3 Best Toyotas for Tall Drivers (for Drivers 6’3″+)

Toyota has a wide variety of models to choose from, and while most cars are comfortable for drivers of average height, they may not be the best choice for those who are taller. Here, I will explore the best Toyota models for tall drivers (6’3″+) and provide detailed information on each one.

What are the Ideal Car Dimensions for People 6′ 3″ and Above?

For taller people, it’s recommended that a ceiling height in a car is no less than 38 inches (96.5 cm) between the driver’s seat and the roof of the car. The ideal front legroom is 42 inches, or around 107 centimeters (cm).

It’s important to note that most cars have different dimensions for each row of seats. For example, a car might have 38″ ceiling height in its first row but only 34″ in its second row.

In many cars, especially sedans, the floor becomes much shorter in the second row. For, example, someone driving a sports car might feel comfortable in the front, but the passengers in the back have to squeeze in and have no room to move.

If you are in the market for a vehicle you and others can comfortably ride in, always check the leg and headroom in the front and back. The following vehicles cater well to taller drivers.

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1. Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is Toyota’s widely popular van. The base price of the Sienna is $28,470.

The front-row legroom and second row of seating are both 40.5 inches (103 cm). The front and second-row headroom is 41 inches (105 cm). This is the most headroom found out of any Toyota. The third row of seating is also a roomy 36.0 inches (91 cm) for little ones.

An important thing for a tall person to keep in mind is the proportions of their body. For example, a very tall person may feel uncomfortable in a car that has a lot of headroom but limited legroom. The Sienna would be a good option for someone taller as it provides plenty of both.

Someone that has longer legs needs more legroom, while someone with a longer torso needs more headroom.

The Sienna is a great mix of both leg and headroom.

This would also be good for a tall family because everyone can fit comfortably, and the Sienna has a total of 150 cubic feet for passengers. Tall parents and tall children can both enjoy comfort in the roomy first and second rows as there is plenty of leg, knee, and headroom.

The Sienna is a great option for tall drivers and their families.

2. Toyota Highlander

The Highlander starts at $30,700 and is perfect for taller drivers and passengers that want a bit more room.

It comes with the following dimensions: front-row legroom of 41.0 inches (104 cm), second-row seating of 40.0 inches (102 cm). The front headroom of 41 inches (104 cm), and the rear headroom of 39.0 inches (99 cm).

The Highlander is good for a taller driver, as the dimensions provide enough space without being too large or cumbersome to drive. It is perfect for those who want a car with good height but also want to have enough legroom.

The Highlander is good for anyone who has a long torso, but the second-row seating’s 40 inches may not be comfortable enough for larger legs or parents of taller children. The third row of seating has only 20 cubic feet and would be too small for older teenagers or adults to sit comfortably.

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In the Highlander, the first and second rows share the same floor and ceiling height. The seats in the second row are also captain’s chairs, which are better for taller people.

For a taller person that is driving, if the headroom seems like it isn’t high enough, there is always the option to customize the driver’s seat setting to make sure your head won’t rub against the ceiling.

To be comfortable riding in the Toyota Highlander, someone can be taller than the average person and they should have no problem with the legroom or headroom.

The Highlander is a great choice for those who are taller and want a spacious car without feeling too large or ungainly.

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3. Toyota Tundra CrewMax

This truck by Toyota gets the best of two worlds–it can haul tools, supplies, cargo, luggage, and more in the bed while comfortably holding up to five people in the cab.

The CrewMax has 39.7 inches (100.8 cm) of headroom and 42.5 (107.9 cm) of legroom in the front. The back seats have 38.9 inches (98.8 cm) of headroom and 42.3 inches (107.4 cm) of legroom.

These dimensions make the Toyota CrewMax one of Toyota’s most spacious vehicles ever. A taller person can stretch out in the front or the back of this truck.

The CrewMax is an excellent choice for a tall person that wants to haul things in the truck bed. It would also be good for a taller person and their family, as both rows of seating are spacious enough to fit everyone comfortably.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing this vehicle is whether or not you need all the extra space in the back. If you don’t but are still tall, the traditional Toyota Tundra would be a viable option, which is also less expensive.

As a bonus, the seatbacks in the second row of the cab are not straight up and down like in many trucks. Instead, they are slightly reclined, adding even more comfort no matter where someone is sitting in the truck.

Additionally, the seats are very wide, which will help taller drivers feel comfortable, not crowded in the cab space.

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What are the Worst Toyotas for Tall Drivers?

When you sit in a car are your head hits the ceiling or your knees are crammed into the seat in front of you, it is annoying and frustrating. Unfortunately, not all Toyotas are made for tall drivers.

The worst models for taller drivers are the RAV-four, Camry, and Corolla.

The RAV-four has front-row legroom of 41.0 inches (104 cm) in the front and 37.0 inches (94 cm) in the second row and 39.5 inches (100.3 cm) for headroom in both rows of seating.

One redeeming quality about the RAV-four is that it’s higher off the ground than the Camry and Corolla, so at least it is easier for tall drivers to get in and out of the RAV-four.

The Toyota Camry is even worse. The Camry has front-row legroom of 41.0 inches (104 cm), but only 37.0 inches (97 cm) in the second row, and headroom of 38 inches (97 cm) in both rows.

In addition to being smaller on the inside, the Camry is very low to the ground. This can make it difficult for a tall person to get in and out of the car.

One of the worst Toyotas for tall drivers is the Toyota Corolla. The legroom of the Corolla is 42 inches (107 cm) in the front and 34 inches (93 cm) in the rear, giving it one of the lowest numbers out of any Toyota model.

The headroom for this same car is 37.0 inches (94 cm) in the driver and passenger seats in the front and 35 inches (91 cm) in the back.

While some of these cars have decent legroom in the front, it takes away from the legroom in the back by sliding the front seat backward. Only by moving the seat back can a tall driver get optimal legroom.

The low headroom and limited legroom may be an issue for anyone taller than average height, which is about six feet tall. Even people who are average height might hit their heads getting in or out of the car. If someone of average height is sitting in the back, their head will most likely brush against the top of the car.

While these three models may still be comfortable for those who are on the shorter side, they are sure to be too small for taller drivers. While taller drivers can still fit in and manipulate the car without a problem, for longer trips, they are more likely to be uncomfortable as they can’t fully stretch their upper or lower bodies.

Generally, older models of these cars of the ones that have the worst leg and headroom. However, newer models are designed for taller people as the size of vehicles has increased.

The Right Choice for Tall Drivers

At first, it might seem like Toyota doesn’t have very many spacious vehicles. While the cars listed above are not all spacious, some trucks and vans have larger interiors for taller people.

The Sienna, Highlander, and Tundra CrewMax are some of the best options Toyota offers to tall drivers.

If you are a tall driver, consider checking out these models to see how they work for you. Before deciding to spend thousands on a car or truck, check to make sure it suits you and you feel comfortable driving it without feeling cramped.