3 Best Hondas for Tall Drivers (for Drivers 6’3″+)

In the US, the average height of an adult is about 5 feet 9 inches. If your height is more than that, you are actually considered tall. Globally, a height greater than 6 feet is considered a symbol of tall people.

Now, let’s say you are 6 feet 3 inches tall, you might struggle while driving a car. Not every car is designed for a tall driver. Sometimes, your head may be coinciding with the roof, or you need to fold your legs to adjust in the driving seat.

So, the first thing, you need to consider as a tall driver, is how big is the front leg space and headspace. Then, consider the space of the second or rear row.

In some cars, the legroom and headroom space is not enough, which causes discomfort for tall drivers. A leg room closer to 42 inches and headroom closer to 37 inches is considered optimum for tall drivers.

Based on this range, and comfort level, I have discussed the three best Hondas for tall drivers in this article. Apart from that, other Hondas, you shouldn’t buy if you are a tall driver, are also mentioned.

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1. Honda Accord

The first Honda model on my list is Honda Accord. Its cost price ranges from $25,985 to $37,915. The Accord has a large trunk that makes grocery shopping a breeze, and the back seat is roomy enough for two adults on lengthy road trips. For increasing families, the spacious cabin readily accommodates multiple child seats.

The best thing about Honda Accord is that it comes with 42.3 inches long leg-room and 39.5 inches high headroom in the front. So, if you are a driver with a height of more than 6 feet, you can comfortably stretch your legs and enjoy a ride. The second row is also quite spacious, the rear leg-space is 40.4 inches long, and the head-space is 37.3 inches high. So, either sitting on the front or the back rows, a tall man is comfortable in Honda Accord. It is one of the spacious sedans in the market.

Another notable feature is that you can adjust the driver’s seat using a 12-way power adjustment so that you can find a perfect comfort level. The passenger seat is also adjustable.

Now, since I have talked about its compatibility with tall people, let’s move to its other features. The base variant of the Honda Accord has 192 horsepower, turbo-charged 1.5 Liter Engine. The premium variant of the lineup has 252 horsepower, turbo-charged 2 Liter Engine. It comes with a 10-speed automatic gearing system. A hybrid model is also available, with a 4-cylinder engine and 2 motors.

The other cool features include 8.0 inches infotainment display, Android Auto, and Apple car play support. The company claims that its fuel economy is about 38 mpg on a highway and 30 mpg, on normal use within a city. The low-end models of the Accord can be noisy when cruising. Also, some rear blind spots may bother some drivers.

Now, let’s talk about its maintenance and repair costs. According to RepairPal, the average repair and maintenance cost of Accord is about $400. After a span of 5 years, the price of the Honda Accord depreciates about 42%.

2. Honda Civic Sedan

The second Honda car that is suitable for tall drivers is Honda Civic. Its price starts from $22,265 and goes to $29,315 for the touring Sedan. The Civic strikes a terrific balance between comfort and driver engagement, making it a true jack-of-all-trades. It’s a joy to drive because of its comfortable ride, responsive steering, and energetic driving dynamics. Civic’s ride quality is close to ideal, neither too soft nor too rough. The Civic is even more pleasurable to drive, thanks to its quick, well-weighted, and surprisingly soft steering.

Like its sister model, Accord, it is also quite spacious and comfortable for tall drivers. It comes with a leg-room of 42.3 inches and a head-room of 39.3 inches, in front. Likewise, the second row is also quite large, the rear leg-room is 37.4 inches, and the head-room is 37.3 inches.

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Now, after talking about the spaciousness of the interior, let’s talk about further specifications and features of the Honda Civic. Civic sedan variant comes with 158 horsepower 2 Liter Engine. The car is equipped with modern drive assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist.

Again, like Honda Accord, it has a 7.0-inch infotainment touch screen, integrated with Android Auto, and Apple Car. Apart from that, it contains stereo speakers, a push start button, leather-covered steering.

Speaking of fuel economy, it can provide 30 mpg, when driven in the city. On the highway, its economy improves, it provides 38 mpg. The average annual maintenance of a Civic Sedan is about $368. And, as per CarEdge, its value depreciates 40% after 5 years.

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3. Honda Insight

The third car on our list is Honda Insight. It is a hybrid car, famous for its fuel economy. It is quite similar to Honda Civic, even some components are also quite similar. The only difference is that Honda Insight is a hybrid car, with a combination of a gasoline engine and two electric motors. These two together can provide an energy of 151 hp.

Now, the question is why have I included it in the list of best cars for tall drivers? That’s because of its spacious interior space. Like the other two mentioned cars, Insight’s front leg-room is 42. 3 inches long. The headroom is also quite big, 39.3 inches. In a similar way, the rear seats are also adequate for tall people. The leg space in the back is 37.4 inches. The head and leg space are appropriate but still, some people have a problem getting in and out of it. Apart from that, the drive is comfortable.

Apart from its spacious interior, it has some exceptional features, like a conventional blind-spot monitoring system. It shows a warning light when it sees something in the car’s blind spot. The car is also available in a new color option, Radiant Metallic Red.

As mentioned earlier, this car is a hybrid car, so its fuel average is much higher than the other two cars. Even, its average is 2 mpg better than its strong competitor, Toyota Prius. Since hybrid vehicles contain batteries, which work on regenerative braking, they provide a better fuel average in cities compared to highways. On average, the fuel of Honda is Insight is 55 mpg in the city and 49 mpg on the highway.

According to RepairPal, the average repair and maintenance cost of Honda Insight is about $392. Its initial cost price depreciates about 40%, after a span of 5 years.

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Comparison of Three Hondas for Tall drivers

Since I described all of the three models that are best for tall drivers. Now, let’s compare all three of these and see which one is roomier, in terms of dimensions.

UnitsHonda AccordHonda CivicHonda Insight
Leg-room (front row)inch.42.342.342.3
Head-room (front row)inch.39.539.339.3
Leg-room (rear row)inch.40.437.437.4
Head-room (rear row)inch.37.337.136.9
Fuel Mileage (City/highway)mpg30/3830/3855/49
Avg. Maintenance Cost$400368392
Depreciation After 5 yrs.%423940

On comparing all three, you can see that there is a slight difference in spaces, but the Honda Accord is the roomiest car of all three. But if you want a fuel-efficient car, you can go with Honda Insight. Other things, such as average repair cost and depreciation value must also be kept in mind when you want to pick any vehicle out of these three.

Apart from these cars, there are some cars which are not suitable for tall drivers, their leg and headspace is quite short for tall ones. Let’s now discuss some of these Hondas.

What are the Worst Hondas for Tall Drivers?

Not all cars in the market provide good head and leg-room. For instance, cars like Honda Clarity, and Honda HRV.

Honda Clarity, a plugin hybrid Sedan, costs around $34,395. Its front head and legroom are enough for the driver, but its second row is quite congested. A tall person with a height of more than 6 feet feels highly uncomfortable at the back. The legroom in the rear row is just 36.2 inches. Another problem you might face is refueling since it is powered on hydrogen fuel cells.

Honda HRV is Honda’s smallest crossover. It costs about $22,445. The biggest drawback of this crossover is its front spacing. The front headroom is just 37.6 inches, which can be a problem for a tall driver. Apart from that, its transmission is slow, nosing, and very unrefined. You may feel choppiness while driving on patchy roads.

I have discussed the three models that are suitable for you as a tall driver. I have also discussed the specification and key highlights of each car. Based on your choice and affordability, you can pick a car out of these.