3 Best BMWs for the Money (+Cost Calculation)

When you need to buy the best car for the money, there are some important things to consider before buying such as price, engine, fuel economy, reliability, features concerning safety, driving experience, interior & exterior portions, and ownership costs. BMW is one of the most popular luxury car brands in the world because of the … Read more

BMW vs Audi: (Head-to-Head Depreciation)

BMW and Audi are both German automotive manufacturers of luxury vehicles. Audi is actually a subsidiary of the famous Volkswagen Group. BMW and Audi are among the best-selling luxury car brands in the world, and their combined production is more than 3 million vehicles per year. Depreciation is probably the main concern of people who … Read more

Is BMW E38 Reliable? (What to Expect?)

The BMW E38 is a favorite luxury sedan first released in 1994 and offered until 2001. Since then, it has gained many fans who love its sleek design and powerful engine. But is the BMW E38 reliable? This blog post will look at what makes the vehicle reliable and what doesn’t. I will also discuss … Read more

3 Best BMWs for Family of 5 (with Photos)

BMW are great vehicles, for years they have served the consumers with their superb comfort, unparalleled durability, and enhanced utility. Whether it’s the premium luxury vehicles, motorsports, or sport utility, BMW has stayed at the top of the game and won over the enthusiasts with their products and after-sales. When buying a car for the … Read more