Why is Your Car so Dusty Inside? (Solution)

It’s common to see dust in the interior of your car. But have you ever thought why is your car dusty inside? 

In this article, we’ll find the answer. I’ll also discuss how you can get rid of dust as well as keep your car dashboard dust-free for a long time.

Why is Your Car so Dusty Inside?

The simplest answer to this question is that dust sets in the air, and it is everywhere. There are also different kinds of dust in different kinds of roads considering weather, place. At the time of driving, road debris gets the chance to have contact with your car and make them dusty.

Static electricity causes the buildup process of dust in the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The buildup process lasts from production to shipment and is finally in use. The negatively charged plastic materials presented in your car attract positive dust particles and make your car dusty in a continuous process.

Dust from construction sites, exhaust gas from industries, sand particles are presented in road debris. The amount of debris varies considering different factors like natural disasters, extreme weather, soil quality of the place, etc. 

Wherever you’re with your car, you need to deal with some amount of road debris that makes your car look dusty in both exterior and interior. 

There are also mineral particles in road debris and stone materials in Nordic countries. Another important part of road debris is worn-out materials from brakes and tires. They depend on the number of vehicles presented on the road. While driving, it’s very much possible to collect road debris into your car and make your car dusty.

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How Does Dusty Car Interior Affect You and Your Car?

Dusty car interiors can be responsible for ruining your health as well as some lung diseases. Damaging car paintwork, degradation of interior parts, development of rusty parts, impairment of visibility are some of the effects your car may have on having a dusty interior. 

There is a high possibility to have germs and bacteria inside a dirty or dusty car. They can cause skin disorders, nausea, and sometimes food poisoning if you take food inside your car. All of these can be the reason for your health problem and other important health-related issues.

Dust particles aren’t suitable for our lungs, as they can’t inhale and exhale properly in a dusty interior. There is a risk of lung diseases remaining for a long time in a dusty car interior.

Dust inside your car makes the glass dirty that impairs visibility. In this case, you won’t be able to see properly at the time of driving and accidents may take place. 

Dust inside your car degrades the quality of components. If there is a presence of salt, it forms rusty parts that may hamper the aesthetics of your car’s interior.

How to Get Rid of Dust?

Dust is everywhere, and you need to deal with it every day while driving your car. As keeping your car closed up to keep it free from dust isn’t a practical solution, it’s a wise decision to follow some efficient techniques to get rid of dust. 

Some useful dust-controlling ways stated below will help you to get rid of dust. 

  1. Reduce the speed

It’s possible to reduce dust emissions by 65% if you reduce the speed of your car from 40 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour. Control the speed of your car in the dusty area to avoid unnecessary dust collections into the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It’s also beneficial if you control the overall safety of you as well as your car.

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  1. Avoid exposed ground

Covered ground generally contains less dust compared to the exposed area, footpath, shortcut road, etc. Avoiding exposed ground while driving or parking can save your car from dust. This kind of practice will ensure a comfortable journey also.

  1. Use car wax and paint sealant 

A brand-new car gradually loses its shiny appearance day by day. By waxing your car, you can get the mirror-like shiny look back. A car with a protective wax layer doesn’t let dust attach to the paint. 

But there is a concern with the protective wax layer. It only lasts for a few weeks. Paint sealant can be a permanent and long-lasting solution to leave your car shiny and free of dust.

  1. Use an interior protectant 

The plastic surfaces of your car can’t dissipate their stored static energy. So, they attract dust all the time and make the interior of the car dusty. Using an interior protectant can give you relief from this problem. It’s wise to invest in a water-based protectant, as they dry off in a short time.

  1. Vacuum fiber components 

Fiber attracts dust and mites like a magnet, and it’s not possible to separate the dust stored by fiber components applying to dust. To reduce the amount of dust and mites, it’s better to vacuum the fiber components of your car regularly.

  1. Upgrade to leather covers

Leather doesn’t pull dust particles like fabric and plastic components. It also ensures easy and comfortable cleaning at the time of wiping off the dust. Upgrading the leather cover in your car can significantly reduce the amount of dust without any doubt. 

  1. Place in an appropriate place

It’s your choice to place your car in a dusty area or a clean dust-free area. Placing your car in a paved or grassy area helps you to keep your car clean and free from unwanted dust.

  1. Ensure the covering

Keep your car inside your house when you don’t need it. Always cover your car when it remains idle for a long time. This will help you to keep your car clean and shiny.

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How to Keep Your Car Dashboard Dust-Free for Longer?

Car dashboards work like a crazy magnet when the concern related to the accumulation of dust and dirt comes. But it’s not impossible to keep the dashboard of your car dust-free for a longer time.

Following some useful tips and practices can assist you to keep your car dashboard free of dust for comparatively a longer period.

  1. Ensure regular dusting

It’s almost impossible to have the interior and exterior of your car free from dust by running it regularly. It’s a good practice to do the regular dusting of your car. This process will ensure a clean car dashboard for a longer period. 

Sometimes it’s better to take professional cleaning services for your car, or you may do it yourself if the cleaning isn’t too complicated to do. 

Some additional cleaning elements like soft brush, soft cloth, microfiber cloth, soap, water, car wax, paint sealant, etc. will help you to do the job easily with your hand.

  1. Apply compounded antistatic polymers 

Compounded antistatic polymers can ensure a dust-free and clean dashboard. They also provide a shiny appearance as well as UV protection. 

These products remove dust from the car dashboard by spraying a little amount and with it, all you need is just a piece of cloth to wipe away. 

  1. Avoid unnecessary opening of car windows 

The wind blows away dust particles from here to there.  Opening your windows at the time of driving will let the wind throw the dust particles towards the dashboard of your car. 

It’s suggested to avoid unnecessary opening of the car windows to keep your car dashboard neat and clean for a long time. Especially, try to close them carefully while driving on broken roads, dusty areas, and exposed grounds. 

But closing the car windows most of the time will make the interior environment exhausting. You should ensure a reliable and premium quality cabin air filter that can provide fresh air while turning on. 

It’s suggested by experts to use your air conditioner for recirculation purposes rather than bringing air from the exterior. This will help to reduce the amount of accumulated dust and debris on the dashboard of your car.

  1. Use organic cleansers

The usage of organic cleansers can make your dashboard shiny and dust-free for a long time. They are best for reducing toxic cleaning supplies and there is no bad smell even if you park your car for a long time on a hot sunny day.