3 Best Hondas for Seniors (with Pictures)

Honda has been ruling the automotive world, along with the other Japanese automakers for decades now. Honda has a diverse lineup of vehicles and has always advocated safe and greener mobility. Known to be highly reliable and built with high manufacturing standards, Honda cars are loved by customers and enthusiasts alike.

Honda produces cars for every segment and caters to everybody’s requirements. Similarly, various Honda cars are ideal for elder citizens due to the ease of usability and convenient features that they offer. Let’s have a look at the 3 best Hondas for seniors and why they made the list.

1. Honda HR-V

This compact crossover by Honda has everything that one needs in a car and has top build quality with enhanced utility features. Powered by a 1.8L engine and mated to a CVT gearbox, it packs enough power for daily driving purposes and has all the latest tech one expects from a quality vehicle. Additionally, it is top-rated in safety and has various cargo modifications that make it ideal for luggage carrying and a top choice for seniors.

Why is Honda HRV good for seniors?

  1. With smart entry and a raised height, it is effortless to get in and out of the car. Thanks to ideally positioned seats, there’s no need to bend further down to settle in.
  2. HRV is compact with a short turning radius, making it ideal for seniors to use on daily basis.
  3. Quality interior panels with lots of convenient features.
  4. Spacious cabin with modifiable cargo settings and easy comfortable seating, elders won’t feel claustrophobic in an HRV.
  5. There is a range of safety and driver assistance features to make daily driving less of a hassle for seniors.

Comfort and Convenience

A spacious interior with leather heated seats makes the interior very welcoming. There are multiple USB ports and storage cubbies that can help with gadgets. Paddle shifters and touch responsive controls make driving very easy for the elders.

Cruise control and cluster gauge settings can be accessed through steering mounted controls and an auto climate control makes it even more convenient to drive, without having to set the temperature every time. The center console is illuminated, making it easier to store and access the items.

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Cargo & Storage

The most interesting part of the HRV is its highly modifiable cargo area, which has various modes and adjustments. These include tall mode, long mode, and utility mode that allow the users to retract back seats to create space just as they want. All thanks to Honda Magic Seats, the cargo and storage possibilities are endless on HRV. There’s a total cargo space of 58.8 cu. ft.

How Good is the Infotainment System?

A 7” touch screen is the main infotainment system, which is driver-oriented and is very easy to use. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity come standard on HRV and allow easy phone mirroring. Although the screen has a respectable size, but can be hard for some seniors to use due to the smaller font size. Climate controls are located separately and do not have to be accessed through the center screen.

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Safety Features

  1. HRV comes standard with ABS and Electronic Brake Distribution.
  2. 6 SRS airbags and Electronic Stability Assist.
  3. Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking and Lane Departure Mitigation System.
  4. Parking sensors and blind-spot alert.

Visibility and Handling

Raised seating positing with height adjustment makes visibility quite optimal, which is further enhanced by steering adjustment. Blind spots are adequately covered by the Blind-Spot Alert and parking in tight spaces is made easier by a rear-view camera and sensors.

Handling is top-notch on HRV, thanks to its agile suspension, nimble steering assembly, and an all-wheel-drive system, which ensures superb traction. Due to its compact size and assistance technology, seniors wouldn’t face any problems with maneuvering.


Honda HRV starts at $21,800.

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2. Honda CR-V

The mid-size SUV is the segment leader and a top choice among buyers. No wonders it has a lot of amenities, tons of cargo and storage, and the latest technology to be a perfect road partner. Honda HRV is a perfect choice for elders as it has a suite of convenience features that make life so much easier and more comfortable. Powered by a 1.5L gas or 2.0L hybrid engine and an e-CVT gearbox, CRV has immense potential.

Why is Honda CRV so good for seniors?

  1. Mid-sized SUV with a lot of cabin space, comfortable seats, and driving experience.
  2. Raised height makes it easier to get in and out, thanks to wide-opening doors.
  3. CRV is just loaded with a lot of technology and utility, which the seniors are gonna love.
  4. It has various driver assistance and safety features, which ensure secure driving on daily basis.
  5. Cargo space on the CRV is never-ending and there is ample head and legroom for all the passengers.

Comfort and Convenience

The smart entry makes it easier to hop in, and leather heated seats welcome the diver with plush comfort. Wireless charging, illuminated console, heated steering wheel, and touch buttons for all the controls make everything super easy and relaxing for seniors.

Dual-zone climate control is accessed via buttons, and all other controls are conveniently placed on the steering wheel. Life is made further easier by offering different driving modes, and auto rain-sensing wipers. Placing everything within the reach and self-adjusting makes it very convenient for seniors.

Cargo space

CRV has a power liftgate with a kick sensor and button control, seniors would never need to do anything to access the cargo area. It is also height-adjustable and allows configuration to place your luggage with a rear 60/40 split seat setting. Honda CRV has a luggage capacity of 75.8 cu. ft.

How Good is the Infotainment System?

CRV also has a high-res 7” infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless connectivity makes everything seamless and if seniors want to stick to tactile buttons, all the controls are placed on the center console and steering wheel. It is a highly intuitive system, and various other car info is shown on the digital cluster screen to keep the driver updated.

Safety features

  1. CRV has standard ABS with Electronic Brake Distribution.
  2. 6 SRS airbags.
  3. Driver Attention Warning and Vehicle Stability Control.
  4. Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking and Lane Departure Mitigation System.
  5. Parking sensors and Blind-Spot Monitoring.
  6. Rear-Cross Traffic Alert.

Visibility and Handling

Visibility on a CRV is optimal due to its raised height and bending A-pillar. There are a few blind spots that are catered to by the Blind-Spot Monitoring system, and cameras make maneuverability much easier.

Handling is very agile, thanks to a stiffer chassis and an all-wheel-drive system which provides flawless traction and reduces over/under steer at the corners. Overall, seniors would enjoy driving a Honda CRV, thanks to its engineering prowess.


Honda CRV starts at $26,400.

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3. Honda Accord

The mid-size sedan is a versatile car that is loaded with tons of safety and convenience features. Accord has always been at the top of sales charts, thanks to its immense capability and comfortable driving experience. With everything Accord has to offer, it is an ultimate choice for seniors. There are two engine options, 1.5L and 2.0L turbocharged, and an available hybrid powertrain.

Why is Honda Accord great for Seniors?

  1. Accord has a spacious and luxurious cabin with very comfortable seating, ideal for elders.
  2. It also comes loaded with tons of convenience and driver assistance features to help make daily driving stress-free.
  3. Accord has ample cargo and storage space, which is easier to manage.
  4. Safety and quality in top-notch with the use of the latest technology.
  5. Accord is very comfortable to drive on a daily basis and easy to maneuver as well. It has ample head and knee room to accommodate everyone easily.

Comfort and Convenience

Smart entry and auto-lock, 12-way adjustable heated-ventilated seats with memory function make it a cozy room for the elders to settle in. Wireless charging, phone mirroring, easy-to-use digital cluster gauges, and a quieter interior make it very comfortable for seniors.

Convenience is enhanced by a head-up display, dual-zone climate control, and illuminated storage cubbies. Elders won’t be able to get enough of the Honda Accord after getting used to it.

How Easy is the Infotainment system to Use?

A premium 8” central screen is touch responsive and controls various functions, including navigation. It also supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth connectivity for easy usability. The digital cluster can also be customized and used for diver information. Majority of functions are controlled via center console buttons or steering mounted switches. If elders do not like the touch screen, they can rely on tactile buttons for all the functions.

Safety Features

  1. Accord comes with ABS and Electronic Brake Distribution with Brake Assist.
  2. 10 SRS airbags including front knee-airbags.
  3. Driver Attention Warning and Vehicle Stability Control.
  4. Honda Sensing includes Collision Mitigation Braking and Lane Departure Mitigation System.
  5. Parking sensors and Blind-Spot Monitoring.
  6. Rear-Cross Traffic Alert.

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Visibility and Handling

The 12-way adjustable seat allows the driver to gain maximum visibility, enhanced by an adjustable steering wheel. There is a Blind-Spot Monitoring System for tricky situations and an auto-dimming rear mirror for rear visibility.

Handling is intuitive, thanks to negligible body roll, and nimble steering response. Accord has an AWD drivetrain as well, and Electronic Stability Control makes traction even better, which enhances handling and maneuverability.


Honda Accord starts at $26,000.