VW Blind Spot Monitoring Not Working (Solved)

VW blind-spot monitoring not working? This article will help explain everything that could have gone wrong and how you can correct it. The blind spot monitor system of the Volkswagen can detect vehicles up to a distance of 70 meters. However, this system can malfunction sometimes.

How Does VW Blind Spot Monitoring Work?

The blind-spot monitoring system is made using two radar sensors that are placed on the bumper’s rear corners. These can easily locate vehicles from up to 70 meters away. This also covers the blind spots on both sides of the car.

The blind-spot monitoring system of the VW has been designed to sense vehicles that one might miss from the naked eye. When changing lanes, this monitor alerts you regarding vehicles in your blind spot.

The blind spot may become a safety problem for drivers. This is more probable when the driver is either too tired or not focused enough on the road. This feature makes it easier to change lanes or turn a corner.

If some vehicles are approaching from the driver’s blind spot, they will be alerted using flashlights which are placed on the far ends of both side mirrors. If the driver continues to take a turn or change lanes despite the warning, the system begins steering the car in the opposite direction.

This helps prevent a collision. However, the driver can still have control over the vehicle by actively steering in order to override the system.

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What are the Problems You Might Be Facing with the Blind Spot Monitoring?

Following are some of the problems that you might face with the blind-spot monitoring:

  • Turns Off Randomly:

The blind-spot monitoring of the VW might have a few hiccups, just like any other good electronic system. The system might turn off suddenly, leaving the user confused. This could be due to an older model or an internal wiring malfunction.

Despite the cause, a sudden error sign showing up on the screen while you are driving on the highway or the expressway can be very dangerous. The driver will not be able to tell whether there is a technical fault or if a driver is approaching from their blind spot.

  • Unreliable on Dirty Roads:

Dirty roads can cause blind-spot monitoring to malfunction. This is because mud or dust covers the car’s sensors that are responsible for signaling the monitor. This can be a major issue in areas with snow and mud.

  • System Doesn’t Turn On Automatically:

Another issue that drivers might face is that the monitoring system does not turn on when they start the car. It needs to be enabled manually.

How to Fix VW Blind Spot Monitoring?

Following are some of the measures that you can take in order to fix the blind spot monitoring:

FIX #1: Check if the sensors on the rear bumper are blocked or damaged

If the blind-spot monitoring of your VW is not working, there are high chances that the sensors are either blocked or damaged. You can begin by cleaning the sensors and seeing if the system begins to work again.

If the system does not resume working after a clean-up, you should have a close look to check if they are broken or damaged. Do not try to fix a damaged sensor on your own. Take your car to an experienced technician or the official company warehouse to get it fixed.

FIX #2: Turn the blind spot monitoring off and on under the assist menu

Another thing that you can do is go to the assist menu and turn the blind spot monitoring off and then turn it back on. You will have to do this a few times in order to get the system working again.

It is a recurring issue with the VW that the blind-spot monitoring does not turn on automatically when the car is turned on. Therefore, you will have to switch it on manually from the assist menu.

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FIX #3: Reconnect All Modules

You can also try disconnecting and then reconnecting all the modules. There may be a loose wire somewhere that you might not be able to detect. Therefore, disconnecting and reconnecting might be the best way to go.

FIX #4: Contacting the Dealership

The final solution for this problem is to give up trying on your own and finally contact the dealership. They will be able to provide you with the best support and guidance in fixing the issue with blind-spot monitoring.


VW Blind spot monitoring might act up from time to time. This article discusses the issues that might have caused the blind-spot monitoring to stop working. We have also mentioned all the solutions that will help you fix any issues with the system.

These include cleaning the sensors, turning the system off and then on again, reconnecting modules, and contacting the dealership. If you still have queries, you can post them down below and we will surely get back to you. Good luck!


  1. How do I reset my blind spot monitoring?

Answer: To do this, begin by turning off the engine of your vehicle. Now, wait for a few seconds. Once you have waited for a while, turn the car back on and allow the system to recalibrate.

  1. How much does it cost to fix a Blind Spot Monitor?

Answer: Radar sensors in rear bumpers can be replaced for about $850 to $2,050. This is a little expensive, therefore, it is wise to try to fix the sensors instead of replacing them.

  1. Is blind-spot monitoring mandatory?

Answer: Blind-spot monitoring comes as standard equipment in the Volkswagen. It is a safety mechanism that allows users to detect vehicles in their blind spots. This helps prevent accidents and makes the drive much safer.

  1. Is blind-spot monitoring reliable?

Answer: The blind-spot monitoring of the VW might malfunction at times. However, it works well most of the time. So we can say that it is reliable about 80% of the time.


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