Are Cadillacs Reliable? (Brutal Truth)

Worldwide sales of Cadillacs were up by 8.8% in 2019, taking its total sales to 390,000 units. This came as a surprise when Cadillac was rated as the worst car brand by Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Survey the very same year.

Mixed reviews on Cadillac cars have often left buyers wondering that are Cadillacs reliable or not. In this article, we will cover all things to know about Cadillacs.

Are Cadillacs Reliable?

Cadillacs have lost their reliability in recent times. A survey ranked Cadillac 29th out of 32 brands for reliability. This statistic goes on to show the displeasure of Cadillac owners. Due to serious issues in 2014 Cadillac CTS, the company had to issue a recall on 6 different occasions. So, Cadillacs are far from anything reliable.

Cadillac is one of the oldest automobile companies in the world. It built its reputation around the cornerstone of reliability. But the ranking and ratings have seen a sharp decline in the last decade. The premier Escalade was rated 1 out 5 for reliability. This has become the worst ever rating for the car.

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Do Cadillacs Last Long?

With proper care and maintenance, there is no reason why your Cadillac should not last 200,000 miles. This is an improvement as compared to the average lifespan of other luxury car brands like Mercedes, Porsche, and BMW which tend to last 100,000 miles only.

As opposed to European manufactured vehicles, American cars are built to withstand harsh conditions. This trait has enabled them to enjoy longer life spans. Some Cadillac models such as CTS have been known to cross the 400,000 miles mark. Some have even gone touch beyond 500,000 miles.

Do Cadillacs Tend to Rust?

Sad enough, but for your information, Cadillacs don’t have the best rustproofing in the world. Under harsh and humid environmental conditions, Cadillacs can develop rust stains. You need to apply a proper protective undercoat in order to prevent corrosion.

It is disappointing to purchase a luxury segment car and have to deal with rust problems. Though Cadillacs can develop corrosion, still the company provides a 6-year warranty against rust. But warranty only applies if rust eats through the metal sheet, creating a hole. Otherwise, it isn’t applicable for rust marks and stains.

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Are Cadillacs Expensive to Fix?

The fixing cost of the Cadillac is way too expensive. Being a luxury segment car, mechanics tend to overcharge for their simple servicing and repairs. Every visit to a car care professional can cost you in the neighborhood of $200. A major service cost sums up to $1,000.

Cadillac has an impressive network of service centers, especially in the US. But almost all luxury cars are expensive to fix. The recent surge in problem frequency of Cadillac has made conditions even worse for car owners. As of now, they have to visit the service centers more often. With each visit going quite heavy on their pockets.

Are Cadillacs Comfortable?

Cadillacs are one of the most comfortable cars on the market. It is the epitome of the American luxury experience. Cadillacs offer smooth rides and quiet engine operation. Cadillac’s cars provide sustainable comfort to drivers and passengers on bumpy roads and twisted terrains as well.

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Cadillacs have plenty of legroom and headspace available. They tend to provide similar comfort to the second row of the passengers as well. Innovative and crafty designs of the interiors can impress any car lover. Cadillac doesn’t leave any stone unturned in ensuring that each ride is a memorable and worthy experience.

What are the Most Common Problems with Cadillacs?

Following are the most common problems with Cadillacs:

  1. Infotainment Screen Flaws
  2. Disengaged Transmission
  3. Electrical System Problems
  4. Condenser Leakage

Let us take a closer look at each of these issues.

  1. Infotainment Screen Flaws: While the Cadillac cars are a feature-packed experience, these fancy features are of no use if the infotainment display malfunctions. The infotainment screen had installation problems due to which blur display and screen bubbles were very common issues.
  2. Disengaged Transmission: The shifter cable of transmission was not installed properly in many Cadillacs. This left a major flaw in them. Every time the driver wanted to engage the transmission he was unable to do so due to the faulty shifter cable.
  3. Electrical System Problems: Electrical systems of the Cadillac were a bit too much complicated. This lead to the disarray of electrical cables causing short circuits and unnecessary warning lights on the dashboard.
  4. Condenser Leakage: The operation of the cooling system in Cadillac was undermined due to the leakage in the condenser of the aircon system. The leakage of coolant didn’t only cause discomfort to users in summer, but also had adverse environmental impacts.

Are Cadillacs Safe?

For several years, Cadillacs have been the top pick of safety by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Their cars have passed all 5 crash tests with flying colors. In fact, Cadillacs have been awarded a superior rating due to their advanced forward crash protection.

Cadillacs are built from solid mechanical structures that enable them to withstand major blows. A Cadillac rider is 46% less likely to suffer a fatal injury during a head-on collision due to their enhanced forward collision warning system and advanced chassis design.

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Is the Quality of Elements in Cadillacs Good?

The build quality of Cadillac cars is good. But the quality of the engine components is somewhat compromised. These substandard parts have caused a lot of issues for Cadillac owners in recent times. The degraded quality of elements has translated into the worst ratings and ranking for Cadillacs.

Do Cadillacs Depreciate Fast?

Like most luxury segment cars, Cadillacs depreciate faster than usual. Cadillacs are known to lose 35% of their values within the first 3 years of operation. Hence, resale is not their strong suit.

In comparison, the depreciation rates of luxury Japanese brands like Lexus and Infiniti are way better. They are known to hold more than 60% of their values even after 5 years. Though the useful life of Cadillacs is around 15 years, the dipping reliability ratings have adversely affected their resale value.

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Does Cadillac Offer Good Engines?

Cadillac is the pioneer of innovation in engines. They have introduced the world to power generators like V8 and V6. Many Cadillac engines have been regarded as the best of their time. The powerful 3.6 L V6 engine debuted in Cadillac cars during 2015. Ever since, it is considered the most efficient and smart design for a V6 engine.

Some of the best performing Cadillacs ever made are:

  1. Cadillac CTS-V – 6.2-liter supercharged LT4 V8 – 640 hp
  2. Cadillac CT6 – twin-turbocharged V8 – 550 hp
  3. Cadillac CT5 – 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8 Black wing engine – 464 hp

Are Cadillacs Expensive to Maintain?

The average maintenance cost of Cadillacs is quite high. It might cost you around $1,200 per year to own a Cadillac. It is right behind the two most expensive brands to maintain, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Which cost $1,800 and $1,400 respectively for maintenance.

The high maintenance cost isn’t even the issue. The issue is the frequency with which maintenance is required. Cadillacs need major repair or servicing every 6 months or 5,000 miles. This makes them the third most expensive car brand to own.

The following illustration shows the comparison between maintenance costs of most expensive brands:

Are Cadillacs Expensive to Insure?

The insurance cost for Cadillacs lies in mid-ranges. The annual insurance cost for a Cadillac comes to $1,600. Considering the luxury status of Cadillacs, this is actually quite cheaper than one would expect it to be.

Cadillacs are expensive to insure as compared to cheaper Japanese and Korean brands like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia. But they aren’t that expensive to insure by universal standards. Cadillacs are ranked at 25 among 36 brands for the highest insurance premiums.

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Are Cadillacs too Expensive to Buy?

Cadillacs can be pretty expensive to buy. Since you are not only paying for the vehicle, but you are also paying for the brand value. The powerful engines and exclusive interior of Cadillacs make them special. Top-of-the-line SUV Cadillac Escalade can cost you $78,000.

Another reason for the high cost of Cadillac is the lower number of units manufactured for each model. As opposed to millions of Toyota, Cadillac produce each model just in a few thousand. Hence, the buyer has to bear the cost of innovation, design, development, and manufacturing setup as well.

What are the Most and Least Reliable Cadillacs?

If you are looking to buy a Cadillac, then the following are the most reliable Cadillac models:

  1. Cadillac STS
  2. Cadillac SRX
  3. Cadillac XTS
  4. Cadillac DTS

There are a lot of Cadillac models that can surface at the bottom of the list of least reliable cars. But the following Cadillacs have been rated worst for their reliability:

  1. Cadillac CTS
  2. Cadillac Escalade
  3. Cadillac XT4
  4. Cadillac ATS

What are the Best Cadillac Alternatives?

Cadillac not only provides cars, but it also provides the class, luxury, and comfort that business segment buyers crave for. The best alternatives for Cadillacs can be German beauties like BMW X3 or Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Or they can be substituted by equally lavish Volvo cars by the Swedish manufacturer.

  • Volvo XC60: XC60 has been the best-selling model of Volvo for the past couple of years, and it is most likely to follow the trend with upcoming models. The comfort-oriented approach used to design this car can outclass the rival like Cadillac, Jaguar, and Porsche.
  • BMW X3: People might dispute our choice to substitute an American vehicle with a German one. But it should come as no surprise, since BMW has rated better for reliability in comparison to Cadillac. BMW X3 is one of its most premium mid-sized SUVs. The car is also set to provide you with a lavish and worthy experience.