4-Door Coupe vs. Sedan: What’s Better? (Compared)

Cars have been trending in different body styles and shapes, evolving with peoples’ preferences. Before the SUV storm took over the auto industry, there were two main players in this sector, coupes, and sedans.

A 4-door coupe is a modification of conventional coupe type of cars, that had 2 doors and a sloping shape. Let’s have a look at which one of the two most popular car types is better in terms of usage, price, practicality, and styling.

What’s Better? 4-Door Coupe or Sedan?

Overall, a sedan is a better option than a 4-door coupe. If you’re looking for a practical and comfortable car with ample space and optimal fuel efficiency, a sedan would be your best choice. On the other hand, if you’re all out for a performance-inspired car that can give you enough adrenaline rush but can also carry your family or friends around, a 4-door coupe is a great option.

A sedan can serve as an all-purpose vehicle for your basic requirements and is the gold standard on which, modern cars are based. A sedan is economical to run and maintain, has ample space and a comfortable interior, no fancy styling, and enough cargo capacity for convenience and utility.

4-door coupes are designed and marketed for enthusiasts, who want performance as well as space and utility. A 4-door coupe has a nonconventional design with a sloping roofline, sporty shape, upgraded performance, and seating for 4. Although it has good capacity and a spacious trunk, there are some downsides in terms of utility due to its shape and styling. Where the main focus is only performance and thrilling ownership experience.

Have a look at this comparison table and decide for yourself, if a sedan is better or a 4-door coupe;

CriteriaSedan4-Door Coupe
3Cargo and Utility8/106/10
4Interior space8/106/10


The scores are based on the average market costs and overall consideration. Styling is a subjective matter and depends on the buyer’s preference.

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4-Door Coupe vs. Sedan: Which is Cheaper?

On average, a sedan costs less than half of what a 4-door coupe costs. The price difference is due to the difference in market niches of both the vehicle types, as 4-door coupes are aimed at luxury car buyers. Whereas, sedans are supposed to serve everyone’s requirements and are mass-produced, hence making them cheaper to produce.

The prices of vehicles are driven by different factors, such as the production cost, quality of materials used, target market, and bespoke options.

Sedans are bought by everyone as they serve the basic purpose of traveling and utility. Mass production and use of economical raw materials bring down the cost of sedans and there are different trims based on the price, size, and equipment.

4-door coupes are a premium segment product that is marketed and sold to buyers looking for thrilling experiences and luxury car ownership with added convenience and utility. There’s a lot of difference between the price of sedans and 4-door coupes, in both the new and used car market.

Vehicle TypeAverage Price
24-door coupe$80,000

Price of some popular sedans

1- Honda Civic: $26,000

2- Toyota Corolla: $25,000

3- Audi A4: $35,500

Price of some popular 4-door coupes

1- BMW 6 Series gran coupe: $75,000

2- Audi RS7: $120,000

3- Mercedes AMG GT4-door: $125,000

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4-Door Coupe vs. Sedan: Insurance Price

Just like the retail prices, the insurance prices of both vehicle types differ significantly. It costs $1,600 on average to insure a sedan, whereas to insure a 4-door coupe, you’d roughly have to pay $3,500 a year.

The price of insurance also differs based on the type and coverage chosen by the buyer. Full-coverage insurance costs almost twice as much as partial coverage insurance, but also has more security.

Owners of 4-door coupes would probably head for full-coverage insurance to safeguard their investment and premium vehicle. On the other hand, sedan owners have mixed choices, and both types of insurance work fine.

Insurance price for the sedan: $1,600 per year

Insurance price for 4-door coupe: $35,000 per year

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4-Door Coupe vs. Sedan: Which is More Comfortable?

A sedan is comparatively more comfortable than a 4-door coupe, as it has more space, better head and legroom, a more comfortable suspension, and a quieter engine.

A sedan is usually more comfortable than a 4-door coupe in a similar price bracket. All thanks to ample space for all the passengers with excess head and knee room. New adaptive dampers make the ride more comfortable and less bumpy, with a quieter engine and less outside noise.

A 4-door coupe on the other hand has a sloping roofline, depriving the rear passengers of headspace and comparatively less knee room as well. Moreover, rear seats can only accommodate 2 passengers, whereas a sedan can comfortably carry 3. Coupes also have a sports-tuned suspension which is stiffer, for better traction, and a noisier engine with loud exhausts.

Overall, a sedan is more comfortable for long journeys, as well as short trips. While a 4-door coupe is fun to drive and offers an exhilarating driving experience.

4-Door Coupe vs. Sedan: Appearance

4-door coupes have a nonconventional design, which is sporty and trendy in appearance. On the other hand, a sedan has a more formal design and is not so stylish to look at.

In terms of appearance, 4-door coupes are sleek and sportier in design, with curvy bends and sharp angles. The majority of the trims have sporty wheels, trendy body kits, and classy rear wings that make them eye-catching and stylish in appearance. It attracts young buyers and sport sedan junkies.

Sedans have a more conventional design and styling. These are aimed at the masses and do not boast any stylish curves, sporty body kits, or bendy slopes. The only upgrade these can get is stylish rims, grills, and bumpers.

In appearance, a 4-door coupe is a crowd puller, whereas a sedan suffices the needs with a formal design.

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What are the Best 4-Door Coupes?

Although this niche is not so old, there are some 4-door coupes in the market that have established a name for themselves and are loved by enthusiasts. These include BMW M8 Gran Coupe, Mercedes AMG GT 63, and Audi RS7.

These are some really exciting cars and offer premium quality with exhilarating performance. Let’s have a look at all of them individually;

1- BMW M8 Gran Coupe

Following in the footsteps of the first 8 series that was launched back in the 1990s, the new M8 Gran Coupe carries the same legacy. Powered by a 4.4L V8 engine, mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission powering all 4 wheels, M8 has enough to get you going. It produces 620 horsepower, is loaded with all the latest tech and safety features, M8 Gran Coupe is luxury par excellence with the added punch of performance.

2- Mercedes AMG GT 63

Mercedes AMG heritage carries another marvel in its lineup, the AMG GT 63 4-door coupe. Powered by a 4L V8 engine, AWD drivetrain, and 9-speed automatic transmission. It packs the usual luxury of Mercedes, synergized by the performance of AMG, and can carry 4 people to enjoy the thrill of 630 horsepower packed under the hood.

3- Audi RS7

Audi’s RS division has seen massive growth in the last decade, and the sales charts spill the beans pretty clearly. RS7 has been welcomed very warmly by enthusiasts and buyers, thanks to its monstrous engine, sport-tuned suspension, and quick DCT transmission. Apart from the 4L V8 engine, the most striking thing about the RS7 is its classy interior and outrageous exterior styling. With everything that Audi RS7 has to offer, it should be on the top of your wish list.