How Much is Aston Martin Oil Change? (The Facts)

Aston Martin needs no introduction when it comes to exotic and luxury cars. Aston Martin is considered a British cultural icon, and the famous James Bond series frequently features its cars. The company has a rich history, and its first vehicle was produced in 1915.

But Aston Martin cars are notorious for being extremely expensive to maintain and repair. Like other car enthusiasts, if you also want to know about Aston Martin oil change costs then you are at the right place. Keep reading this article to find out the true cost of an Aston Martin oil change.

How Much is Aston Martin Oil Change?

On average, Aston Martin oil change costs around $500. The actual cost can be slightly more or less than the given one as it depends upon your location and car’s model.

Now, this may come as a surprise to many people because an oil change on a regular car typically costs less than $100. Meaning, that an oil change of Aston Martin will cost you more than five times the normal amount.

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What Makes Aston Martin Oil Change so Expensive?

Multiple factors come into play to make the oil change of an Aston Martin so expensive. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Dealerships: Dealerships of Aston Martin are the number one reason behind the enormous price of an oil change. Only a few thousand Aston Martin cars are sold every year compared to the hundreds of thousands of cars sold by BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche.

Meaning, that the dealerships of Aston Martin will have a very limited number of customers at any given time. These dealerships have to recover their cost and make profits from a handful number of people. Therefore, they tend to charge a lot for even a simple service like an oil change.

  • The complexity of the task: Changing the oil of an Aston Martin is relatively more difficult than changing the oil of an ordinary car. That’s because every Aston Martin car has a unique and complex design. Only trained professionals can do the maintenance and repairs on them.

Oil change being part of the regular maintenance is also performed by skilled laborers and a considerable portion of the overall cost goes to the labor costs.

  • Type of the oil: The majority of the Aston Martin cars do not use regular engine oil. In order to maintain the efficiency and performance of the engine, a special type of oil is used in them.

All of the above factors contribute to the high oil change cost of Aston Martin. From dealership margins to the parts and labor costs, everything is higher than the average.

Can You Change Your Aston Martin Oil in Non-Authorized Repairers?

Yes, you can change your Aston Martin oil in non-authorized repairers. But in case of any damage to the vehicle, the required repairs won’t be covered by the warranty provider.

If your car is new, then it is most likely to be covered by the extended warranty. You should carefully read the warranty contract and in most cases, it is prohibited to visit any unauthorized repair shop for any sort of maintenance and repair.

If your car is not covered by the manufacturer’s or any third-party warranty, then you are free to go to any shop or dealership of your choice. I will always recommend the authorized repairers over the non-authorized ones because they are more careful and tend to know more about your car.

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Do Aston Martins Require any Special Motor Oil?

Aston Martins require a special type of engine oil, synthetic oil to be more precise. Older models of Aston Martin use traditional motor oil. You should consult the owner’s manual to exactly know the required type of engine oil.

Aston Martin uses some of the most advance and high-tech engines in its high-performance cars. They are designed to perform better when they are running on synthetic motor oil.

Each Aston Martin model uses a different grade of motor oil and to know the exact grade you should read the manual or visit the local dealership.

How Much are Aston Martin Oil Filters?

The oil filter of an Aston Martin costs just under $30. This is the only part cost and does not include the labor costs.

Oil Filters maintain the continuous flow of engine oil by removing dust and metallic particles from it. They should be changed every time you change the engine oil.

Most dealerships of Aston Martin do not charge separately for the oil filter, as its cost is already included in the price of the oil change. The same goes for oil changes of other car brands.

How Often Does an Aston Martin Need Oil Change?

Aston Martin cars need an oil change once in a year or after every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. The extended number of miles that you see is because of the use of synthetic oil.

Regular cars that use traditional motor oil need oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But thanks to the latest technology and advancements in material sciences that modern synthetic oils can last up to 10,000 miles.

The frequency of the oil change also depends upon the driving conditions. In case you are using your Aston Martin for any of the below-mentioned purposes then you might need an earlier oil change.

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  • Off-Roading
  • Towing
  • Commercial Use
  • Racing

You might also need frequent oil changes if you live in an area where temperatures are higher than average. During extreme weather conditions, grit and impurities are introduced into the engine and as a result engine oil needs replacement more frequently.

How Long Does Aston Martin Oil Change Take?

If you are changing your engine oil from a dealership, then it usually takes less than one hour. It takes around one and a half hours if you intend to do it yourself.

Dealerships have trained professionals and they have multiple years of experience. They take less time than an average person because it is their daily job.

As I mentioned earlier that changing the motor oil of an Aston Martin is difficult and different from regular cars. Therefore, instead of doing it by yourself, you should seek a professional to perform the oil change.