Are BMW X5 Parts Expensive? (The Full List & Prices)

BMW sells premium cars, manufactured using high-quality parts and the latest technology. BMW X5 is a luxury SUV that has all the premium features and amenities and enjoys a rich legacy. But all of this comes at a price as BMW cars are costly to purchase and maintain.

Like other German automakers, BMW X5 parts are expensive, and these vehicles are not cheap to maintain or repair.

Are BMW X5 Parts Expensive?

The answer to this question, “are BMW X5 Parts Expensive?” is “Yes”. BMW X5 is manufactured using top-quality raw materials and components, so its parts are expensive.

BMW X5 parts are nearly twice as expensive in comparison to those of other vehicles. For instance, the yearly maintenance cost of a BMW x5 is $1,200, whereas that of an average car is $680.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are important components of brake assembly they reduce friction when brakes are applied and engage the rotors. Brake pads should be replaced every 15-20,000 miles.

Cost of new brake pads for X5: $250

Cost of used brake pads for X5: $100

Old brake pads are not worth buying for your BMW X5, as those are deteriorated and do not serve their function properly. Ideally, you should get OEM products for optimal performance of your car’s brakes.

The average market price: $100-130

Cheaper aftermarket alternative: ~ $65

A mechanic would charge you $80 – $150 for replacing brake pads, and it is a relatively easier task that can be done at home (DIY).

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Filters are permeable objects that check impurities in the air and fluids passing through them. A car has various filters, including air filters, oil filters, cabin filters, and fuel filters. Filters should be replaced every 10,000 miles except the fuel filter, which should be changed after 20,000 miles.

Cost of new filters for X5(air, oil, and cabin): $60

Cost of new fuel filter for X5: $80

Cost of used filters for X5: $10-40

Used filters are not recommended as they can harm the engine’s performance and output by contamination.

The average market price: $30, fuel filter, $60.

Cheaper Aftermarket product: $30.

Mechanics usually do not charge you for filter replacement, but replacing a fuel filter can cost you up to $90. Except for the fuel filter, all other filters can be changed personally without any problem.


A battery powers different components in a car, such as the head and tail lamps, all the electronic parts (AC, odometer), infotainment system, and windows. Newer batteries can easily last around 5 years.

Cost of new battery: $150

Cost of used battery: $50-70

Getting a slightly used battery at a good price is worth it, as there is no wear in newer batteries.

The average market price: $60

Cheaper Aftermarket products: $40-60.

Mechanics usually do not charge for battery replacement during routine maintenance, and it is one of the simplest jobs a person can do on their own.

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Timing Belt

A timing belt moderates the functioning of the camshaft and crankshaft, ensuring the optimal operation of engine valves during each stroke. A timing belt should be replaced after 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

Cost of new timing belt for X5: $75

Cost of used timing belt for X5: $25

Used timing belts are worthless as they cannot function properly and can affect the engine’s performance.

The average market price: $40 to $60

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $30

Timing belt replacement is a complicated job and mechanics would charge you somewhat between $300 to $500. It is a technical job and should not be attempted at home by a non-professional.

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Starter and Alternator

An alternator charges the battery and powers various electrical components in a car, and the starter is an electrical component that starts the vehicle. On average, these parts should be replaced every 6-7 years.

Cost of the new starter and alternator for X5: $800-1000

Cost of used starter and alternator for X5: $300

Used alternator and starter would only create problems for a premium car like BMW X5. *A used set of these parts only make sense when taken from a donor vehicle.

The average market price: $500

Cheaper Aftermarket alternatives: ~ $350.

Mechanics usually charge $300 on average for replacing the alternator and starter in a BMW X5 and this complex job cannot be done at home using household tools.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs start the ignition process by providing a spark to burn the air-fuel mixture inside the engine, which produces power that drives the car. Spark plugs are inherent to gasoline engines only and need replacement every 40,000 miles or when required.

Cost of new spark plugs: $25 each

Cost of used spark plugs: $5 each

Used spark plugs are useless as they do not serve their purpose adequately. New spark plugs are not expensive and ought to be installed for optimal ignition.

Average market price: $20-25

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $15

A mechanic might replace your spark plugs free of cost during a maintenance session, but a custom job can cost up to $40. Spark plug replacement is an easy job, and can be done at home with proper hands-on practice.

Fuel Pump

A fuel pump propels fuel from the gas tank to the engine for combustion, a 4-stroke cycle. OEM fuel pumps are solid in quality and need replacement only after 100,000 miles.

Cost of a new fuel pump for X5: $400-500

Cost of a used fuel pump for X5: $160

If you can arrange a good fuel pump from a donor car, only then is a used pump worth installing in your X5, as these parts don’t even need replacement all that often.

Average market price: $300

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $250

A mechanic would charge $200-300 for replacing a fuel pump on a BMW X5 and should never try to change the fuel pump at home.

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Water Pump

The water pump prevents overheating of a car’s engine by ensuring proper circulation of coolant from the radiator to the engine. Water pumps should be replaced only after 80,000 miles or 8-10 years.

Cost of new water pump for X5: $450-500

Cost of used water pump for X5: $200

Buying a used water pump is not worthwhile and only a new, OEM pump is recommended as it’s a vital part of the engine.

Average Market Price: $250 – 300

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $200

Mechanics would charge roughly $270-300 for a water pump replacement. It is a technical job and cannot be done at home by non-professionals.


Lights are used for illumination in the dark, warning the trailing cars about braking and turn indication. Lights need not be replaced unless damaged beyond repair.

Cost of new lights for X5: $1,600 (pair)

Cost of used lights for X5: $600 – 800 (pair)

The best idea is to look for used lights in totaled vehicles and if you can manage to get them undamaged, it would be ideal. Do not use cheap aftermarket lights as they can cause short circuits and fire hazards.

Average Market Price: $350 – 450

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $250 – 400

A mechanic would charge $100 – 150 for replacing headlights and this process can be done at home after proper practice and learning.


Oils lubricate different mechanical parts to reduce friction, enhance performance and prolong the component’s lifespan. The oils include engine oil and transmission oil. The engine oil should be replaced every 10,000 miles and transmission oil every 40,000 miles.

Cost of New Oil: $110 – 130 (6 liters)

Cost of Used oil: N/A

There is no concept of adding used engine oil to a car, let alone a premium car like BMW X5. Always use top-quality and fully synthetic oil in your car.

Average Market price: $30 – 40 (4 liters)

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $20

Engine oil replacement is a complimentary service at the majority workshops and one can easily do this job themselves at home.


Tires keep the car moving on the road and are the most rugged part of a car. Tires ought to be changed every 20,000 miles or earlier if damaged.

Cost of new tires for X5: $800-1,000(all 4)

Cost of used tires: $300-400

One cannot judge the mileage or structural integrity of a used tire, so, ideally, you use brand-new tires on your BMW X5.

Average Market Price: $500-600

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $350

All-4 tire change at a workshop costs between $150-200. A complete set of equipment is required to carry out the process, which cannot be done at home by yourself.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades clean the windscreen and wipe it when it’s raining, and should only be replaced when required.

Cost of new wiper-blades: $30 (pair)

Cost of used wiper-blades: $5-10

Used/worn out wiper blades are not good enough to keep the windscreen clean, and these parts are very cheap to purchase in brand new condition.

Average Market price: $15

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $10

Mechanics usually change the wiper blades for free and these can be easily replaced by yourself.