ST Coil-Overs Review: Are They Worth it?

Owned and manufactured by KW automotive GmbH, ST coil-overs have been appreciated by users for a long time. Now, car enthusiast are always looking for something to aid their stock suspension.

This product right here might be the answer to your calling. This article will provide you with the ST coil-overs review to decide if they are worth your time and money.

What are ST Coil-Overs? What are its Uses?

ST coil-overs is a suspension component similar to shock absorbers. They help prevent your car from bottoming out while you drive.

Their work principle is similar to shock absorbers, except for the fact that the strut is surrounded by a coil. This coil is placed on an adjustable perch to allow for the adjustment of the height of these coil-overs.

Coil-overs help provide a much stiffer ride so that you don’t scrape your pavement when you lower your car. They are also quite helpful when it comes to mitigating body roll while rounding corners.

They are also referred to as full-body coil-over as they help replace all the suspension components. Coil-overs are usually used for lowering or raising cars for aesthetic purposes.

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What are the Qualities That Make ST Coil Overs Different?

While there may be several different coil-overs available on the market, there are some qualities that help set ST coil-overs apart. Let’s find out all about them.

Plastic Spring Perch

The plastic spring perch is specifically for the front coils only. It has been reinforced with a metal liner which is quite lightweight. The plastic spring perch also comes with plastic threads which help ensure that the shocks don’t lock up.

Zinc Coating On the Shocks

The zinc coating on top of the shocks will help with all the road salt as well as the hard winters. This helps make the shocks resistant to corrosion and enhances their durability.

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How to Handle ST Coil Overs to Increase Their Durability?

ST coil-overs are bound to last a long time if they are handled the right way. Following are some of the ways in which you can handle your ST coil-overs well:

  • Use a slightly smaller diameter of the coil-overs to increase the overall clearance. This helps prevent the possibility of interference by increasing the distance between the chassis and the spring.
  • When choosing an ST coil-over for yourself, make sure you choose the rate before you choose the free length.
  • Make sure that a coil bind does not take place. This happens when the coils adjacent to each other on the spring begin to stack up. This causes the spring to turn into a solid steel block which can be disastrous for the component life.

Note: This can be prevented by choosing the right spring length. If you are going for a lower spring rate, you need to choose a longer spring in order to prevent coil bind.

  • Keep the spring bow to a minimum. When spring bows, it may rub on other chassis bits and suspensions. The bow effect increases with an increase in the length of the spring. To prevent this, use a barrel-shaped spring, use the right length of spring, and use a high-quality spring.

Are ST Coil Overs Made from Good Quality Steel?

ST coil-overs are manufactured using high-quality steel that helps ensure long-lasting height adjustability. It is galvanized and zinc coated which helps optimize corrosion protection. This means that the ST coil-overs will last for a long time.

Following are some of the qualities of this steel:

  • High load tolerance
  • Perfect look
  • Trapezoid thread in stainless steel for easy height adjustment
  • Durable
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Highly corrosion-resistant

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What is the Drop-Look Wise?

The ST coil-overs have a sporty yet simple look, which helps provide you with comfort on the road. With a black interior and yellow springs, these coil-overs have a classy look that adds to the appearance of your vehicle.

Not only do they make your rider comfier but they also lower the car according to your requirement so that it looks sporty. ST coil overs can be an aesthetic addition to your car. Many people buy it for the performance benefits it has to offer, but some also buy it for the looks.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying ST Coil Overs?

Now that you know all about the coil overs let us dwell into the pros and cons of the product. So, that you can really find out if it is worth it in your particular case:


Let us get on with the pros first:

  • Individually height adjustable:

The ST coil-overs provide precise adjustments to your car’s drop so that you can achieve your required look. The height adjustment is seamless and has been tested for up to 85mm.

  • Corrosion Protection:

The galvanized zinc-coated steel helps prevent corrosion and adds to the life of the coil-overs. It helps prevent wear and tear so that the coil-overs can last for a long time.

  • Dust protection system:

A dust protection system has been added to the coil-overs in order to prevent unwanted particulate and dirt from polluting the system. This keeps the system clean and helps cut down on maintenance.

  • Good appearance:

The ST coil-overs have the perfect appearance with good finishes and a clean overall look. The welds on the shocks are clean and close.

  • Good handling:

They help improve the handling of the vehicle which may not be possible with some other stock suspension systems.


Now on to the downsides of the ST coil overs:

  • Difficult to remove bolts:

If the coil-overs have been used for a few months, the pinch bolts can be difficult to remove.

  • Stiff ride:

ST coil-overs might cause the drive to be a little stiff and uncomfortable.

  • Space hogging setup:

These coil-overs might take up a lot of room under the frame of your vehicle. They may even come in contact with loose wires or cables and cause some issues.

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How Do You Rate the Quality of ST Coil Overs?

On a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the best, I would give the ST coil-overs an 8 as they offer a lot of great qualities at the expense of a few cons.

They have a great sporty appearance and come with several great features which improve their handling and make them much more durable. However, on the other hand, they can make your suspension a little but stiffer.

In the end, it is all your choice. Whether to take it or leave, I have laid it all out for you in the best way possible. Hope it was of some help.


  1. Are ST coil-overs any good?

Answer: ST coil-overs are great as they help make the ride nice and smooth. They are made using high-quality materials and they are also resistant to rusting and corrosion.

  1. Where are ST coil-overs made?

Answer: The ST coil-overs are made in Germany.

  1. Are ST coil-overs rebuildable?

Answer: The ST coil-overs are completely rebuildable. All parts of the coil-overs are sold in specific stores and some spare parts are even available in warehouses. Therefore, in case of an accident, you can just get your soil-overs repaired instead of wasting a fortune on buying new ones.

  1. Does KW have a lifetime warranty?

Answer: KW offers a lifetime limited warranty on its products. This means that in case of a defective product, you can get it repaired or replaced for free.


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