Is BMW E60 Reliable? (Read Before You Buy)

BMW E60 was the fifth generation of BMW 5 Series, produced from 2003 to 2010. It came in both four-door sedan and five-door wagon body styles. Nowadays, there are plenty of used BMW E60 available in the market, but people are still doubtful about its reliability and often ask “Is BMW E60 reliable?” Read this … Read more

Is BMW E39 Reliable? (What to Expect)

A legendary 5 series lineup, BMW E39 really set the bar high for German automotive engineering. It was a completely redesigned car with extensive use of aluminum, an all-new suspension, a first-time V8, and smart technology onboard. E39 was also the first 5 series with air-suspension, an upgraded VANOS, and a smart latent heat accumulator … Read more

Is BMW E46 Reliable? (Things you Need to Know)

BMW E46 was the last of its kind German vehicle when manufacturers focused on the drivers instead of luxury and technology, and it went on to become the most successful 3 series ever. The BMW E46 carried on the legacy of the legendary E36 but with better dynamics, rock-solid reliability and became an all-out driver’s … Read more

Is BMW E36 Reliable? (with Buying Tips)

Like the other iconic BMW cars, when the E36 came out in 1990, it became an instant hit and was warmly welcomed by buyers and enthusiasts alike. It had a compact design, better suspension, and engines, with improved performance due to a refined metal frame. E36 was and still is considered to be a very … Read more