Are Maserati Parts Expensive? (12 Examples)

Maserati is a luxury carmaker based in Italy and as history tells us, Italians are expensive to buy and pricier to maintain. Bearing the legendary trident emblem on the hood, Maserati vehicles are top quality and carry a legacy of over 100 years.

Like any other Italian automaker, Maserati parts are pricier and these vehicles are expensive to maintain.

Are Maserati Parts Expensive?

If I have to answer the question, “are Maserati Parts Expensive?” in one word, it would be “Yes”. As these vehicles are mostly hand-built and premium materials are used in the manufacturing process, the parts are generally expensive.

Maserati parts cost three times as compared to the parts of an average vehicle. For instance, a front brake pads kit of Maserati Quattroporte costs $300, as compared to $80-100 for average vehicles.

1. Brake Pads

Brake pads are the essential parts of the brake assembly that connect the caliper and the rotor, and their function is to reduce friction when brakes are applied. These parts need replacement every 15-20,000 miles.

Cost of new brake pads: $300

Cost of used brake pads: $120

It is not recommended to install used brake pads in your Maserati. Used brake pads are worn out and do not serve the purpose. You must get brand new, OEM products to ensure that your vehicle has reliable brakes.

The average market price: $100-150

Cheaper aftermarket alternative: ~ $60

A mechanic usually charges between $80 and $120 for replacing brake pads, and it is a relatively easier process that you can learn to do it yourself (DIY) at home.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $240

Price for Maserati MC20: $700

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2. Filters

Filters are supposed to act as a permeable barrier and check the air or fluid passing through them. A car has multiple types of filters, such as air filters, oil filters, cabin filters, and fuel filters. All of these filters must be replaced every 10,000 miles except the fuel filter, which should be replaced when the car hits 20,000 miles.

Cost of new filters (air, oil, and cabin): $55

Cost of new fuel filter: $50

Cost of used filters (all): $10-40

Used filters would be very harmful to the engine components and reduce efficiency and performance, hence not recommended for use.

The average market price: $30, fuel filter, $70

Cheaper Aftermarket product: $20

Mechanics usually change these filters free of cost, but fuel filter replacement can cost you up to $50. Changing filters is like replacing a flat tire and it can be easily done at home, without any complex tools.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: combined $200

Price for Maserati Quattroporte: combined $350-400

3. Battery

A battery plays various important roles in an automobile, such as ignition, powering the tail and headlights, all the electronic parts (AC, odometer), infotainment system, and sunroof. New generation batteries last quite long and only need replacement every 5-6 years.

Cost of new battery: $150

Cost of used battery: $50-70

If a one or two years used battery can be arranged at a good price, there is no harm in saving some extra money, as batteries do not have any wear and tear issue.

The average market price: $50

Cheaper Aftermarket products: $40-60.

Mechanics usually replace batteries free of cost and it is one of the simplest jobs, a person can do on their own. All the Maseratis almost use the same batteries and there is not much difference in price or amperage value.

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4. Timing Belt

A timing belt synchronizes the movement of the camshaft and crankshaft, which ensures that engine valves open and close properly during each stroke. A timing belt needs replacement every 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

Cost of new timing belt: $50

Cost of used timing belt: $20

Timing belts do not cost much, so a new and dependable component is advised to use, especially when such an expensive vehicle is under consideration.

The average market price: $40 to $60

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $30

Replacing a timing belt is complicated and mechanics would charge you somewhat between $300 to $500. This is a complex task and it cannot be done at home by a layman, and neither should it be attempted. The majority of the Maserati lineup has the same price of timing belt and there is not much variation.

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5. Starter and Alternator

An alternator charges the battery and supplies power that operates various electrical components in the vehicle, and the starter is an electrical component that starts the car. Usually, these parts need replacement every 6-7 years.

Cost of new starter and alternator: $800

Cost of used starter and alternator: $300

Used alternator and starter would only create further problems in a Maserati and are not advised. *In case you find a donor vehicle, a used starter and alternator would make total sense.

The average market price: $500

Cheaper Aftermarket alternatives: ~ $350.

A mechanic would charge you an average of $300 for his services of replacing the alternator and starter in your Maserati and this complex task cannot be done at home using household tools, by non-professionals.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $700

Price for Maserati GranTurismo: $900

6. Spark Plugs

Spark plugs provide the electric current to burn the air-fuel mixture inside the engine, which produces power that drives the car. Spark plugs are only necessary for gasoline engines and need replacement every 40,000 miles or when required.

Cost of new spark plugs: $20 each

Cost of used spark plugs: $5 each

Spark plugs are disposed-off only when they have served the purpose and are therefore of no use once used, so better get new ones for your Maserati.

Average market price: $20-25

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $15

A mechanic might replace your spark plugs for free during a major maintenance session, but a custom job would cost you around $30, and this easy task can be done by yourself at home after proper guidance and hands-on practice. All Maserati cars use the same spark plugs and there is no price difference.

7. Fuel Pump

A fuel pump serves the purpose of transferring fuel from the gas tank to the cylinder, where it mixes with air and combustion takes place. Fuel pumps are sturdy and need replacement only after 100,000 miles.

Cost of new fuel pump: $400

Cost of used fuel pump: $160

If you can find a good used fuel pump or, in an ideal case, from a donor car, a used part can save you a lot of money and these parts don’t even need replacement all that often.

Average market price: $300

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $250

A mechanic usually charges $300-500 for the replacement of a fuel pump, and it is strictly not recommended to attempt to change the fuel pump by yourself.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $350

Price for Maserati GranTurismo: $600

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8. Water Pump

The water pump is a vital part of the engine that prevents overheating by ensuring the circulation of coolant from the radiator to the engine block. Water pumps are robust and need replacement only after 80,000 miles or 10 years.

Cost of new water pump: $450

Cost of used water pump: $200 – 250

A used water pump is only recommended if it is in pristine condition, ideally taken from a donor vehicle. Otherwise, always treat your Maserati with brand-new components.

Average Market Price: $250 – 300

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $200

The average labor cost of water pump replacement you should expect to pay a mechanic is $275. Replacement of the water pump is a technical job and cannot be done personally by non-professionals.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $450

Price for Maserati MC20: –$1000

9. Lights

Lights illuminate the road to help the drivers maneuver easily, and warn the traffic behind with brakes lights and turn signal indicators. Until they are irreparably broken, there is no need to replace lights.

Cost of new lights: $1,800 (pair)

Cost of used lights: $600 – 900 (pair)

If you’re looking for used lights, try your luck with a totaled vehicle and if you can salvage the lights, it’s the best deal for you. Otherwise, there is no harm in using OEM used lights.

Average Market Price: $350 – 450

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $250 – 400

A mechanic usually charges $100 – 150 for replacing headlights and this process can be easily learned for DIY (do it yourself) purposes.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $1,800

Price for Maserati GranTurismo: $3,200

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10. Oil

Oils keep the parts lubricated and friction-free to reduce heat production, prolong life and enhance efficiency. The oils include engine oil and transmission oil. The engine oil should be replaced every 10,000 miles and transmission oil every 40,000 miles.

Cost of New Oil: $55 – 75 (4 liters)

Cost of Used oil: N/A

There is no concept of adding used engine oil to a car, let alone a Maserati. Always use top-quality and fully synthetic oil in your car.

Average Market price: $30 – 40 (4 liters)

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $20

Mechanics usually replace engine oil as a complimentary service, and one can easily do this job themselves at home. Most of the engine and gear oils are third-party supplied, and all the Maseratis have the same price range.

11. Tires

Tires are the parts that keep your car moving and undergo maximum wear and tear. Tires must be changed every 20,000 miles or earlier if deemed necessary.

Cost of new tires: $800

Cost of used tires: $300

Although there is no harm in getting slightly used tires, there is no guaranteed way of checking the mileage or integrity of a tire, so it is better to get new ones.

Average Market Price: $500

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $350

The labor cost of getting your tires changed is between $150-250 and it needs a set of equipment to change the tires, and cannot be done by yourself at home.

Price for Maserati Ghibli: $800

Price for Maserati GranTurismo: $1400-1800

12. Wiper Blades

Wiper blades keep the windscreen clear when it is pouring and should be replaced occasionally when required.

Cost of new wiper-blades: $30 (pair)

Cost of used wiper-blades: $5

There is no need to use the cheaper wiper blades when a brand-new product is so economical to purchase.

Average Market price: $15

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $10

Mechanics usually change the wiper blades for free, and these can be easily replaced by yourself.