11 Real Reasons Why Older Cars are Better than New Cars

You would have probably heard this a lot of times from auto enthusiasts that older cars are better than new cars but are this entirely true or just nostalgia speaking?

In this article, I will discuss 11 real reasons why I believe automotive enthusiasts claim that older cars are better and you can judge for yourself at the end.

Why are Old Cars Better Than New cars?

Old cars are better than new cars mainly because they are designed simply are not equipped with a lot of sensors or electrical equipment. Moreover, the maintenance for old cars is cheap and they are highly durable.

The simple design, cheap maintenance, and low cost make old cars better than new cars which usually come with a hefty price tag and high insurance costs.

Simple Design with no High Tech Sensors

Most of the new cars in the market now are equipped with a number of sensors including ultrasonic sensors, lidar sensors, mass airflow sensors, and more. Besides sensors, modern cars house complex electric circuits linked to the mechanical components such as the engine and the transmission, and any problem within the circuit can hinder the overall performance of the vehicle.

Old cars are built simply and which means there are fewer chances of any malfunction. Just keep your car’s mechanical parts maintained and you are good to go.

Old Cars Look Better

Although a lot of people might not agree with this statement it is usually claimed by automotive enthusiasts that the old cars looked better and had a timeless exterior design.

Most new cars in the market especially the competing ones have a similar profile and look but the old designs looked from a different era.

Some older classic cars are even considered collectibles due to their design and are priced higher than their newer models. Some of the best-looking old cars include the 1990 Dodge Viper GTS, Lamborghini Diablo, Acura NSX, and of course the Aston Martin DB4.

Cheap Maintenance

Old cars were built simply and their repairs do not cost a lot of money compared to modern cars. You can easily buy spare parts for old cars and they can easily be interchanged with other models as well.

Repairing a modern can be expensive as most automakers recommend buying spare parts from them only which are usually overpriced.

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Old Cars are Durable and Sturdy

You must have heard from a boomer that old cars are much more durable and sturdy compared to the new ones and I would somewhat agree with this. The old cars were usually designed to be rebuilt and even if the car is broken, you can simply replace some parts and it will run like new again.

New cars have complex systems and they are designed in such a way that you will definitely go for an upgrade after some time.

Old Cars Make You a Better Driver

Most of the new cars come equipped with features such as power steering, sound insulation, and other upgrades which somehow disturb your driving experience. Whereas, old cars do not have all these features and driving them definitely makes you a better driver.

Old Cars Appear More in the Movies

Old cars have a distinct persona which makes them a lot more attractive compared to the new models. This is why we see a lot of Hollywood movies usually featuring old cars to grab the viewers’ attention.

Some famous movies including Fast and Furious and John Wick both feature classic cars which are absolutely loved by the audience.

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Lighter in Weight

Modern cars are comparatively higher in weight and bigger in size compared to old cars. The low weight and size make the older cars better aerodynamically which enables them to deliver a higher speed as well especially on highways.

No Driving Aids

Modern cars are equipped with a braking assist, anti-lock brakes, steering control as well as a number of aids that tell you when to change your oil, or if your wheels are low on air.

Old cars do not have all these driving aids and you become an expert driver as well as a mechanic yourself when driving one of these.

Low Price Tag

Buying a brand-new vehicle could be difficult because of its hefty price tag and with the financing options, you could be tied to years paying monthly installments for your car.

Old cars can be bought easily at a relatively lower price tag especially if you go for a vintage car and have it rebuild. A lot of automotive enthusiasts buy cheap old cars from the market and install custom parts on them making them look better compared to even some new cars today.

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Fuel Economy

Modern cars are designed to be fuel-efficient and economical but if you compare them to some of the popular old cars, the difference is not too much. In fact, some old cars such as Ford Anglia, Ford Popular, and Mini are much more fuel-efficient compared to modern cars due to their smaller engine size.

Affordable Insurance

When you buy a new car, you have to pay for insurance as well which can be costly depending on what plan you opt for. When buying an old car especially if it is a vintage or a classic car, the insurance cost is relatively lower especially when buying from a dealer which specialized in such cars.

Old Cars from Which Decade are the Best?

Old cars from the 1990s are considered when of the best in the markets mainly because during that time, the Japanese manufacturers began to develop some excellent vehicles which caught the attention of everyone around the world.

During the 1990s, some absolutely insane cars were introduced to the market such as the Mazda RX-7, the Nissan 300ZX, Toyota Supra as well as the Nissan Skyline. While these were some excellent models released by Japan, the United States also went ahead and revealed the Corvette ZR-1 and the Dodge Viper.

Other notable cars from that decade include the Lamborghini Diablo GT, the Ferrari F50, Porsche 911 GT2, Honda NSX, and the ever-popular Pagani Zonda C12-S.

What are Some Most Reliable Old Cars?

Some of the most reliable old cars include the Honda Accord, Subaru Forester, Mitsubishi Carisma, Nissan Almera, Toyota Yaris, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and the Honda Civic,

The 1990s did not only give us some exciting high-performance vehicles, but also a number of reliable vehicles which are still praised today due to their superb engine, comfortable drive, and interior space. A company called Warranty Direct performed a reliability test in 2006 by doing a comparison of the frequency of failure among more than 50,000 vehicles.

Their research indicated that the Honda Accord is the most reliable car of the 1990s followed by the Subaru Forester and Mazda MX-5.

Are Old Cars Really Always Better than New Cars?

Old cars are not always better than new cars mainly because modern cars are packed with a number of safety features that offer a more comfortable driving experience.

Older cars lacked airbags and even seatbelts whereas new cars feature advanced safety technologies such as braking assist, collision avoidance system, parking sensors, and more. Moreover, the engine in new cars uses modern technologies to reduce the carbon footprint and with the introduction of electric cars, the carbon emission with go down considerably.

Also, older cars are difficult to maintain and are more prone to damage compared to the new ones. Old cars require frequent oil changes, engine checkups, and more whereas in the new cars, the sensors and onboard computer systems inform you in advance for any routine checkup.


There cannot be one definite answer for whether or not old cars are better than new ones as both of them have their own pros and cons. Buying an old car is worth it if you can take care of frequent repairs and maintenance while if you are just looking for a comfortable car to drive without any hassle, we would suggest that you go with a new car.