[Fixed] VW Key Fob not Working After Battery Replacement

Sometimes, the key fob stops working after replacing the battery. In such a case, many people are unsure about what to do. If you’re seeking a solution to the same problem, you have come to the right place

In this article, I will discuss some of the most likely causes of this problem as well as potential solutions.

What is a Key Fob & How Does it Work?

A key fob is a tiny device that contains an RFID chip and an antenna. It communicates with another RFID tag within a reading device that is connected to a locking system via radio frequencies. Each key fob chip is designed to transmit specific RFID tag information that matches what the reader device has been programmed to accept simply.

When you press the button on a key fob, it transmits an RFID signal to the reader device. If the RFID information matches what the reader is programmed to accept, the system will open the door.

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Why VW Key Fob is not Working After Battery Replacement?

There can be various reasons behind this problem which include:

  1. Cheap and fake batteries.
  2. The positive and negative orientation of the battery while replacing it.
  3. Touching the key fob circuit while replacing the battery.
  4. The car remote has been reset during the battery change.
  5. Worn Buttons
  6. Broken Locks
  7. Deprogramming
  8. Damaged Key
  9. Electrical Issues

Main Reasons for VW Key Fob Not Working

Following are a few reasons why your VW key fob is not working:

  1. Remote Has Been Reset:

There is a high chance that a car remote was reset during the battery swap. The key fob also can reset once you press certain buttons. So, over one key fob not working may be a good signal that the car key remote has been reset.

  1. Worn Buttons:

The wearing down of car remote buttons is unavoidable over time. The contacts deliver signals to the circuit board to execute directions when the button is pressed. These buttons might become worn and cause a gap between the contacts. One of the simplest ways to identify worn-out car buttons on car remotes is by repeatedly pressing the buttons.

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  1. Spoilt Key:

Water, scratches, and other things might cause the automobile key to deteriorate. It is possible that the key fob has been destroyed if it stops operating right after being walked on, dropped in water, or opened.

  1. Broken Locks:

Your car remote may not work after changing the battery due to a faulty lock.

How to Fix a Key Fob not Working?

You need to get a new replacement battery once you have determined that your key fob’s problem is due to a dead or weak battery.

The following steps will show you how to quickly and easily reset your key fob because most of the key fobs do not function properly after the battery has been replaced.

  1. Replace The Dead Battery:

If you notice that the key fob is crashed as a result of a weak or dead battery, you must replace it as quickly as possible. The batteries are usually inexpensive, easy to replace, and exchange. Furthermore, changing the battery is as simple as lifting the back of the key fob’s plastic cover.

Note: Avoid touching the key fob circuit, and remember to replace the battery in the correct positive and negative orientation.

  1. Get Inside Your Car:

Get inside your car and close all the doors after you have replaced the battery. This is often because the key fob’s reset process may be disrupted if your doors are left open.

  1. Activate Your Vehicle Ignition System:

Turn on the electrical ignition system of the vehicle without starting the engine once you are safely seated in the vehicle, and all doors are closed.

Note: Make sure that the ignition is not on the radio mode while your engine is not running either. 

  1. The Lock Button:

After following the third step, turn the vehicle key off while holding the lock button on the key fob. Repeat the process three to four times more, finishing with the ignition key in the ON position.

This procedure notifies your vehicle’s electrical control unit that the key is in the ignition position, and the signal sent out is saved in the ECU.

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  1. Listen for the Vehicle’s Lock Sound:

After you’ve completed the steps outlined above, listen for a lock sound because that is when you’ve entered your key fobs programming mode. After this sound and verifying that the key is in programming mode, push the fob’s lock button five times more quickly. This will save all of the required information. This is how you program it correctly.

  1. Turn off the Vehicle’s Ignition System:

After you have done all the necessary processes to reset your key fob, turn off the ignition system to finish the programming process.

  1. It’s Time to Test Run the Reset Key Fob:

It would be best if you were outside the vehicle with all the doors closed. Test all buttons on the key fobs you just reprogrammed to determine their functionality. Make sure all the required controls are functioning correctly without lagging or any issues. 

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I recommend that you try troubleshooting on your own before visiting anyone. Check and replace the key fob battery as needed. Check for broken contacts or misaligned buttons by disassembling the key fob. Reprogram the remote yourself or have an expert do it for you. Replace your remote if necessary.

Contacting an expert

You can also contact VW Technical Assistance (VTA) for advice and technical assistance on the issue. VW warranty cars have a special VTA access code that can be used to contact the VW technical helpline.

Explain your problem to the technician and answer each of his questions individually. If verbal instructions do not fix the situation, he will advise you on taking the next steps.

Resyncing the Fob Yourself

  • Start the vehicle. With both keys in the ignition, sit in the driver’s seat with all doors closed.
  • Press the lock button.
  • Turn off the ignition.
  • Repeat the process with other key fobs.
  • Restart the process.

Tips To Avoid VW Key Fob Problems

  • Have a Backup Key Available

If a backup key is available, you can easily determine whether starting problems with your vehicle are due to the key or some other problems. It is always valuable to have a backup key anyway, just in case your keys get lost or damaged unexpectedly.

  • Use a blocking pouch to store your keys.

A blocking pouch or ‘Faraday bag’ is an inexpensive technique to keep your key fob from being accessed remotely. It is lined with a metallic material that isolates the fob’s radio frequency and stops its transmission to relay devices employed by car thieves.


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