5 Real Reason why Honda is so Popular in the US

Over the last 16 years, Honda has contributed an average of 8% in the US car market share. In 2020 alone, Honda reported a sale of 1.34 million cars and light trucks in the US. 

For some reason, this Japanese brand is loved by US citizens more than others.

So what makes Hondas so popular. In this article, I will share 5 reasons why Honda is so popular in the USA. 

Hondas are popular in the USA, because in the 70s, during the energy crisis time, it offered fuel-efficent and reliable cars. From this time, Americans have a sentiment toward this brand.

Hondas are popular in the USA because it’s a legacy of a crisis in the 70s. reliable and affordable car, which

But Hondas are treated differently in the US. They are a legacy. 

It all started in the 1970s. At the time of the energy crisis, fuel-efficient cars were suddenly in great demand. And Honda was the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce such a car in the US market.

The Honda Civic was introduced in 1973. It quickly became famous for its fast acceleration and agile handling. This put Honda on the board. And the expansion of the company started at insane rates. 

Honda followed the Civic with the Accord, which eventually became the best-selling passenger car. Then came the Honda CRX, and in 1986. They also expanded in the luxury segment introducing the Acura. In just 30 years, Honda captured both the middle and higher class cars market. 

What they did even better was that they kept bringing newer and better tech, such as the Civic CVCC in 1974, America’s first gas-electric hybrid in the 1999s, the CR-Z in 2009. By the 2000s, the brand Honda represented advance, affordable and reliable vehicles, that were fun to drive.   

Honda not only impressed our grandfathers. They became a part of our fathers’ life and us millennials’ childhood. Cars like the CRX, S2000, NSX all became every child’s dream. And now that we are grown up, we all want to have one. This is what makes Hondas so special and popular for US citizens.     

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1 out of 10 cars sold in the US is a Honda. Amongst all the car brands in the USA, Honda ranks no. 4 in overall sales. While amongst all Japanese brands in the US, Honda comes second after Toyota.

Hondas are also famous when it comes to used cars. With an average life expectancy of 250,000 miles, they are more than suitable to last 8-10 years. Since they are so durable, they have a little maintenance cost and higher resale cost. They are reliable and offer more value than any other brand. 

This is why Honda is a popular choice amongst average US citizens. 

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Honda isn’t so popular in the rest of the world, especially in Europe, mostly because the cost of Honda is higher than in the US. Moreover, Honda loses with European competitors that have a high standard and come with similar prices.

But let’s start from the beginning. Right after WWII, Japan had a lot of European automobile competitors. This was not good for Japan’s own auto industry. So they secured themselves by creating laws and treaties. In return, the Europeans also did the same with the Japanese brand. 

So unlike America or Asia, where exposure to reliable, durable, and affordable Honda was early, European countries saw a boom in their auto car industry. Companies like Volvo, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover were continuously bringing out high-class luxurious vehicles. 

With a mix of American and European brands also building cars for everyday people, it left not much space for Japanese brands to make a name. After so many years, Europeans now have a high standard for an everyday vehicle and even higher respect and appreciation for European brands.  

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Then there are high tariffs on foreign cars. European nations have higher tariffs on imported cars over domestic cars. And since Honda imports most of its models in Europe, it makes it expensive to own compared to their counterparts. This greatly affects Honda’s sales in the EU, making them very less appealing. 

The only Japanese brand that did break it through is Toyota. While they are not popular, they are in demand.    

Hondas are Reliable:

As we all know, Honda is a Japanese brand. And the Japanese don’t advertise quality; it’s EXPECTED.  The better the quality, the longer it would last. 

All Japanese products are not just advanced. They are reliable, durable, and affordable. These are the three most important traits any customer looks for. And Honda has always got it right, down to every single word. 

Hondas today are known for their durability and reliability. Yeah, they can’t give you the 0-60 in under 3 sec. But they can allow you to travel 12,500 miles without needing any service. In its average lifespan, Hondas can last up to 250,000 to 300,000 miles before giving up on you. 

To put that in perspective, an average American drives 13,500 miles a year. That means you can drive your Honda for a minimum of 15 years on yearly maintenance. Not even the Prius can promise that.   

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The reason why people buy a Honda is that they can buy it. Hondas are affordable. Unless you are looking at Acura as a Honda, you can buy any Honda under $30,000 in the US. And that is including all of their packages. 

The cheapest Honda you can buy is the Honda HR-V or the Civic Sedan/Hatchback, both under $25,000. Other than their affordable pricing, they have an insanely low cost of ownership. 

Since most of the Hondas are hybrid, you don’t spend much on fuel. They are durable, so yearly maintenance is good enough, twice if you are feeling generous. You don’t need premium oil or a certified mechanic to fix your car.  

By just spending an average of $450 a year, you can drive your Honda for 15 years.     

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They Have Good Mileage: 

Hondas make daily driving family cars. Cars that don‘t drink premium fuel or get thirsty every 50 miles. On a Honda, you can easily get an average of 30 mpg unless you drive the Civic Type R or buy an NSX.

Or you can get a hybrid. Honda offers plenty of good vehicles that are more fuel-efficient than your average car. They are practical, ergonomic, efficient, and subtly fun to drive. 

Hondas are safe:

As I said before, Honda makes family vehicles. They have been making family cars since the 60s. And they never slack in terms of safety. Hondas are safe, almost Volvo safe. Yes, they don’t offer you autonomous driving like Tesla. But you will never drive a Honda like Tesla. 

One of the reasons behind Honda’s safety is its small capacity engine. You can never drive them fast enough to need an AI safety feature. Or to break through a barrier. But they still work on it and get you the best safety tech out there.  

Techs like Honda Sense, Honda Safe Swarm are some of their latest technology. Even standard, all Hondas are equipped with modern/basic safety features, from airbags, child safety lock to lane-keeping assist, cruise control, collision warning, etc. 

With a Honda, you can be disappointed in a lot of things. But safety isn’t one of them.         

Great Resale Value:

Once you are done driving your Honda for 4-5 years and decide to buy an Audi, you can sell your Honda for about 50% of its original price. 

Unlike bigger brands, where the depreciation rates are high as 30% in the first three years. Hondas lose 30%-40% of their value after 3-4 years. Even after being 10 years old, a good condition Honda can fetch you $3000 – $4000 easily. And people buy them because they are so customizable. 

After all, buying an old Honda and slapping in a turbo with the Vtec is the JDM dream.    

The most popular Honda models are:

ModelSold per Year

If we look at the present, Honda has 20 cars in their lineup in the USA. Out of which, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic are some of their best-selling sedans and hatchbacks. The HR-V, Pilot and CR-V are their best-selling SUVs. 

As for the all-time favorites, we got plenty. The Honda NSX, Civic Type-R, older Civic Type-R, Honda S2000, S800, CR-X, Honda Integra, the older Honda Accord. All these models are the real reason behind all the love it gets in the US. 

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Is Honda the Best Car Brand?  

Honda isn’t the best brand in the world, including areas like quality and performance. However, it is one of the best car brands in the world when it comes to affordability.

If you want to get to know if Honda is the ebst car brand in the world, then I need to say “It all boils down to personal preference,”. I think Honda is not THE BEST, but it is ONE OF the best car manufacturers in the World. 

Even after only existing for 50 years, they dominate the world’s biggest car markets.  They are loved in the US, they got a presence in Europe, and they dominate Asia. From a customer pov, yes, they have a lot to improve. But they got even less to complain about. Because the lesser the flaw, the better it is.