6 Best Jeeps with a Panoramic Sunroof (+Photos)

A panoramic sunroof improves the styling and appeal of the car. For the occupants, it creates a comfortable and warm interior, especially when the sun is shining.

Jeeps are some of the cars that have panoramic roofs installed on them. There are several Jeeps that now have the panoramic sunroof.

Let’s have a look at some Jeeps with a panoramic sunroof.

1. Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is a compact and sporty SUV targeted at the young and adventurous.

The entry-level trim is the Renegade Sport. It is equipped with the dual-pane My Sky Panel Sunroof.

The next trim up is the Latitude, which comes with the more up-market CommandView dual-pane panoramic sunroof.

The two trims are powered by a 2.4-liter engine that produces 180 horsepower, mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission. The drive train is either front-wheel or 4×4.

The Upland trim has a removable panel sunroof.

The Renegade Limited features the CommandView dual-pane panoramic sunroof with a power shade and button-operated panes. The panoramic sunroof opens wide, leaving occupants to enjoy the natural air and sun as they ride in the Renegade.

For the young and old, it can be an exhilarating experience, especially when taking the Renegade onto the dirt roads.

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2. Jeep Wagoneer

The Jeep Wagoneer is slotted below the Grand Wagoneer. It features a massive 5.7-liter V8 engine that pushes out 392 horsepower. The engine is coupled through an 8-speed automatic transmission to either the rear or all the wheels. This is achieved courtesy of a rear Limited Slip Differential.

The Wagoneer’s interior is adorned with the best that luxury can give. This includes a tilt/slide tri-pane panoramic sunroof. This is a welcome addition to the spacious and expensively trimmed cabin.

The cabin also features tri-zone climate control and a 10.1-inch touch screen infotainment system.

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The Wagoneer comes with lots of driver and safety technologies. Being an off-roader, there are also various off-road technologies to assist the driver.

The Wagoneer is certainly one to look out for in the European and Japanese-dominated luxury SUV segment.

3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a full-size luxury SUV. It is as spacious as they come, even with three rows of seating.

Many luxury features are available, including a 12.1-inch touch screen, full exterior LED lights with automatic high beams and remote start.

All Grand Wagoneer trims come with a tri-pane, full-length panoramic power sunroof.

Power for this massive SUV is provided by a 395 horsepower V8 engine.

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4. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee features six trims. They are all fitted with different standard and optional packages.

The CommandView Dual-Pane Panoramic Sunroof is fitted as standard on the Limited and High Altitude trims. The panoramic sunroof retracts at the push of a button to create an amazing atmosphere.

The Cherokee trims come with modern driver assistance and safety features. Among them is the Jeep Traction Management System for off-roading, and touch screen infotainment with smartphone connectivity.

Safety features such as Blind Spot Monitoring and Collision warning are also available.

There are three engines available for the Cherokee. These include a 2.0-liter turbocharged, 2.4-liter, and 3.2-liter V6. They are fitted on the various trims.

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5. Jeep Compass High Altitude

The Jeep Compass may be small and compact within the Jeep family, but it comes packed with the latest Jeep technology.

Various trims are available, from the base Sport to the High Altitude trim.

The High Altitude is the top trim and features a panoramic sunroof in the latest release.

Other features to fall in love with are the big 10.25-inch Driver information Digital Display, the 10.1-inch touch screen, voice recognition, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto connectivity.

Safety features include automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

The Jeep Compass is unexpectedly very roomy, creating a lot of comfort for occupants in the rear seats.

Enjoy the outdoors with the Jeep Compass 4×4, powered by a 2.4-liter gasoline engine that is mated to a 9-speed automatic.

6. Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

The Grand Cherokee Overland trim is packed with performance and beauty. It is simply a beautiful beast with a soft and soothing interior.

The interior is enhanced by a panoramic sunroof that brings the sun into the cabin, creating a great interior that feels like the outdoors. Of course, the Overland is meant for the outdoors.

The Grand Cherokee 4×4 system can tackle any terrain. There are different technologies to achieve this. These include the Selec-Terrain Traction Management System that can select different driving settings, depending on the surface conditions.

Power for the Grand Cherokee comes from a 3.6-liter V6 engine, mated to an 8-speed automatic. The engine delivers 293 horsepower, and 260 LB-FT of torque.

Other features expected in this luxury outdoor beast include adaptive cruise control, LED lights, Lane departure system, and navigation.

What are the Pros and Cons of Cars with Panoramic Sunroof?

Pros of Jeeps with a Panoramic Sunroof

  1. Enhanced interior lighting

The glass roof allows the natural light from the sun to light up the vehicle, creating a comfortable ambiance.

  1. Open Air Exposure

Some passengers may be affected by crammed-up cabins, which may affect their natural breathing and health. An open-air system whilst riding a car helps to feel free and unrestrained. They breathe in fresh natural air.

  1. Natural Cooling System

Rather than use internal climate control, an open sunroof can help to naturally control the cabin temperature. This helps to reduce fuel consumption, and lighten the load on the engine.

  1. Absorption of Sunshine

Some people go to great lengths to get a skin tan. A panoramic sunroof naturally provides a tanning effect on your skin, and doing so whilst on the open highway can be fun.

  1. Enhanced Visibility

For the driver, a clear roof can make it easy to absorb and observe the surroundings, including the vehicle. This enhances safety.

Cons of Jeeps with a Panoramic Sunroof

  1. Additional Vehicle Weight

The sunroof system can be cumbersome. It can add considerable weight to the vehicle. Glass is certainly heavier than sheet metal.

The increased weight leads to higher fuel consumption.

  1. Restricted Headroom

The panoramic sunroof system takes up some vertical space. This can be a problem for taller passengers, especially in smaller and shorter vehicles.

On long trips, this can be a source of considerable discomfort.

  1. Increased Maintenance Costs

Any moving parts eventually wear out or break down. The system that operates the panoramic sunroof needs to be checked regularly for functionality and leaks.

Some parts may need lubrication. The electrical and sensors have to be checked. This obviously increases the labor costs of servicing the vehicle.


The panoramic sunroof is loved by many and will continue to be improved on to cater to the cons.