4G connectivity, too, but remember, that’s available on most of the current GM lineup.

Lincoln Navigator

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator sets the pace for premium SUVs, with 2 percent of its past models breaking the 200,000-mile barrier.

But that might be simply because luxury customers prefer to change their vehicles more often.

On the other hand, the 2016 Navigator has changed plenty to keep up with owners’ tastes. Currently, it furnishes next-gen SYNC 3 technology and the Lincoln Drive Control system with continuously controlled damping and electric power-assisted electric power steering.

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Cadillac Escalade

In keeping with the American SUV theme, the Escalade and its extended-length ESV sibling were treated as two separate vehicles—with the more extended Escalade two slots lower on the list of longest-lasting SUVs from luxury brands.

Helping in both cases is an exceptionally robust foundation that Cadillac claims are “composed of more than 75 percent high-strength steel.”

The Escalade also features high-quality leather and real wood trim in the cabin, along with some of the brand’s top infotainment and safety technologies.

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GMC Yukon

Meanwhile, the “regular” 2016 GMC Yukon is also one of the longest-lasting SUVs. According to our resources, the 2013 Yukon was the most dependable Large SUV in the country after three years of ownership.

It’s another benefit for buyers of the current-generation Yukon. To be clear, that includes all the technologies and comforts available for the Yukon XL, right down to a range-topping Denali trim and the latest in smartphone integration.

Size-wise, where the difference is, the Yukon’s 203.9-inch length and 94.7-cubic-foot cargo maximum compare the XLs at 224.3 inches and 121.1 cubic feet.

Lexus GX

The last of our longest-lasting SUVs is the 2016 Lexus GX, and make no mistake, despite its wide array of luxury features, the GX is a full-on, body-on-frame sport-utility.

So, not only does it promise to tow up to 6,500 lbs. it’s also ready to tackle some of nature’s most challenging off-road trails with a full-time 4-wheel drive system—although not necessarily at the same time.

Moreover, the 2013 model was ranked as the No. 1 vehicle in its class in the 2016 J.D. Power VDS, with the current GX only getting that much better through the years.

How Costly are 300K+ Miles SUVs?

Cars with 3000+ miles are very costly but not highly costly compared to brands with over 500K miles. For example, the Lexus GX, the last in the 10 best SUV with 300K+ miles, starts at $53,250 in the automotive market. The premium trim level starts at $56, 350 while the GX 460 Luxury costs $64, 515.

The other SUVs with over 300K miles aren’t different from the Lexus in terms of their costs. They either fall between Lexus’ trim levels’ prices or are above with a close margin.

Are 300K+ Miles SUVs Worth the Price?

300K+ miles SUVs are worth the price but under several critical conditions. Paying for a car with 300K miles and above depends on four things.

These four factors are price, the maintenance and replacement history, the current physical condition, and the intended use after purchase.

I have seen several cars with even 100,000 km that were junked due to poor maintenance and care.

The current SUV I own has over 200, 000 KM and is quite reliable. I also maintain and take care of it to keep it functioning.


The above-listed SUVs with over 300K miles are worth the money so far you can afford and maintain them.

What matters most when you are interested in buying a car because of how long-lasting it can last are the 4 factors I listed above: price, maintenance history, current physical condition, and intended use.

First, you must make a reasonable budget before buying a 300K+ miles car, and remember to account for other extraneous expenses you’ll make to get the car ready for use, such as insurance, shipping, and other essential registrations. The paperwork isn’t excluded, too.