Is Audi S6 V10 Reliable? (Solved)

Audi is among the top three luxury auto manufacturers based in Germany and is known for producing premium cars with classy interiors and exterior styling. Like the M and AMG departments of its rivals, Audi has S and RS division that tunes the regular vehicles for extreme performance.

The Audi S6 is the sporty version of A6 sedan that has been in production since 1994. The C6 generation is the most popular as it packed a monstrous Lamborghini V10 engine and is featured in many popular movies.

Contrary to the belief, Audi cars are as good and reliable as their German counterparts and are known to last for decades if maintained properly. Let’s understand how reliable Audi S6 V10 really is? it’s maintenance and which years were the best.

Is Audi S6 V10 Reliable?

Audi S6 v10 is a very reliable car and its engine is known to be highly durable and reliant. Powered by a Lamborghini sourced V10 engine and robust DCT transmission, it is an exotic sports car that offers luxury par excellence. It is important to realize that the S6 V10 requires special care and attention in routine maintenance. If maintained according to official schedules, it can be a very reliable daily running luxury sports car without any major problems.

Audi S6 is the mid-size luxury sports sedan and popular for its juggernaut of an engine, a Lamborghini sourced V10. Apart from a few issues that could easily be resolved or avoided with proper maintenance, Audi S6 V10 is a solid car.

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What are the Most Common Problems with the Audi S6 V10?

Despite its rock-solid quality and positive image in the industry as reliable car, the S6 V10 is also known to have a few problems and mechanical issues that appear over time. These common problems include ignition coil failure, timing chain issues, intake manifold failure, excessive oil consumption, and AC compressor failure.

These problems occur mostly due to negligence in maintenance and if the car is used roughly.

1- Ignition Coil Failure

The ignition coils supply high-voltage to spark plugs to match the performance needs. It can fail due to excessive wear and tear overtime, moisture ingress, or leakage of fluids onto it. It causes frequent misfires and leads to poor performance, and occurs usually after 150,000 miles.

2- Timing Chain Issues

The timing chain tensioners in this V10 engine are known to fail over time, owing to the extreme output of the engine. It causes loss of power, poor performance, and even engine failure. It can be fatal if not checked on time and requires a simple replacement of the part. This problem tends to occur around 100,000 miles if the timing chain is not replaced on time.

3- Intake Manifold Failure

The intake manifold allows air to get into the engine for the combustion process. The runner flaps or sensors in these engines are known to fail after 150,000 miles. It is not such a drastic problem, and manifold servicing should be carried out regularly to avoid expensive repairs.

4- Excessive Oil Consumption

The big V10 engine uses a lot of oil and has aluminum housing inside to keep the oil inside the cylinder head. Over time, the seals wear off in the engine, and oil begins to leak, which leads to excessive consumption if not checked on time. It occurs after 175,000 miles.

5- AC Compressor Failure

This is another weak spot to be particularly looked after the Audi S6 V10. The compressor along with the condenser become problematic over time due to fragile components and excessive usage over the years. Servicing of the AC and condenser will keep the climate running in optimal condition. This problem also tends to occur after 150,000 miles.

Cost of Fixing the Common Problems with the Audi S6 V10

1Ignition coil failure$300-500
2Timing chain issues$400-600 (replacement $250)
3Intake manifold failure$700-1000
4Excessive oil consumption$500-800
5AC compressor failure$400-1,200

Which Audi S6 V10 Years are the Best and Worst?

Audi sold the S6 V10 in different markets for 5 years and is loved by enthusiasts for being an all-out exotic sports sedan. Despite its good reputation, some initial models had a few problems which were not that tough to fix, while the later ones were pretty solid.

Best Audi S6 V10 Model Years

  1. 2009
  2. 2010
  3. 2011

Worst Audi S6 V10 Model Years

  1. 2007
  2. 2008

Which Audi S6 V10 Engines are the Most and Least Reliable?

Audi S6 V10 comes with only one engine option, the Lamborghini derived 5.2L odd-firing V10 FSI, naturally aspirated engine. It was re-mapped and configured for use in Audi sports sedans and offered a better low-end torque to enhance power to weight ratio. It is one of the best engines ever to feature in performance cars and is highly reliable if maintained properly, according to manufacturers’ guidelines. It is super powerful, highly responsive, and a treat to have in your daily driven luxury car.

Max. power: 430 hp

0-100 time: 5 seconds

Transmission: 6-speed ZF 6HP26 tiptronic transmission.

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Is Audi S6 V10 Safe?

Audi S6 V10 is a very safe and reliable car in terms of passenger protection and active driver assistance technology. It features a rigid chassis with multiple crumple zones and a variety of active and passive safety features.

The safety features & equipment on an Audi S6 V10 include;

  1. ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution.
  2. Adaptive cruise control.
  3. Blind-spot monitoring.
  4. Lane departure warning.
  5. Electronic Traction Control.
  6. 6 Airbags and 3-point pre-tensioner seatbelts for all passengers.

IIHS Safety Rating: Overall GOOD

How Much Does Audi S6 v10 Cost to Maintain?

These are the regular maintenance cost of the Audi S6 V10;

  1. Oil change: $280
  2. Filters (air, oil, and fuel): $350
  3. Brake fluids: $300
  4. Cost of a tire: $400
  5. Gear oil: $350
  6. Labor charges: $500-800

Total: $2,330

Yearly maintenance cost: average $2,330

Yearly Fuel Cost: average $2,500-3,500

Insurance Cost: $1,450

What is a Good Mileage for the Audi S6 V10?

150,000 miles is good mileage for Audi S6 V10. It is a fairly recent model car and has a rock-solid engine that can withstand the test of time if looked after by the owner. If you’re considering a used Audi S6 V10, your ideal choice would be a well-maintained car with around 150,000 miles on the odometer. It is one of the most reliable powertrains in the industry and doesn’t break down that often. It is regarded as one of the highly durable sports sedans of its time.

What Parts Should You Replace and After How Many Miles?

Your sporty Audi S6 V10 would require regular servicing and replacement of parts to keep those 10 cylinders firing at full power. The regular maintenance includes oil and filter change, timing chain replacement, brake pads, and spark plugs replacement.

1Engine oil5,000 miles
2Air, oil, and fuel filter5,000 miles (20,000 for fuel filter)
3Brake pads and tires20,000 miles
4Coolant and gear oil30,000 miles
5Spark plugs and battery75,000 miles
6Timing chain75,000 miles
7Throttle body service25,000 miles
8Ignition coil replacement50,000 miles

Are Audi S6 V10 Parts Widely Available?

Although Audi vehicles are quite common and the company has a well-established dealership network in all the major cities, the parts specific to the S6 variant are rare. It also shares the majority of its parts with A6 sedan and some components with Volkswagen vehicles, those parts are relatively easier to source. Audi can also help arrange spare parts for your S6 V10 online if you’re struggling to find them in your region.

The spares are also available in the aftermarket, but those are not reliable and it is recommended that you only use OEM parts.

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How to Buy a Reliable Audi S6 v10?

While exploring the market for used Audi S6 V10, follow these guidelines to get yourself a reliable car;

  1. Get the car checked by a third-party inspection team for a detailed report on its condition.
  2. Get all the maintenance records, ownership history, and the CARFAX report. It clears any doubts on the car’s history and usage.
  3. It is ideal to look for an S6 with fewer miles and a rust-free undercarriage area.
  4. Make sure that all the faulty parts have already been replaced with genuine parts.
  5. Avoid an Audi S6 V10 with a swapped engine or transmission.
  6. Take a test drive yourself to know about its driving and performance.
  7. Must check certified-preowned vehicles section at Audi dealership. Those cars are thoroughly checked by Audi technicians and offer peace of mind.

Audi S6 V10 – Pros & Cons


  1. A fun to drive car with superb performance.
  2. Rock-solid powertrains and overall components.
  3. No reports of major recalls or faulty history.
  4. S6 comes with top-notch luxury, and unparalleled speed.
  5. It comes with a Lamborghini derived engine, a V10 in quarter of the price.


  1. It is relatively expensive to maintain and run, it is a gas guzzler.
  2. Parts are expensive, and so are the labor cost and services charges.
  3. Spare Parts are difficult to find, and OEM ones are even rarer.
  4. Insurance is also very costly.