Where is Toyota Manufactured? (The Full List)

Toyota is a Japanese automotive manufacturer company, founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. It is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world and produces more than 10 million vehicles annually. It has a world market share of 8.5% and earned 256 billion dollars in revenue in the year 2021. Toyota vehicles have a market in … Read more

8 Toyotas with a Panoramic Sunroof (+Photos)

A sunroof is an exterior feature that can enhance the driving experience. They improve interior lighting during the day and allow passengers to gaze at the stars during night driving. Panoramic sunroofs are exciting, giving a wide view of the surroundings. If you are keen to lay your hands on an affordable Toyota with a … Read more

Are Toyota Parts Expensive? (Pricing)

Toyota parts wear out just like Ford Focus or Nissan Sentra parts. So eventually, something will need to be replaced. Are Toyota parts more expensive than aftermarket parts? Keep reading further to determine if Toyota parts are expensive.  Are Toyota Parts Expensive? Essentially, Toyota parts, or OEM parts, are more expensive when compared to aftermarket … Read more