Are Bosch Oil Filters Good? (Read This First)

The oil filter is a very important part of your car and is amongst the ones that bear the most grunt of the engine. Mostly located just beneath the engine and cylindrical in shape, these small metal objects keep the harmful particles and sludge away from the engine by filtering the engine oil. Bosch needs … Read more

Is MK6 GTI Reliable? (Read This First!)

The MK6 GTI was introduced in October of 2008 at the Paris Motor Show. It was described as the MK5 GTI’s “re-engineered facelift”. Many people ask us: Is MK6 GTI reliable? We will discuss the reliability of MK6 GTI in this article and so much more. Let’s go! Is MK6 GTI Reliable? The MK6 GTI … Read more