Are Bosch Oil Filters Good? (Read This First)

The oil filter is a very important part of your car and is amongst the ones that bear the most grunt of the engine. Mostly located just beneath the engine and cylindrical in shape, these small metal objects keep the harmful particles and sludge away from the engine by filtering the engine oil.

Bosch needs no introduction when it comes to automotive parts and OEM accessories. For more than a century, the German manufacturer has produced only top-quality products and their oil filters are no exception.

What are Bosch oil filters made of? Their size and capacity? The most reliable options in the lineup and some good alternatives to Bosch oil filters. Let’s attend to some of your queries in detail in this comprehensive article, and understand if BOSCH oil filters are good as they are perceived to be.

Are Bosch Oil Filters Good in General?

Undoubtedly, all the products manufactured by Bosch, particularly the oil filters, are of very good quality and can be ranked amongst the OE products of top car manufacturers in the world.

Bosch puts extra effort into developing its products by investing heavily in R&D and using top-of-the-line raw materials to manufacture parts and other components.

Bosch oil filters are made of top-quality steel, rubber, and silicone, ensuring flawless functioning and long-term reliability. The company recommends a longer replacement duration of 5,000 7,000 miles, thanks to the confidence it has developed in its products over the decades, and the on-road performance.

If you’re looking to replace the oil filter in your car and wondering, are Bosch oil filters good? You can totally rely on Bosch oil filters or any other parts for your car, and enjoy long-term durability and serviceability.

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Anti-Drain Valves

Also known as the Anti-Reflux valve, the purpose of the anti-drain valve is to prevent the oil from draining out/escaping the oil filter when the engine is turned off.

This valve is very crucial to your car’s engine life. When the engine is turned off, if the valve is damaged or faulty, the oil would drain out, and when it is switched on the next time, there would be no oil available to immediately lubricate the engine, leading to wear and damage.

It is usually in the form of rubber and obscures the passages which leads to oil drainage. Bosch uses a high-quality silicone body as the anti-drain valve and ensures no oil spills when you turn your car off. These oil filters have the least reported complaints of damaged anti-drain valves, even when checked during routine oil and filter changes.


Bosch only uses premium materials in the manufacturing of its products, and when you unbox the premium Bosch oil filters, you immediately get the idea by just even touching them.

The premium range of oil filters is made of high-quality stainless steel as the main material. The perfect fit and finish of the steel housing ensure n leakage or loose fitting, while the silicone anti-drain valve forms a tight seal to prevent leakage of oil.

The main filter media is a woven mesh of pure fiber blended with glass, to ensure 99% filtration of harmful particles and long-term serviceability. Your car would enjoy a sigh of relief when the Bosch oil filter is regulating the flow of oil through the engine, thanks to its top-quality and durability.

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The capacity of an oil filter is judged by how much debris it can hold before the filter mesh starts to get clogged, damaged, or run out of pores.

The Bosch premium oil filters with a generous capacity of 12-15 grams of debris collection over 5,000 – 7,000 miles, before you require a replacement and can serve you well without any concern for your engine’s life.

Size and Shape

Bosch oil filters come in different sizes, usually defined by the segment of the vehicles they are meant for. Commercial and heavy-duty vehicles have bigger oil filters, while passenger vehicles have the usual size of oil filters.

Bosch Oil Filters – Dimensions

Length3.46 inches
Width4.43 inches
Height3.31 inches

The shape of Bosch oil filters is like any other oil filter available on the market. These are cylindrical with an inlet valve on one side and usually fit under the engine or to the side of it.

What are the Most Reliable Bosch Oil Filters?

These are the top 3 – most reliable Bosch oil filters;

1- Bosch 3323

This premium Bosch oil filter uses FILTECH technology that offers 40% more filtration surface and highly efficient cleaning than the usual filters available in the market. It also has a 30% higher screening channel and doesn’t let any harmful particles slip past it.

It is also compatible with all OE filters and fulfills SAE requirements aptly. If you need a top-quality oil filter for your car, there’s nothing better than Bosch 3323.

2- Bosch 3330

Like other oil filters from the prestigious German company, Bosch 3330 is also an exceptional product. Sharing all the qualities of a good oil filter, it can further hold up to 29 grams of dirt and sludge, before sending you a warning for a change.

This can run for up to 10,000 miles and with its steel housing and silicone valve, it is as reliable as a filter could possibly get.

3- Bosch 3312

3312 is another great product from Bosch. With great capacity, high-quality manufacturing, and added features, it is one of the best and most reliable Bosch oil filters you could get.

Featuring a PTFE coated inside surface, and a double-threaded moving groove, it is very easy to use, fits the majority of cars, and is compatible with almost all oil types and grades.

What are the Best Alternatives for Bosch Oil Filters?

If you cannot find Bosch oil filters, you could try one of these brands, as they are good alternatives to Bosch oil filters.

  1. Mahle

Another German auto parts and engineering company that manufactures top-quality products and OEM parts for some major automotive brands, and under its own umbrella as well.

  1. FRAM

Regarded as the No.1 oil filter company in America, you could rely on FRAM oil filters for the long-term reliability and longevity of your car’s engine.

  1. NAPA

NAPA oil filters are manufactured by a very well-known American POL brand, Valvoline. These are high-quality products and can be used as great alternatives to Bosch oil filters.