3 Best Mercedes for Daily Driving (With Low MPG)

Mercedes is known for luxury, style, quality, and bespoke vehicles. Particularly aimed at buyers looking for premium vehicles, that would serve them well over the years and have great durability. With time and evolving market, fuel efficiency and smart vehicles have become a mainstay, with the majority of automakers striving to offer highly efficient cars with enhanced technology and reliability.

Mercedes has followed suit and offered some great fuel-efficient vehicles over the years. Especially their blue efficiency line-up, which is particularly aimed at achieving good MPG figures and reducing harmful emissions. Let’s have a look at the 3 best Mercedes for daily driving and why you should choose them.

Is Mercedes Good for Daily Driving?

Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles are great to own and use for daily driving, as they offer superb comfort, luxurious cabins, and unparalleled durability. If you can afford to buy a good model of Mercedes, it would make your daily commute memorable and comfy.

Mercedes can be great commute partners and are dependable for continuous use. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having a Mercedes as a daily driver.


  1. Mercedes’ cars are comfortable to drive and have a lot of driver assistance features for an interactive driving experience.
  2. Reliable to keep and dependable in routine usage.
  3. Doesn’t break down that often and has multiple safety equipment to keep the passengers safe in case of an accident.
  4. Plenty of cargo space for storage needs, wireless connectivity for infotainment uses, and voice command to keep your attention on the road.
  5. Memory seats, with heating and massage functions, keep the interior ready for you and also keep you relaxed.


  1. Expensive to maintain and repair in case something goes bad.
  2. Not all Mercedes are fuel-efficient and can get your finances disturbed.
  3. With daily usage, wear & tear can catch up with it and it would require replacement of some components, which is a costly project.
  4. Insurance is expensive and so is the servicing.
  5. Although it’s comfortable to drive, short daily trips do not unlock the true potential of a Mercedes, and its true arena of performance is a long stretch of tarmac.

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1. Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes A-class is the youngest member of the family and is aimed at young buyers or those who are looking for an economical premium vehicle. Offered in different body styles and trims, it is ideal for daily driving due to its compact size and top features, with also being light on your pocket. It has all the standard safety features, MBUX entertainment, top-class comfort, and plenty of cargo space for your daily needs. A-class has attracted a lot of young buyers and should sit atop your wish list.

Why is A-Class Good for Daily Driving?

Here’s why the A-class is my top choice for daily driving Mercedes;

  1. It is not so expensive to purchase, despite bearing the trident logo upfront.
  2. Compact in size, especially the hatchback version, that makes it easier to maneuver in the city and tight spaces.
  3. Its maintenance and servicing are relatively cheaper than other Mercedes cars.
  4. It is very comfortable to drive around daily, has a luxurious interior and tons of driver assistance features, including the latest Mercedes infotainment system, the MBUX.
  5. It is also cheaper to get insured in the whole lineup.

Which Engine is Best?

1.6L turbocharged gasoline engine is the best choice, powerful as well as efficient, synergized by 7-speed CVT.


It’s a highly fuel-efficient engine and offers up to 43 MPG of fuel economy.


The yearly maintenance cost of Mercedes A-class is $1,350


Mercedes A-class is a very reliable car, especially in terms of endurance and long-term dependability. With A-class, you would spend much of your time on the road, and not the workshops.

Edmund’s Reliability: 8.4/10 Star

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2. Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes CLA is another entry-level coupe-styled sedan that can be great for daily driving. It has an ambient interior, a powerful engine, a decent cargo space, and loads of tech to keep you engaged on the road. It is also quite fuel-efficient and has ample safety features to keep the passengers secure. If A-class is not your type and you want style with luxury, CLA 250 should be your go-to car.

Why is CLA Good for Daily Driving?

CLA 250 has enough to be a top contender for daily driving, let’s understand why it’s great to drive on the daily basis;

  1. Despite being a sedan, it is quite compact and great to drive inside the cities.
  2. The 2.0L engine is mated to a 9-speed automatic, ensuring good fuel economy without compromising the response.
  3. It has loads of safety and driver assistance features, that help you drive around the city.
  4. It has no gas-guzzler tax and is a relatively greener car as compared to other Mercedes.
  5. It comes standard with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, so you never feel bored.

Which Engine is Best?

The CLA 250 has a 2.0L turbocharged gasoline engine, which is ideal for fuel economy and throttle response.


For a luxury car, CLA 250 has a superb mileage of 29 MPG.

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It costs $1,450 on average to maintain a CLA 250 for a year.


Mercedes CLA is a reasonably reliable car and you can depend on it for your daily driving needs.

Edmunds reliability: 3.8/5 star

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3. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Another great option on the list of daily driving Mercedes is the very popular C-class. The face of Mercedes-Benz, C class is a spacious compact sedan with loads of technology and the latest infotainment system. It has a spacious cabin, comfortable seats, and a very intuitive interior that oozes luxury. It has a very comfortable suspension and it is a very smooth car to take to work every day. Offered in a range of body styles, such as sedan, coupe, convertible, and estate wagon. The ideal daily driven C class among these would be C250 Bluetec with a 2.1L diesel engine.

Why is C250 Good for Daily Driving?

250 qualifies as a great daily driver, let’s see why;

  1. It has a very spacious cabin, with comfortable seats, storage bins, and a luxurious environment. It keeps you relaxed and in a serene mood as a commute partner.
  2. The 2.1L diesel engine is very fuel-efficient and lasts longer than its gasoline counterparts.
  3. The safety features ensure your security while a suite of assistance features helps you with daily traffic and tight maneuvering.
  4. The ambient lighting, wireless connectivity, and entertainment equipment are ideal for daily use.
  5. The insurance is not so cheap, but still economical as compared to other expensive vehicles.

Which Engine is Best?

The 2.1L diesel engine in the Bluetec variant is the best in terms of reliability and efficiency.


It offers a superb mileage of up to 42 MPG with normal driving habits.


Yearly expenses incurred on the maintenance of a C250 with a diesel engine are $1,550


C250 has a sturdy build quality and solid dependability, just the right partner for your daily needs.

Edmund’s reliability: 4/5 star