Mann vs. Wix: Which Oil Filters Are Better?

An oil filter is a necessary part of any automobile and without this part, your engine won’t perform anywhere near its best and would fail over time. The oil filter regulates the flow of engine oil and keeps the debris from contaminating the oil and damaging the engine.

Mann and Wix are two of the most respected names in the auto industry and are trusted by some major automakers. These brands also produce OE products for auto manufacturers and have very high quality and reliable brands in their inventory.

Which manufacturer produces better oil filters? Which one has more capacity, anti-drain valves, and materials? Let’s get answers to all these queries in detail in this comprehensive guide, and help you make an informed choice.

Mann vs. Wix- Which Oil Filters Are Better?

Both of these manufacturers produce top-quality oil filters, rather Wix is a subsidiary of Mann. But the Mann oil filters have more capacity, longer change intervals, and relatively more sturdy build as compared to Wix oil filters, not to mention the versatility and compatibility of these filters.

Mann is a well-known German auto parts manufacturer and its oil filters are known for long-term durability and extended change intervals. These oil filters have higher efficiency and beta-ratio than most competitors and use top-quality materials like silicone and stainless steel in the production of their oil filters and other auto parts.

Wix, on the other hand, is based in America but in actuality is a part of Mann. Its oil filters are also very good in quality but not as good as Mann’s and are limited only to select makes and models. Wix oil filters have lower efficiency and capacity than Mann filters, hence giving an edge to the latter.

If you’re confused regarding Mann vs Wix oil filters, it is clear that Mann oil filters are better.

Mann vs. Wix-Anti-Drain Valves

Both Mann and Wix oil filters come equipped with Anti-drain valves. These valves are supposed to prevent the backflush of oil when the car is turned off, so there is enough oil in the filter to help the engine get an optimal start on ignition.

The anti-drain valve in Mann oil filters is made of silicone, which is highly robust and compliant. It offers long-term durability and prevents any leakage, thanks to its stress-bearing quality and better sealing than rubber valves.

Wix oil filters also contain the same silicone anti-drain valves, made of silicone. There’s not much difference; the capacity is the only thing that sets both filters apart.

Mann vs. Wix – Materials

Both auto parts manufacturers have a “no compromise” policy on the quality of their products, and it is evident from their oil filters as well. Made of finest quality material and known to withstand the test of time and ruggedness, Both Mann and Wix oil filters have quality materials used in production.

Both of these oil filters have a frame made of stress and corrosion-resistant metal, such as aluminum or stainless steel. This prevents any rusting of the body and damage to the engine, not to mention the longer serviceability.

The anti-drain valves are made of silicone while the filtering media is made of cellulose in Mann and synthetic wired-back media in Wix oil filters. It filters out most contaminants from the oil and prevents leakage in any form. Both filters also feature PTFE-coated (Teflon) bypass valves which ensure leak-free movement of oil.

Mann vs. Wix – Capacity

The capacity of an oil filter can be defined as the amount of debris or contaminants it can hold for a designated amount of time or certain mileage. Both Mann and Wix filters come with a very generous capacity for extended usage.

Mann Oil Filters Capacity

The capacity of Mann oil filters depends on the type of filter and the vehicle it is being used in. Heavy-duty trucks have oil filters with more capacity than passenger vehicles.

On average, Mann oil filters for passenger vehicles have a capacity of 12-14 grams and up to 7500 miles. This is good enough for most cars and ideal for extended change intervals with fully synthetic oils.

Wix Oil Filters Capacity

Wix oil filters have a slightly less capacity than Mann filters and can hold up to 10 grams of debris, that too for up to 8000 miles. As these filters are for only a select type of vehicle, you wouldn’t have to worry about compatibility and change intervals much.

Mann vs. Wix – Size and Shape

Mann and Wix oil filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, defined primarily by the type of vehicle and engine.

Passenger cars have smaller engine oil capacity than commercial, heavy-duty vehicles, so they require smaller oil filters. Although the shape can also differ, the most common design of oil filters used by both Mann and Wix is the cylindrical shape with a spin-on filter that screws onto the lower end of the engine.

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Mann vs. Wix – Efficiency

The efficiency of an oil filter is simply the quality of the filter to keep the engine oil free of contaminants. An engine with a more efficient oil filter would have fewer contaminants in the oil circulating through the engine, hence improving the engine’s performance and longevity.

According to the Society of Automobile Engineering (SAE), the beta ratio is an entity used to determine the oil filter’s efficiency. The difference between the number of particles in the upstream vs downstream to the overall number of particles is known as the beta ratio. The higher this number, the more efficient your engine oil filter is.

Mann oil filters have a better efficiency (beta ratio) than the Wix oil filters and are known to circulate less contaminated oil.

Mann Filters – Pros and Cons

Every piece of machinery comes with its advantages and shortcomings, and you must be aware of those before making a purchase decision.


  1. Excellent build quality with the use of premium materials in production.
  2. Comes with an anti-drain valve made of silicone which prevents backflush and leakage of oil.
  3. Also features a Teflon-coated bypass valve.
  4. Stainless steel construction, which is corrosion and rust-resistant, ensures long-term durability.
  5. Cellulose filter media picks out all the contaminants and debris, keeping the engine in a pure running state.
  6. Have an excellent capacity of up to 14 grams, which is good enough to keep your engine running perfectly for thousands of miles.
  7. Spin-on filter makes it easier to install and remove, without any complex tools or skills.
  8. Extended change intervals of up to 7500 miles.
  9. Much better efficiency than some of the competitors with a higher beta-ratio.


  1. Mostly compatible only with fully-synthetic lubricants
  2. Filter media, although good in quality, is not as robust as some other filters and requires replacement.

Wix Filters – Pros and Cons

Wix, being a part of Mann, produces good quality oil filters but has its own flaws as well.


  1. High-quality materials used in production.
  2. Long-term serviceability and extended change intervals of up to 8000 miles.
  3. Silicone anti-drain valve prevents oil leakage and withdrawal when the engine is shut off.
  4. Rubber material around the spin-on filter allows perfect sealing and sitting.
  5. These filters have a very robust filter media made of synthetic material. It ensures optimal filtration of contaminants from the oil circulating through the powertrain.
  6. Stainless steel frame for long-term durability.


  1. Lower efficiency and beta-ratio than some of the competitors.
  2. Compatible with only a handful of makes and models.

Mann vs Wix – Price

There isn’t much difference in the price of Mann and Wix oil filters, both of which range from $10-$50, depending on the type pf vehicle and filter media used.

Mann oil filters: ~$25

Wix oil filters: ~$18

Final Verdict

Like German automobiles, the German auto parts are also of high quality and offer long-term serviceability with their extended lifespan. Mann and Wix are two of the very well-respected names in the OE parts industry and have high standards in manufacturing and aftersales.

If you are to pick one oil filter between these two, I would recommend going for Mann as they are better than Wix in almost all the criteria.