8 Toyotas with a Panoramic Sunroof (+Photos)

A sunroof is an exterior feature that can enhance the driving experience. They improve interior lighting during the day and allow passengers to gaze at the stars during night driving.

Panoramic sunroofs are exciting, giving a wide view of the surroundings. If you are keen to lay your hands on an affordable Toyota with a panoramic sunroof, read on.

1. Toyota Highlander Platinum

The Toyota Highlander Platinum is without doubt Toyota’s best offer in the mid-size luxury SUV segment. It is simply unmatched in terms of features and comfort. It is fitted with a power tilt/slide panoramic sunroof.

The panoramic sunroof creates an unmatched ambiance for the occupants, especially on a moonlit night. It offers a wide-open feel as if the passengers are sitting outside.

Under the hood of the Highlander Platinum is either a powerful 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine or a Hybrid. The features are, as the trim suggests, ‘platinum’. They include Driver Easy Speak PA System that allows the driver to speak with third-row passengers through the vehicle’s sound system.

The vehicle is economic, comfortable, and safe. If you have the cash, the Highlander is has a starting price of around $47 000.

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2. Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4 panoramic

The Toyota RAV4 has come a long way, from a small 3-door to the current spacious mid-size 5-door. It is loved by many for its features. This All-Wheel Drive is powered by a hybrid 2.5-liter engine, mated to a CVT transmission. The 2021 RAV4 Prime XSE trim has a panoramic sunroof as part of an optional package.

The same is also optional on the 2021 RAV4 Top Tier Limited and RAV4 Edge. This puts the RAV4 among the top compact SUVs. Other notable features include Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, and Adaptive Cruise. In terms of price expect to pay around $43000 for the RAV4 Prime XSE.

3. Toyota Camry

toyota camry panoramic

The much-loved Toyota Camry is a comfortable and durable family car. Among the top trims are the XLE and XSE, the latter being a sports version with bigger alloys.

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The newest Toyota Camry XLE and XSE have an optional panoramic sunroof. If you need more features for both, you can choose the powerful 3.5L V6 gasoline engine. This gives the panoramic sunroof and the JBL nine-speaker Premium Audio system as standard. Expect to pay a reasonable price starting at around $30000 for XLE and XSE Toyota Camry.

4. Toyota Venza

The Toyota Venza is a mid-size crossover SUV. Power is derived from a 2.5-liter hybrid engine, mated to an eCVT transmission. The newest Toyota Venza Limited trim and the crossover come with a fixed Stargaze panoramic glass roof.

The driver can select between two modes; transparent and frosted. The Venza features the latest Toyota safety and driving technologies. Among them is a 12.3-inch touchscreen, nine-speaker premium JBL audio system, a digital rearview mirror, and a hands-free power liftgate. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient, comfortable, and luxurious ride, the Venza is a good option.
Price is around $42000 for this top-of-the-range SUV.

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5. Toyota Corolla Hybrid VVTi

The popular Toyota Corolla has continued to hold its own within a very competitive small family car market. This is a sign that Toyota has been able to introduce features and technologies that keep Corolla relevant.

Among the many standard safety and driver assistance features, Toyota has also added the Skyview panoramic roof. The feature is available on all trims, including the Touring Sport.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid VVTi is powered by either a 1.8-liter or 2.0-liter gasoline engine, mated to. The results have been very good. The Hybrid is packed with many up-market features. These include automatic LED headlights, alloy wheels, are included.

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6. Toyota Avalon

The Avalon is Toyota’s flagship saloon. It is a Front or All-Wheel Drive. It is bigger than the well-known and popular Camry. The two share the 2.5L engine. The Toyota Avalon is available in a number of trims.

The XLE and XLE Hybrid trims have top-notch features, including a power tilt/slide moonroof with a sliding sunshade as an option. The top of the range XSE Hybrid Nightshade has the panoramic sunroof as standard. If you are looking for the best Toyota can offer in terms of comfort and luxury, the Toyota Avalon is your car. Prices range from about $36000 to $41000.

7. Toyota Yaris Cross 1.5 Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a great option for those who are looking for an entry-level compact SUV Hybrid. It features the Toyota Skyview Panoramic Sunroof as an option on the Excel and Dynamic trims, as opposed to the fixed Stargaze installed on the Toyota Corolla.

The roof has two glass panels. The front slides give an opening. The Yaris Cross is powered by a 1.5l 3-cylinder engine, assisted by an electric motor. Transmission is a single-speed automatic. This beauty features Toyota’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD-i). The vehicle is packed with various luxuries such as a heated steering wheel, blind-spot monitoring, and dual-zone climate control.

8. Toyota Tundra

The big Toyota Tundra Limited Edition features a Power Tilt/Slide Panoramic Sunroof. It is powered by a powerful 3.5L V6 petrol engine, mated to a 10-speed automatic. The layout is 4WD.

Other features include standard 20” alloy wheels, Blind Spot Monitoring, and LED Headlamp, among numerous other features. This is the vehicle for the farmer or small business owner who wants to carry around heavy stuff, but still enjoy the car-like feel of the cabin. You are certainly spoiled for choice when you are looking for a Toyota with a panoramic sunroof. I hope you find what you need, and enjoy the ambiance.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Cars with Panoramic Sunroof?

The Pros for Panoramic Sunroofs

1. They improve the vehicle ambiance. You will feel like you are sitting in an open convertible.

2. They simply make the car more beautiful and appealing.

3. Panoramic sunroofs improve the interior lighting during the day. On a moonlit night, passengers can enjoy gazing at the stars whilst on the road. It can be very romantic for couples.

4. They can assist with cabin climate control. During winter, they keep the vehicle warm. When it’s hot, the retractable sunroofs can be opened to allow for venting.

The Cons Against Panoramic Sunroofs

1. They increase the cost of the vehicle. The glass, the seals, and the retraction system add to vehicle costs.

2. During summer, the glass roof increases cabin temperature. This will require the air conditioning system to work harder.

3. Increased maintenance costs. The system and seals need maintenance.

4. The seals wear out and may need to be replaced. Cabin height is compromised, which affects the taller passengers.

Whichever Toyota with a Panoramic Sunroof you choose, it will surely be a different driving experience for you.