The Top 3 Best Japanese Coilover Brands

Everybody knows that there’s no match for Japanese cars regarding various features, quality, and long-term durability. No matter how harshly used, JDM cars are super reliable and keep pushing the limits of performance.

Similarly, Japanese performance and aftermarket mechanical parts companies manufacture highly sturdy and reliable parts. If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s suspension using aftermarket Coilovers, Japanese brands are the way to go.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 Best Japanese Coilover brands and help you make the right choice.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Japanese Coilovers?

When you upgrade your car’s suspension, it alters the driving dynamics and overall ergonomics. Hence, it is crucial that you invest in something reliable and one that offers long-term dependability. Japanese Coilovers fulfill all these requirements at a very suitable price.

Coilovers combine both springs and shock absorbers in one unit and offer ultimate driving dynamics. Not only do they enhance driving comfort but also improve the handling, stability, and cornering response at high speeds.

It is important that the Coilovers are robust and do not give up under stressful conditions. Sturdiness is one quality that you get with Japanese Coilovers and like JDM cars, the best Japanese Coilovers would serve you for years without fail.

The price factor and aftersales support are other important considerations, and you could get a pair of top-quality Japanese Coilovers at a much lesser price than your German counterparts. With Japanese Coilovers, you also get much better after-sales support and parts availability, making your life easier.

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1. HKS

Probably one name that needs no introduction is the legendary performance parts manufacturer from Japan, the HSK. It is literally everywhere! You see an exhaust system, body kits, forced induction systems, and ECUs, HKS nails each product that it develops.

Coilovers are no exception and for decades, HKS has produced some high-quality suspension upgrades for performance enthusiasts. After the immense success of the MAXIV GT, HKS has launched its all-new Coilovers, HIPERMAX 5. The best-to-date and most technologically refined product, HIPERMAX has a lot under its belt to brag about.

HIPERMAX 5 Coilovers

These new Coilovers by HKS are the total game changers, thanks to newer technology and advanced features. You get to enjoy a much better and more controlled ride with HIPERMAX 5, without adding extra weight to your car.

The dual PVS (pre-load valve system) is the first of its kind and reduces the unnecessary bump and generation of excessive damping force, making your journeys comfortable. The needle jet also has a much more refined shape which allows damping force adjustment and more control at different speeds.

With advanced tribology technology and new bump stop rubber, handling gets better while body roll is kept at a minimum, letting you enjoy the upgrade you just got. HKS Coilovers are the epitome of suspension upgrade and you get a major upgrade once you choose HIPERMAX 5 for your ride.

2. GReddy

Another well-known Japanese auto parts manufacturer shares the podium with HKS and others. GReddy has been in the industry for decades and enjoys a huge fan base, thanks to its wide range of world-class automotive performance and modification parts.

GReddy offers a versatile range of suspension upgrades and Coilovers and has some great products in its lineup. No matter which type of vehicle you drive, a tuner or an exotic, or an SUV, GReddy has got you covered if you’re looking for top-quality Coilovers. Their recent launch, GReddy X KW Coilovers has entered the market with a bang, becoming an instant hit among auto shops and enthusiasts.

GReddy X KW Coilovers

To ensure the timely production and fulfillment of all the quality standards, the Japanese and Germans joined hands on this product. Developed in-house by Japanese engineers and manufactured in Germany, these Coilovers speaks volume about technological advancement and performance.

You get a sweet balance between traction, stability, and comfort with GReddy X KW Coilovers. One of the best Japanese Coilovers features pressure-resistant twin-tube dampening technology with a unique calibration for dampening and linear spring rates to provide timeless performance. 

It also features low-friction technology, an adjustable aluminum spherical bearing upper mount, and a hardened chrome piston rod for precise handling and control. A compression bump stops with integrated Dust Boot High Strength Race Spring makes sure that there are no unnecessary jolts or bumps felt in the cabin.

GReddy X KW Coilovers also offers long-term durability and a dependable ownership experience, thanks to corrosion-resistant composite spring parts and galvanized struts with a continuous thread pattern.

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3. Tanabe

Third on the list of Best Japanese Coilovers is another legendary manufacturer, Tanabe. Known for producing exclusive performance and upgrade parts for all types of vehicles, you can blindly rely on Tanabe products for your car.

Tanabe produces OEM parts as well, and auto tuners love their suspension setups for most upgrades. If you want to enjoy unique driving and handling experience with sharp cornering and reduced body roll, get a pair of Tanabe Coilovers and have yourself some quality time on the road, as well as the track. Tanabe Sustec Pro CR is a great product and must be considered before finalizing the deal.

Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilovers

Developed in collaboration with the world’s top manufacturer KYB, Tanabe has full confidence in their product. Featuring an all-new design and better features, Sustec Pro is an ideal choice for comfort and handling enthusiasts.

It features advanced twin-tube dampers for adaptive and timely response to terrain, ensuring traction and stability. The spring is also made of A6061 forged aluminum, offering long-term durability and resistance to corrosion.

The double-plated mount is designed to offer structural integrity and ride stability, while the double-sheet rings make sure that no unnecessary noise is generated by the abrupt movement of springs and other parts, on rough terrains.

If reliability is your concern, you’d love to know that these Coilovers undergo nearly 60,000 miles of testing before hitting the market. So you get peace of mind once you buy Tanabe Sustec Pro CR Coilovers, one of the best Japanese Coilovers available right now.

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