4 Reasons why SUVs & Pickup Trucks are Popular in America

The madness of buying SUVs and Pickup Trucks in America may surprise you to think about why they’re so popular in America? Well, there is no single noticeable changing phenomenon without valid reasons behind it. 

In this article, we’ll find out why SUVs and Pickup Trucks are popular in America.

The amount of Toyota RAV4 sold in 2020 was 0.43 million, the most popular SUV in the USA. The number goes up to 0.85 million when the question of Ford F-Series Pickup Truck comes up. 

These numbers are enough to say how popular SUVs and Pickup Trucks are in America.

Combination of both utility and luxury, safety, affordability, practical nature, efficient behavior, reliability, and entrepreneurial spirit are the main reasons behind the mass popularity of SUVs and pickup trucks in the USA. 

Let’s discuss more elaborately to gain a crystal clear idea about these reasons.

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1. SUVs are Practical, Safe, and Reliable 

SUVs can be used to take family members from one place to another. The purpose can be traveling or anything else. Taking your kids to school or one of your family members to the doctor can be easily done if you have an SUV.

SUVs are safe cars. The driver of an SUV can survive from serious injuries in a car crash at least 50 percent more compared with driving in a Sedan. 

Your kids or family members will be safe inside an SUV if you need to go somewhere else for a short time also. Because of the sheer size of the outer casing, SUVs are considered to be safer than hatchbacks.  

Another practical advantage of an SUV is that you can claim it as your business vehicle. A business trip is also possible with an SUV.

Most SUVs come with quality parts making them more reliable than other vehicles. Their engines have a great capacity to withstand the situation of wear and tear.

2. SUVs are Efficient, Affordable, and Comfortable

Some of the most fuel-efficient SUVs of 2021 are Subaru Forester and Subaru Outback. Both of them cost $1450 for annual fuel cost. The fuel economy ratings of modern SUVs are increasing day by day. 

Switching to an SUV, both individuals and families can save more considering their estimated budget. You can give your family members or colleagues a long time while going out with an SUV.

SUVs normally come with 7 or more seats where Sedans have 4 to 5 seats. More seats mean more comfort and space. 

You don’t need to be seated in a congested way while traveling with your family. This is one of the main reasons to choose an SUV as a family car.

SUVs come with a wider option when the question of price comes. It’s possible to choose one according to your budget. 

Kia Soul, Hyundai Venue, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Nissan Kicks, Ford EcoSport are some of the SUVs that can be owned for under $20,000.

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3. Pickup Trucks Can Be Used for Various Purposes 

It’s possible to use a Pickup Truck for commercial purposes as well as personal usages. The sizes of Pickup Trucks are big enough to deliver commercial products from one place to another. 

Pickup Trucks provide ultimate freedom. It’s possible to start your own business with a Pickup Truck. Having an entrepreneurial spirit is one of the major reasons to own a Pickup Truck in America. 

Modern Farmers need to transfer their vegetables, crops, and other things from one place to another regularly. Pickup Trucks are the most suitable option considering the rough or sandy area.

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Some important official tasks can be completed using Pickup Trucks. They can be delivering goods from one branch to another or emergency visits to any branch with necessary tools and pieces of equipment.

4. Pickup Trucks are Comfortable and Generally Safe, Having a Large Capacity

The size of Pickup Trucks is getting bigger day by day. More size provides more comfortability at the time of driving having enough space. 

The tendency of shifting from Sedans to Pickup Trucks as a family vehicle is increasing.  Ram 1500, Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 are some of the best full-size Pickup Trucks available in the market.

The maximum towing capacity of average Sedans is around 1,750 lbs. which is about 14,000 for Ford F-150, one of the most popular Pickup Trucks considering towing capacity. That means you’ll get more flexibility considering the number of loads that need to be transferred. 

Pickup Trucks are improving day by day in terms of providing safety. Advanced safety systems and their proper workability can ensure a long safe journey. 

What Percentage of Cars Sold in America are SUVs or Pickup Trucks?

According to automotive analyst Tom Libby, the percentage of sales was 47.4 for SUVs in 2019 and it was more than double compared with Sedans. If SUVs, Vans, and Pickup are considered all together, they contribute 72 percent of sales among all other cars in America. It’s expected to see a gradual increase in sales and by 2025, it can be raised to 78 percent.

Both SUVs and Pickup Trucks are becoming popular day by day in the United States of America. SUVs crossed Sedans for the first time in terms of sales in 2015. 

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SUVs and Pickup Trucks started gaining popularity in the USA throughout the 1990s. The number of sales crossed for the first time over passenger cars in 1999 considering the sales of SUVs and Pickup Trucks.

In 2003, it was estimated to have 76 million SUVs and light trucks on the roads of America. The percentage share was nearly 35 comparing all other vehicles available on the U.S. roads. Then there was a drop in sales because of the excess fuel price but from 2010, the drop was recovered.

The number of units sold in a year always gives a clear idea when the question of judging the popularity of a vehicle comes. Let’s see what the top 15 SUVs and Pickup Trucks are known for their immense popularity in America. 

RankName of the VehicleType of the VehicleUnits Sold in 2021 (up to October)
01Ford F-SeriesPickup Truck534,831
02Ram PickupPickup Truck434,772
03Chevrolet SilveradoPickup Truck407,266
04Toyota RAV4SUV313,447
05Honda CR-VSUV290,140
06Nissan RogueSUV234,647
07Toyota HighlanderSUV207,564
08Toyota TacomaPickup Truck200,631
09GMC SierraPickup Truck191,186
10Jeep WranglerSUV164,709
11Ford ExplorerSUV160,174
12Chevrolet EquinoxSUV151,110
13Mazda CX-5SUV137,343
14Subaru ForesterSUV132,254
15Subaru Outback WagonSUV122,978

Pickup Trucks are becoming popular in Europe having a 19% increment in sales in 2019, according to Automotive News. But the popularity isn’t more compared with America. In the first six months of 2017, the increase in Pickup Trucks sales is 17℅ in the UK, 20% in France, and 24% in Sweden. 

SUVs are highly popular among Europeans having a percentage of 44 among all new European car sales in recent times.

The popularity of Pickup Trucks in China increased dramatically in 2020. A jump of 10℅ in sales was noticed. Pickup Trucks weren’t popular in the early stage but the scenario isn’t the same now in China.

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What are the SUVs and Pickup Trucks Disadvantages that Make Them not a Good Choice for Everyone?

Comparatively, lower fuel efficiency, bigger size for smaller purposes, fewer models to choose from, rollover stability, and higher insurance costs are some of the disadvantages that make SUVs and Pickup Trucks not a good choice for everyone. 

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. SUVs and Pickup Trucks aren’t exceptional in this case. People have different demands to fulfill from a vehicle so all of them aren’t suitable for everyone. 

Pickup Trucks are larger and heavier with less fuel economy compared with compact cars. It has a wide space that may not be suitable for smaller tasks or shifting. Finally, there aren’t too many models compared with other cars.

SUVs are more likely to roll over compared with standard vehicles. This sometimes causes damage and harms safety.

Will the SUV and Pickup Truck Craze End?

The craze for SUVs and Pickup Trucks isn’t going to end recently. It’s only possible to have alternatives that have the advantages of SUVs and Pickup Trucks without those disadvantages. 

SUVs are popular for many purposes among larger families. It’s possible to replace SUVs only with a vehicle that facilitates comparatively better consumer preferences, accommodating a flexible lifestyle. And the same thing goes for Pickup Trucks. You need to bring one with more fuel efficiency, more models to choose from to provide all other popular advantages.