How Much is Ferrari Oil Change? (The Facts)

Ferrari is a dream car of every car enthusiast, but only a few people can afford to have one. Apart from the initial cost, the maintenance and repair costs of Ferrari are also very high. You can literally buy a decent used car in the annual maintenance budget of a Ferrari.

Beneath that stylish exterior of a Ferrari, there is a sophisticated piece of machinery that requires regular maintenance. One such regular and essential maintenance is the oil change. In this article, you will get to know the Ferrari oil change cost and some other interesting facts about it.

How Much is Ferrari Oil Change?

It can cost anywhere from $400 to $1000 for an oil change on Ferrari. For some high-end models, the cost is close to $1000, while for the rest of the models it is just under $500.

The cost of an oil change for a regular car is around $100, five to time times less than that of a Ferrari. But when compared to other supercars like Bugatti and Lamborghini, Ferrari’s oil change cost seems pretty reasonable. The most expensive is the Bugatti Veyron, for which a simple oil change can cost $20,000 to $25,000.

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What Makes Ferrari Oil Change so Expensive?

The high cost of Ferrari oil change is mainly due to three factors and their detail is mentioned below:

  1. Overheads: A significant portion of the oil change cost is because of the dealership overheads. The annual production of Ferrari is less than 10,000 vehicles, and it has more than 150 dealerships around the world.

Such low production numbers mean there will be only a few Ferrari owners living in the vicinity of any dealership. Therefore, to make some profit and recover all expenses, dealerships tend to charge more from every customer.

On the other hand, dealerships of brands like BMW and Mercedes have an ample number of customers and there is relatively less idling of resources.

  • Complex Engine Design: Ferrari is an Italian brand and since its early days it is known to have a unique design philosophy. To ensure the highest quality, every installation and assembly is performed by hand. Similarly, engine design and features are also modified to give the best performance.

Professionals that are trained by the company itself are allowed to do the maintenance and repair of a Ferrari. An oil change is also performed by these professionals, and therefore labor costs are higher than average.

  • Special Engine Oil: It is not recommended to use traditional engine oil in a Ferrari car. A certain type of motor oil is required to maintain the efficiency and performance of its engine.

Special motor oils are more expensive than traditional ones and consequently, the overall cost of the oil change goes on the higher side.

All of the above factors contribute to the high oil change cost of a Ferrari. Everything is greater than average, from overhead to oil price and labor costs.

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Can You Change Your Ferrari Oil in Non-Authorized Repairers?

Yes, you can change your Ferrari oil in non-authorized repairers as long as you are following the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the oil change. However, if the vehicle got damaged, the associated repairs will not be reimbursed by the warranty provider.

Ferrari cars that are less than 3 three years are likely to be covered by the extended warranty. Most warranty contracts allow changing the oil at an independent garage but still, you will have to use the recommended engine oil and filters. Do read your warranty contract to know all the details.

If your automobile isn’t protected by a manufacturer’s or third-party warranty, then you can take it to any repairer or garage. I will recommend choosing authorized repairers over non-authorized ones, since they are more careful and have a better understanding of your vehicle.

How Much are Ferrari Oil Filters?

A Ferrari oil filter costs just under $35. This is the only part cost, and labor charges are not included in it.

Oil filters keep engine oil flowing smoothly by filtering out dust and metallic particles from it. They trap particles as small as 10 microns. Oil filters for Ferrari vehicles are relatively expensive, as for regular cars they usually cost less than $10.

The oil filter should be replaced every time the engine oil is changed. The oil filter price is not charged separately at Ferrari dealerships because it is already included in the price of the oil change. This is a normal practice, and you may have noticed the same while changing your car’s engine oil.

Do Ferraris Require any Special Motor Oil?

Ferrari cars require a special type of engine and they are mostly synthetic motor oils. For most of its cars, Ferrari recommends Shell Helix Ultra. Although, you can use a similar motor oil if the prescribed one is not available.

In its high-performance supercars, Ferrari employs some of the most advanced and powerful engines that can out form any other car on the road. To keep these engines running smoothly, special motor oil with certain viscosity and grade is required put in them.

The exact grade of the recommended engine oil can find out by looking at the car manual or by visiting your local dealership.

What are Different Types of Motor Oil?

Motor oil is an essential fluid in any car and it provides lubrication for moving parts of the engine. It also acts as a coolant and keeps the engine’s temperature in control. There are different types of motor oils available in the market and one should know the difference between them.

The most common types are conventional oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic motor oil. Let’s discuss each one in detail so that you know which one is best for your vehicle.

  1. Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the standard motor oil and it is also the most common one. It is produced by refining the crude oil and adding different additives to it. Almost every petroleum company sells its own motor oil because it is a by-product of crude oil distillation.

There are benefits and drawbacks of using conventional oil. The most significant benefit is the lower cost and their performance is also pretty reasonable. Major drawbacks include frequent oil changes and a lower degree of protection to the engine.

  1. Semi-synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oils are a kind of mixture of both synthetic and natural materials. They combine some of the advantages of each while minimizing the disadvantages.

Semi-synthetic motor oils have better protection and performance than conventional oil but not quite as well as fully synthetic oils. Similarly, they last longer and are more expensive than conventional oils. Semi-synthetic oil is a good compromise for someone who wants to keep costs down while giving his car a bit extra protection.

  1. Full-synthetic Oil

Fully synthetic oils are made from modified crude oil and artificially made chemical compounds. They are far more consistent and refined than any other type of oil. Therefore, full-synthetic motor oils give the best performance and protection.

However, this comes at a price and full-synthetic motor oils are more expensive than conventional or hybrid motor oils. Another benefit of using full-synthetic oil is that they tend to last longer than regular oils. Some modern synthetic motor oils can even last up to 10,000 miles.

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How Often Does a Ferrari Need Oil Change?

The actual interval depends upon the model and year of a Ferrari. Typically, they require an oil change after every 5k to 8k miles. Some latest models can go up to 10k miles because they feature modern engines and use a special type of oil.

Older models of Ferrari require an oil change after every six months or 5,000 miles whichever comes first. Again, you should consult the user’s manual to know the exact number of miles after which your Ferrari will require an oil change.

The recurrence of the oil change of a Ferrari also depends upon the driving circumstances. If you are using your Ferrari for the below-mentioned purposes then you may require an earlier than usual oil change.

  • Racing
  • Off-Roading

You might also need frequent oil changes if you live in an area where temperatures are higher than average. Grit and contaminants are introduced into the engine during adverse weather conditions, requiring a more often engine oil replacement.

There is an engine oil light on the dashboard of a Ferrari. The light turns on when there is a drop in the oil pressure. The low pressure means that either there is an oil leakage or the oil levels have dropped down. In any case, you should immediately get your Ferrari to a mechanic or dealership.

How Long Does Ferrari Oil Change Take?

Ferrari engine oil change at a dealership normally takes an hour or two. The actual oil change requires less than an hour but it is more likely that there are also going to change all other fluids.

You will require special tools and experience if you want to change the engine oil of a Ferrari by yourself. It will also take more time because dealerships have trained professionals with years of experience and expertise.

One should avoid doing the oil change by himself if he does not have any prior experience. Because a little mistake can cause a lot of damage to the engine and any engine-related repair on a Ferrari is likely to cost thousands of dollars.