12 Cars with Best Start/Stop Technology (Updated)

Have you ever wondered which vehicles have the best start/stop technology, or if it’s a smart choice for you? You’ve come to the right place. This article will explore 12 vehicles with the best start/stop technology and the good and bad aspects of start/stop technology.

What is Start/Stop Technology?

Start/Stop Technology is a technology that stops the vehicle’s engine when it comes to a complete stop, such as at a red light. Then, it starts automatically once you push the gas pedal again. This technology aims to save on fuel costs and emissions by reducing idling time. It can also be referred to as idle-stop or auto-stop technology.

1. Cadillac XT5

This car comes standard with start/stop technology, which is a part of the vehicle’s Fuel-Saving Engine Management system. This vehicle is an SUV, demonstrating that start/stop technology isn’t just for sedans. The Cadillac XT has a 310-horsepower engine and an eight-speed transmission.

With such a powerful engine, this feature can save a driver on gas costs, especially when they are used for driving around a city or town.

2. Mercedes-Benz S 450

The Mercedes-Benz S 450 comes standard with start/stop technology. This car is a luxury sedan that seats up to five passengers.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage for a luxury sedan, as it gets 19 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway.

The feature on the Mercedes is specifically called ECO start/stop technology. This is unique because it is more advanced and keeps the engine running if it hasn’t reached its optimum temperature, climate control is needed, or the car is stopped on a hill. Similarly, if the car’s battery is too low, it will leave the engine running.

Drivers of this car can trust that their technology is used to save gas and reduce emissions while also keeping them comfortable and safe.

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3. Audi A4 Avant

This vehicle comes standard with start/stop technology. Audi’s start/stop technology is similar to many others in that it automatically stops when the car is stopped and starts up again when the driver takes their foot off the brake.

One unique feature of this vehicle is that it can be turned off by drivers who want to do so while they are driving, but they will not be able to turn it back on until they restart their engine. Audi technology also starts and stops the vehicle when it’s in stop-and-go traffic.

4. Cadillac ATS Sedan

This car also comes standard with start/stop technology and costs around $35,490. It uses a four-cylinder engine that helps to reduce fuel consumption and idling time.

However, this car also has a remote start option, which can consume more fuel while the car cools down or heats up. The start/stop feature can be disabled on this car, but it automatically turns back on each time you drive the car.

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5. Chevrolet Cruze

On the LT trim and above, this car has an auto engine stop feature that allows you to save energy by shutting off when it’s stopped for more than three seconds. The engine automatically starts back up again when the driver takes their foot off the brake.

This system is known best for its quiet start and stops, and drivers hardly notice the engine turning off and back on while they are driving. You can also disable the start/stop feature to suit your driving needs.

6. Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

This car boasts an EPA-estimated rating of 49 MPG city, 43 highway. This hybrid is more affordable than most other hybrids on the market for drivers looking for a sedan.

The unique thing about start/stop technology in a hybrid is the engine can switch from gas to electric if the car is going downhill or other times where it can save gas by not using the gasoline part of the engine.

The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid also has a regenerative braking system that captures energy while slowing down and stores it in the battery. This car is perfect for drivers who are looking for fuel-efficiency without sacrificing luxury or performance.

7. Ford Fusion Energi

In addition, to start/stop technology, the Fusion also features regenerative braking that charges the battery each time you brake.

This Fusion incorporates a start/stop technology that allows the AC or heat to continue running if the engine stops at a red light or in traffic. This effective technology helps save even more gas by turning off the engine more frequently.

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8. Honda Civic Sedan

This car has i-VTEC start/stop technology in all three of its engines, including the standard LX models. The i-VTEC technology is ideal for start/stop because it is designed to optimize performance and fuel economy.

The Honda Civic also has Eco Assist technology that helps drivers conserve energy while they are driving. The car will give feedback through the dash and steering wheel about how efficiently you’re driving.

9. Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

This car was named “Green Car of the Year” in 2017 and has three different powertrains that all have start/stop technology. The car also features regenerative braking to help charge the battery while you are driving.

The start/stop technology is reliable and quiet, so drivers can enjoy their drive without having to worry about if the car is off or on. After driving it for a while, many drivers don’t notice the engine starting and stopping because it is such a seamless transition.

10. Chevrolet Volt

The Chevy Volt comes with a standard auto-stop feature that shuts off after three or four seconds of idling at a traffic light. It starts back up once the brake isn’t depressed anymore.

Customer reviews of the start/stop technology on this car are generally positive, with many saying they can’t tell the difference between it staying on or shutting off.

This technology is great for drivers who are looking to save money at the pump.

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11. Jeep Grand Cherokee

This is a vehicle on the list that surprises many drivers with its start/stop technology. This is a good vehicle for those that want or need four-wheel drive and off-road capabilities.

However, some reviews mention that there is a slight hesitation if drivers are trying to quickly merge into traffic that made some drivers nervous as they drove this car.

But with off-road vehicles, it is sometimes difficult to find one with good fuel economy. The 2016 Grand Cherokee helps drivers save gas as they drive around town. The average fuel economy of this car is 25 MPG.

The 2017 version of this car has a new technology that disconnects the alternator, allowing for faster starts and more efficient acceleration. It also uses a more powerful 12-volt lithium-ion battery to help reduce weight so you can even more gas as you drive around town.

12. Jaguar F-Type

Start/stop technology on a sports car might seem odd, but this is an option for those looking to save some money if they have a sports car. The start/stop technology is very effective, but one thing to keep in mind is that it’s loud.

Since the Jaguar has such a large, powerful engine, every time the car turns off and then back on it roars to life, which might attract unwanted attention to a driver.

Is Start/Stop Technology Bad for Your Engine?

The start/stop technology can be beneficial for fuel consumption, but it may also have some negative effects on the vehicle. Start/stop technology causes an engine to go from off to running around five times more than a traditional engine. This can cause excessive wear on the crankshaft by putting extra stress on it as the crankshaft and main bearing wear against one another.

However, this issue can be minimized by using advanced engine oil.

Can You Turn Off Start/Stop Feature?

Yes, you can turn off the start/stop technology in most cars if you find you don’t like it. In most vehicles, there is a button or switch to disable the feature. The button to disable the feature has a capital “A” with a circle around it.

What are the Pros and Cons of Start/Stop Technology?

There are many benefits to start/stop technology, which is why it’s becoming more and more popular in new cars. Some of these benefits include:

– Increased fuel efficiency due to less idling time

– Reduced emissions from the vehicle

– Lower costs on gas since you use less gas if you frequently come to stops. This technology is especially helpful for those driving in the city because there are so many stops and starts. For those doing mostly highway driving, start/stop technology doesn’t make as much sense.

The cons of start/stop technology include

– When the engine shuts off and starts back up, it can be annoying. It also makes a noise when it happens that some people find distracting or irritating. It takes some time to get accustomed to.

– The vehicle’s battery is used more often which can lead to increased wear on your battery overall. However, many manufacturers have considered this by making powerful batteries that can sustain this technology.

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