Mustang 66 vs. 67 – Differences Explained!

Without a doubt, Ford Mustang was the first car ever to start the muscle car era in the U.S and its debut was so hit among the public that nearly 2 million were sold in less than a week. The real torch-bearer of Pony cars, Mustang started a new fashion that still lives to this … Read more

2007 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition vs. Regular (Compared)

The base model of the 2007 Jetta starts from $17,120 whereas the Wolfsburg edition starts from $23,795. However, the huge price difference is justified by multiple updated and new features. This article will talk about the 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg edition vs. the regular edition. Let’s go! Where is the Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition Made? The … Read more