Is BMW G30 Reliable? (+Common Issues)

BMW G30 is a generation of the popular mid-size luxury sedan, 5 series, that debuted back in 2016 and was based on the all-new BMW platform. It was refreshed inside out with newer powertrains, with a revised interior, and loaded with state-of-the-art technology. G30 is considered to be the smartest and most luxurious 5 Series ever.

G30 comes with all three types of powertrains, hybrid, gasoline, and diesel mated to an automatic or manual transmission. The major refinement has been in the driving comfort and assistance technology that enhances safety and overall experience of ownership. 5 Series is a well-known competitor of E Class and always go toe to toe in the market. Let’s find out if BMW G30 is reliable or not, including its long-term durability, powertrains, common issues, and maintenance.

Is BMW G30 Reliable?

BMW G30 is a very reliable car, thanks to an all-new platform and refined technology. Apart from few minor issues that can occur over the years and due to negligence, it is a pretty solid luxury vehicle to own. G30 offers a range of durable engines, transmission, and suspension setup. If maintained properly as per manufacturer guidelines, BMW G30 can be a very reliable luxury vehicle for daily usage.

G30 is based on the latest BMW platform and packs up-scale technology. It is known to run for years without any major problems and has some very solid mechanicals.

If you’re looking to buy a premium luxury sedan and are concerned about long-term durability, BMW G30 5 Series is an ideal choice for you.

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What are the Most Common Problems with the BMW G30?

Despite its solid reputation and long-term durability, G30 also runs into some issues and problems over the years and needs special attention in maintenance for smooth running. The common problems with BMW G30 are AC issues, fuel pump problems, faulty water pump, timing chain issues, and sunroof seals.

These problems, although common, occur only after 125,000 miles or if the car is not maintained properly.

1- AC Issues

The main issue with the air conditioning system in G30 is the alternating fan speed, and faulty condenser or cooling coil. Owners report the fan switching speed on its own and losing the cooling power over time. This problem is common in this generation and usually occurs after 125,000 miles.

2- Fuel Pump Problems

The fuel pump in G30 5 series is known to be fragile and gets clogged or damaged, usually due to poor fuel quality, as it is expensive to replace. The seals and connections are known to fail over time and cause problems with engine performance. This issue usually appears after 150,000 miles of running.

3- Faulty Water Pump

A faulty water pump is a common problem faced by G30 owners, causing the radiator system to fail completely. This leads to frequent overheating and fatal damage as the engine is not fixed timely. It usually occurs after 150,000 miles and is usually due to negligence in radiator servicing.

4- Timing Chain Issues

Another weak spot in the BMW G30 is the timing chains, that although quite robust, are known to span out of nowhere, rendering the car motionless and useless. This problem can appear as early as 70,000 miles, and replacing the chain timely can avoid this issue.

5- Sunroof Seals

The rubber seals around the sunroof frame are fragile and squeaky that do not do their job well. It creates whistling noises and even leakage when it’s raining, so it can become quite frustrating for owners. Simply replacing the seals will solve the problem for good.

Cost of Fixing the Common Problems with the BMW G30

1AC issues$600-800
2Fuel pump problems$500-700
3Faulty water pump$800
4Timing chain problems$200-800
5Sunroof seals$250

Which BMW G30 Years are the Best and Worst?

Despite being regarded as one of the best 5 Series ever, the G30 still has some dark spots on its portfolio. Some model years had frequent problems and should be avoided once buying a used BMW G30.

Best BMW G30 Model Years

  1. 2018
  2. 2019
  3. 2020

Worst BMW G30 Model Years

  1. 2016
  2. 2017

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Which BMW G30 Engines are the Most and Least Reliable?

BMW G30 is offered with both diesel and gasoline engines. Some of these are highly reliable and should be preferred over the other, which suffer from frequent failures and manufacturing faults. The good ones are B48 and B58, while the ones with issues are S63.

Most Reliable BMW G30 Engines

  1. B48

This 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine is quite a reliable powertrain and has no major issues that would force the car onto workshop floors. This is good enough to last well over 300,000 miles without breaking down.

  1. B58

The powerful 3.0l inline 6-cylinder is another great option with extra punch. Although a few minor issues can occur, nothing that would bring the car to a stop.

Least Reliable BMW G30 Engines

  1. S63

The twin-turbo V8 engine is known for frequent turbo failures and damaged seals, leading to oil leakage and poor performance. Although not too bad, all other options in the lineup are better in comparison. The problems also start to pile up after 100,000 miles.

Is BMW G30 Safe?

BMW G30 is a very safe car and compliant with all the latest standards of safety. It comes equipped with a variety of active & passive safety features to keep the occupants safe and driver assistance technology to make everyday driving seamless and fun. It is a top pick among other vehicles in the safety ratings and standards.

The safety features & equipment on a BMW G30 include;

  • ABS with EBD and emergency braking.
  • Electronic Stability Assist, with active rear-wheel steering.
  • Adaptive cruise control with radar-assisted speed follow.
  • Pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection.
  • Blind-spot monitoring with rear-cross traffic alert.
  • Lane departure warning with the lane-centering system.
  • BMW Activ Safety, a suite of driver assistance features for enhanced safety.

NHTSA Safety Rating: 5 Star

How Much Does BMW G30 Cost to Maintain?

These are some of the maintenance costs that the owner of a BMW F30 has to bear;

  1. Oil change: $230
  2. Filters (air, oil, and fuel): $280
  3. Brake fluids: $250
  4. Cost of a tire: $300
  5. Gear oil: $280
  6. Labor charges: $300-600

Total: $1,790

Yearly maintenance cost: average $1,750

Yearly Fuel Cost: average $2,200

Insurance Cost: $1,500

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What is a Good Mileage for the BMW G30?

If you’re looking for a used BMW G30, a well-maintained car with less than 100,000 miles should be on your radar. BMW G30 is a very robust car with reliable engines, sturdy transmission, and overall components. It is a recent release and finding decent cars with fewer miles should not be a problem. If you find a clean car with a maintenance history intact and no reports of major accidents, a BMW G30 5 Series with 80,000-mileage is a great car to have.

What Parts Should You Replace and After How Many Miles?

To keep the BMW G30 running in mint condition, some parts and lubricants require replacement at regular intervals. These include engine oil and filter, spark plugs, timing belt, brake pads, and a few others.

1Lubricants10,000 miles
2Air, oil, and fuel filter10,000 miles (20,000 for fuel filter)
3Brake pads20,000 miles
4Tires25,000 miles
5Spark plugs and battery75,000 miles
6Timing belt80,000 miles

Are BMW G30 Parts Widely Available?

BMW G30 is a recent launch and is available in all the markets where BMW has established its operations. Moreover, BMW has a strong network of dealerships on all 7 continents and over 100 countries in the world. The parts and services for BMW G30 can be found in all the major cities at the authorized retailers, with the option of online sourcing also available.

It is advisable that you always choose OEM parts over cheap aftermarket parts, to ensure a longer service lifespan and performance of the vehicle.

How to Buy a Reliable BMW G30?

To buy a reliable BMW G30 in the used market, keep these points in mind;

  1. Have the car checked by a third-party inspection service for a detailed, unbiased report on its condition.
  2. Ask for the maintenance records, ownership history, and the CARFAX report, for surety on the car’s history.
  3. Check the engine bay and all parts, transmission, suspension, undercarriage area, and all the interior panels thoroughly.
  4. Find a car that you’ve known yourself, either at your workplace or neighborhood.
  5. Make sure all the faulty parts have been replaced/repaired by the previous owner.
  6. Do not buy if there’s rust on the undercarriage or body panels, or even if it has been treated for rust.
  7. Take a test drive and get an opinion from an automotive expert as well.
  8. The ideal option would be to visit the nearest BMW dealership to check their certified-preowned inventory for a reliable G30.

BMW G30 – Pros & Cons


  1. A very luxurious vehicle with a top-quality interior and driving comfort.
  2. State-of-the-art tech features and safety equipment to keep the passengers safe.
  3. Highly reliable powertrain and overall performance.
  4. Hybrid powertrains offer great fuel economy.
  5. A spacious trunk and ample storage space for daily usage & convenience.


  1. It is an expensive car to buy and run, especially the gas engines.
  2. Spare parts are very expensive, and the labor costs are sky-high.
  3. BMW G30 is costly to get insured.
  4. Its maintenance is also quite expensive in comparison to some other cars of the same caliber.