16 Best Used Cars With Panoramic Sunroof (with Pictures)

Cars with panoramic sunroofs are becoming increasingly more popular, and why not? It makes your car look good, offers a unique and pleasant experience, without compromising on safety.

In this article, I have listed down the 16 best used cars with panoramic sunroofs to help you buy your next car with panoramic sunroof easily.

1. Genesis G80

Average used price: $25,000 to $30,000

With striking exterior design and luxurious interiors, the Genesis G80 can be your ultimate mid-size luxury sedan. Moreover, the electric-powered sliding panoramic roof offers great views of the sky and lets fresh air in, thus making all your instances inside the G80’s cabin very special.

The panoramic sunroof can be included as an option on the base 3.8 model. Otherwise, it comes standard on the 3.3T Sport and the 5.0 ultimate models. A 2018 Genesis G80 with a decent mileage can be had well between $25,000 to $30,000.

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2. Volvo XC60

Average used price: $28,000 to $33,000

The Volvo X60 is unlike all its German rivals, though it may not be the biggest in the segment, it has its own distinct personality and way of doing things.

It looks elegant on the outside, offers luxurious interiors, a soothing drive experience, and loads of safety. Almost all the trims of the Volvo XC60 come with a sliding panoramic sunroof. While the MSRP for the XC 60 starts at $43,745, you can easily find one used for around $28,000 to $33,000.

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3. Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Average used price: $35.000 to $40.000

The Mercedes- Benz C class is the epitome of luxury in its segment. And if you happen to opt for the premium package that includes the Burmester sound system and the sliding panoramic sunroof, you are in for an incredible experience.

With prices ranging around $22,000 to $25,000 for used C-Class, you can get this luxury sedan at the price of a Toyota Corolla.

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4. 2017 Lincoln MKZ

Average Used Price: $20,000 to $25,000

Along with being an exceptionally comfortable sedan, the Lincoln MKZ also offers oodles of performance out of its terrific twin-turbo V6 engine.

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The Lincoln MKZ has one of the largest sunroofs among all other sedans in the mid-size luxury segment. It is a fully retractable skylight with one of the largest openings. You can find a clean 2017-2018 used example of the Lincoln MKZ for somewhere between $20k to $25k.

5. Volkswagen Tiguan

Average used price: $16,000 to $22,000

This German SUV is the perfect blend of space and practicality combined with athletic driving dynamics. It offers an optional third row of seats and a tonne of interesting features, including a large panoramic sunroof.

The variants where you can find the sunroof are – SE, 2.0 T SE, 2.0 T SEL, and the 2.0 T SEL Premium. Under its hood, is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine that churns out 184 hp. Optional all-wheel drive is available too. You could easily find a clean 2018-2020 used example of the Tiguan for well between $14,000 to $22,000.

6. Kia Sportage

Average used price: $14,000 to $18,000

The Kia Sportage is a reliable Korean compact SUV that scores high in terms of style and sportiness. The 240 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine on the Sportage allows it to dominate all other vehicles in its segment.

The Sportage is a solid performer with good handling as well as braking. Furthermore, it offers a bunch of creature comfort features, including a panoramic sunroof. The sunroof can be found on the EX and the SX Turbo trims.

7. Hyundai Veloster

Average used price: $11,000 to $16,000

Though not the most fuel economical, the Hyundai Veloster is a fun-to-drive and feature-loaded three-door hatchback. Plus, its stylish and distinct styling is the cherry on the top. The base Veloster has a 147 horsepower four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine, whereas the turbo models get a 201 horsepower 1.6-liter turbo engine.

The Veloster offers a long list of features right from its base variant, however, to enjoy a panoramic sunroof, you need to look at the 2.0-liter Premium, Turbo-R, Turbo, and the Turbo ultimate trims.

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8. Infiniti Q60

Average used price: $28,000 to $32,000

With an imposing face and creased sheet metal, the Infiniti Q60 is one great-looking sports sedan, however, its dynamics may suggest otherwise.

Advanced safety technology and hybrid powertrain options make the Q60 quite a tempting option to bank upon. Check out the Luxe and Red sport 400 model, if a panoramic sunroof is what you are looking for.

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9. Nissan Rogue

Average used price: $12,000 to $18,000

It’s fairly easy to understand why the Nissan Rogue is one of the best-selling SUVs in the U.S. It’s reliable, affordable, very practical and offers great performance too.

It is powered by a 181 hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine. Optional AWD is available too. If you are eyeing a Panoramic sunroof, then look for the SL and SV trims.

10. Cadillac CTS

Average used price: $27,000 to $32,000

The Cadillac CTS is one of the best used cars with panoramic sunroof. Though the CTS is available in five trims, buyers should opt for the luxury package to get a panoramic sunroof and a bunch of other upgrades, including a 335 horsepower 3.6 liter V6 engine, 13-speaker Bose sound system, automatic high beams, adaptive xenon headlights, navigation system, and multiple driver safety features.

A 2017-2019 model of this luxury sedan with a decent mileage can be had well between $27,000 to $32,000.

11. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Average used price: $22,000 to $28,0000

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rugged mid-size SUV that takes on the off-road tracks with ease, without compromising on comfort and luxury. The V8 engine under the hood of the Jeep Grand Cherokee makes mile munching a joke.

Moreover, the Grand Cherokee has multiple interesting features on offer, including a large panoramic sunroof. The ones available with the sunroof are Altitude, Overland, Limited, and Summit.

12. Land Rover Range Rover

Average used price: $55,000 to $65,000

If you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable, and effortless driver both on roads and rugged terrains, the Land Rover Range Rover can be a perfect choice.

Land Rover also offers a host of customizable options for this SUV, including a sliding glass or fixed glass sunroof. As far as the price is concerned, you can pick a 2017-2018 used V8 Range Rover for anywhere between $55,000 to $65,000.

13. Volkswagen Golf

Average used price: $14,000 to $18,000

The Volkswagen Golf is a great value-for-money car that promises to offer a lot of bang for your buck. It looks appealing on the outside, backs existing features, and is a joy to drive too.

Several models of the Golf come equipped with a powered sliding panoramic sunroof – SEL-R-Line, SEL Premium, SEL Premium R-Line, Atlas SEL, Atlas Cross, and Sport SEL.

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14. Mini Cooper Hardtop 2-Door hatchback

Average used price: $12,000 to $18,000

Though it does not look all that spacious and dominating, the Mini still takes one of the top spots in my list of the best-used cars with a panoramic sunroof. Its eye-catching styling and fun-to-drive personality make it a very tempting option.

Moreover, the Cooper isn’t short on equipment in any way; the most important one is the large electrically operated sliding sunroof that lets fresh air in and offers a great view of the sun and the moon.

15. BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon

Average used price: $24,000 to $28,000

The BMW 3 Series Sports Wagon is your ultimate sports vehicle, from a built-in wind deflector and powered sunroof to power sliding and lift control, it has it all. You can buy a 2014 model of the 3 Series Sports Wagon for almost around $24,000.

16. Chrysler 300

Average used price: $22,000 to $26,000

The Chrysler 300 stands out of its competition with its imposing presence and big and spacious ride at an affordable price. This large American sedan has a powerful 363 hp V8 engine.

Also, available is a less powered 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 292 hp of power. Along with offering a spacious and comfortable ride to its passengers, the 300 also features a wide-opening panoramic sunroof standard across all upscale models.

Are Cars with Panoramic Sunroofs More Expensive?

Cars with panoramic sunroofs are definitely more expensive than the ones with conventional roofs. In fact, these cars cost up to $2,000 more. That’s because the production of a panoramic sunroof is more expensive. In most cases, they are offered in top trims or additional luxury packages.

Does a Panoramic Sunroof Overheat Your Car’s Interior?

Yes, overheating the car’s interior is one of the major cons of a panoramic sunroof. On warm days, it increases the interior’s temperature by 10-25% because it lights the sunlight in as glass heats faster than metal. Moreover, a panoramic sunroof decreases the temperature inside the car on cold days. Even the sunroof cover that’s available in all the cars, helps only up to a little extent.

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Can Panoramic Sunroof Be Dangerous During Accidents?

A car with factory fitted panoramic sunroof is as safe as a car with a conventional roof. It doesn’t decrease the structural rigidity of your vehicle and doesn’t pose any risk during accidents. Furthermore, some experts even suggest that cars with panoramic sunroofs have enhanced structural rigidity than regular cars.

Panoramic Sunroof vs Hailstorm. Is it Safe?

A panoramic sunroof is safe even during a hard hailstorm. However, try keeping your car safe in your garage as the hailstorm can cause scratches on the surface of the sunroof.

Is it True that Panoramic Sunroofs Leak?

No, it is just a myth that panoramic sunroofs leak. A factory-made panoramic sunroof never leaks. The car manufacturer makes sure that the panoramic sunroof is sealed and leak tightly locked down during the production process.

Is Panoramic Sunroof Safe?

A factory-made sunroof is safe as it doesn’t reduce the structural rigidity of a vehicle. The layers involved in the production of the panoramic sunroof are incredibly tough. It will not break into glass fragments even during a crash, and won’t hurt anyone.

Is it Worth to Have a Car With a Panoramic Sunroof?

Owning a car with a panoramic sunroof comes with its own perks and challenges. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than usual cars, demands some maintenance, and increases the temperature inside your car, but the experience that it offers makes it extremely worth it. Your car with a panoramic sunroof looks 10X better, and also increases your visibility at stoplights.