30 Male & Female German Names for Cars

Naming a car can be a fun activity for some, but the automakers usually struggle at this and have to do lots of muckraking before coming up with good names. We do not only see legendary cars coming from Germany, those cars have some really exciting names as well.

Some are named after their founders, such as Porsche and Mercedes, while some are named after cities or companies themselves, such as BMW and Audi.

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting German names for boys and girls and how do they look on an automobile.

15 Male German Names for Cars

1- Abelard

This name has German roots and it means “Noble” or “Strong”. It is a suitable name for a sedan or saloon.

2- Baldrik

This male name has German-French origin and it stands for “Bold”. It can be a suitable name for a truck or an SUV.

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3- Boris

This is the name of a Bulgarian King and is also used for “Wolf”. It can be used to name a car company, such as Boris Corporations, or a car itself.

4- Brenner

A cool German name that means “someone who burns the things down”. It can be used to name a sports car or a sporty version of a coupe.

5- Fritz

It is usually used as a nickname and rhymes with the Japanese name “Vitz”. It looks like a suitable name for a hatchback.

6- Gerd

It is a derivate of an old German name; Gerdhard. It is a very masculine name and can either be used to name a truck or a whole company, such as Gerd Motors.

7- Hubert

This name also has ancient Germanic roots and derives from an amalgamation of 2 words, hug, and beraht. It is suitable for both a company and a vehicle.

8- Rex

Another great German male name that has origins in the country. It means “King” and is a very attractive name for a sports car.

9- Riker

Riker is a very old German name that has been in use for centuries and is mostly used as a surname. Riker literally means “Rich” and it could look so good on a luxury sedan.

10- Valter

This name has more than one origin and comes from German-Swedish background. Valter translates to “a strong fighter” and seems a very good one for an off-road machine.

11- Volker

Another great German name which is quite old and has been in use for centuries. It stands for “army” and can be a good choice for a coupe.

12- Wagner

This German name is very interesting as it translates as “a wagon maker”. This seems like a perfect name for an estate car or a city van.

13- Werner

The German name is quite common among youngsters these days. It means “covered warrior” and is a very eye-catching name for a company.

14- Wilbert

It means “resolute’ and this German name has its basis in the country’s history. The cool Germanic name is quite suitable for a mid-sized car.

15- Zigmund

It is derived from two German words sigu and mund, which means “victory”.

15 Female German Names for Cars

Let’s have a look at some of the female German names for cars.

1- Adele

Adele was the name of the British king William I’s daughter. It means “pleasant” and “noble”, a perfect name for a sedan.

2- Alarice

It is a decent German female name that means “Ruler” and can be a great name for a flagship sedan.

3- Alva

Elva means “army of elves”, it is a perfect name for a sports car or a hypercar like LaFerrari or Porsche 918.

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4- Zelda

A word used for “an early beauty”, seems like a very attractive name for a car or an SUV.

5- Frida

This decent German name stands for “peace” and looks quite suitable for a hatchback. It has its origin in the old Germanic history and is found in books as well.

6- Everett

A very beautiful German name that has been in use for ages. It means “wild boar’ and can be a majestic name for a real sports car.

7- Hedwig

This might seem like a boyish name but it isn’t. This feminine name means ‘war” and is a perfect choice to name a car company.

8- Ivara

This is another cool German girl name that means “archer” and a sports car can be named after it, like Lotus Evora.

9- Barret

This is also a masculine-sounding name but has been used for girls for decades now. It means “bear strength” and is a good option for an SUV or a truck.

10- Senta

This female German name has its roots in the Country’s history and means “to grow”. It is an ideal name for a compact sedan or a mid-sized saloon.

11- Rilian

This name was used in the film The Chronicles of Narnia and sounds majestic. It stands for “a small stream”, and seems very attractive for an electric car.

12- Vanda

Another cute feminine German name that has even been used for characters in novels and movies. A hatchback could be named after it a small compact sedan.

13- Wendell

This female German name might sound manly but has been used for girls for decades. It literally means “to travel” and can be used for a car company, such as Wendell motors, or even a car itself.

14- Odiel

Another great female German name, that can be used to name a flagship sedan or a mid-sized saloon as well.

15- Dustin

A German word for a “brave warrior”. It is also an excellent choice for a sports car or a brand, such as Dustin Corporation.