OBDEleven vs VCDS – Comparison & What’s Better?

As the automotive industry has advanced in the past few decades, the cars’ systems, technology, and diagnostic tools have also matched the pace of development. Gone are the days of guesswork, and ideas while checking the cars’ faults, and meddling with the carburetors.

As the automobiles of today are run and managed by advanced Electronic Control Units (ECU), the diagnosis and repairs have become easier. So much so that consumers can even monitor their car’s health, run diagnostics, and rectify problems with smart devices. OBDEleven and VCDS are two such top products currently used by most car owners, so let’s understand which one is better in terms of usage, versatility, programming, and other features.

OBDEleven vs VCDS

VCDS and OBDEleven are two of the most advanced diagnostic and monitoring solutions to analyze a car’s main system and ECU. These are internet-enabled devices that can be connected to the car’s ECU, via the OBD-II port for diagnosing, analyzing, programming, and performing adjustments.

VCDS has been in the industry since 2000, while OBDEleven joined the market in 2015. Yet, the competition is quite fierce and each of these top devices offers a range of options to the car owners in terms of auto diagnostics and rectifications. Both of these products are compatible only with Volkswagen family vehicles, such as VW, Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Lamborghini, and Bentley.

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It is an automotive diagnostic software, used for monitoring, programming, retrofitting, adaptations, and many other functions of a car. With the help of a smart Bluetooth device, it enables you to fully access all the car features and systems through your smartphone or a smart pad.

Simply download the application onto your device, plug the OBDEleven into the OBD-II port and enjoy unlimited access to all of the systems of your Volkswagen group car.

It is offered in different packages, with OBDEleven Pro being the flagship and offering maximum features and capability.

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Salient Features

Following enhanced features are just a click away, with so much freedom in diagnostics and problem rectification;

1- Programming and Access

  1. Scanning all the fault codes, VIN generation, ECU information, and live data charts.
  2. Control unit coding and long coding.
  3. Allow easy adaptations and freeze the trouble code frame.
  4. Allow access to basic settings and output testing.

2- Control and Customization

  1. Easy clearance of trouble codes from ECU.
  2. Share the full scan detail with links to rectification guides.
  3. Exploring the engine codes, and updating the fault codes.
  4. One-click retrofit application and adjustments for the driver’s ease


Enables easy adjustment and control of various comfort functions like the daytime running LEDs (DRLs), and door auto-lock. Some exotic features include needle sweep and parking lights pattern and disabling some features, such as voice control or seat belt warning.


Adaption of newer parts or components after installation, such as additional LEDs, or aftermarket parking sensors.

Workshop Schedule

Reset the service or inspection lights after regular maintenance (oil service, brake pads, etc.)


Operated via a PC or Laptop, VCDS is a versatile monitoring tool that is used for diagnostics, programming, and rectifications of the car’s problems. Developed by Microsoft, it is intended to be used only with Volkswagen group vehicles and replaces the expensive diagnostic equipment used by dealerships.

It allows the owners to have a solution at hand, without spending a fortune, and adapt the car to their requirements.

Just like OBD, it is connected to the car via the OBD-II port and doesn’t require real-time internet access for users. It also has an array of utilities and functions, that can make your life easier.

Salient Features

VCDS also possesses a suite of features that can come in handy on daily bases, as well as to keep the car running in perfect condition. Here are some of the highlighted features;

1- Programming and Access

  1. Performs a full scan of the system, showing fault codes, gives full ECU information, and live data charts with graphs.
  2. Allows ECU coding, coding II, and long coding on the laptop.
  3. Freeze the trouble code frame and easy adaptations to newer input.
  4. Access to basic settings, output testing, and ECU flashing function.

2- Control and Customization

  1. Clearing all the fault codes from the control unit.
  2. Perform a quick full scan with all the details without links to rectification guides.
  3. Rectification of the diagnosed fault codes and access to engine information.
  4. Easy retrofit application and adjustments for the driver’s comfort.

As discussed in the previous section, VCDS also offers all those features and functions, just like the OBDEleven, such as workshops, Retrofits, and adjustments.

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Key Comparison Between OBDEleven and VCDS

Although both of these products offer excellent monitoring, diagnostic, and adjustment access to a car’ ECU, OBDEleven comes out on top with a margin. Majorly due to its better user interface, handy functionality, affordable price, and some other enhanced features.


In terms of price, OBDEleven wins as it costs significantly less than the VCDS and offers a better user interface, with some other enhanced features.

PriceUp to $240Up to $650

Supported Operating Systems

OBDEleven is compatible with Android 6.0 or above and iOS 14, while the older downloads might need an update for optimal functioning. VCDS is compatible with Windows PC only.

Operating SystemsiOS 14 – Android 6.0 +Windows PC

Advanced Functions

Both of these devices are capable of performing a range of advanced functions, particularly scanning all the error codes, ECU data with graphs, adjustment, retrofits, and error code rectification. OBDEleven goes one step further by offering a better user interface, error code rectification guide, and one-click functions. VCDS is yet to update these features in the system.


In real-world conditions, both of these systems offer standard programming features, such as coding, coding II, and long coding. VCDS being PC driven offers more control over the data calibration and easier usage, while OBDEleven being a phone-based system controls the majority of the functions in programming with single-click functions. This is a totally subjective matter, where auto junkies use VCDS on laptops to program the codes in detail, while regular users use OBDEleven for standard coding.

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There is a lot of versatility in customization with both devices. Except for a few advanced features in OBDEleven and detailed information, both are equally good at offering customizations. These include clearance of error codes, sharing data of full system scan, car programming history sharing, detailed engine and equipment codes, and updating of error codes.

Compatible vehicles

Both OBDEleven and VCDS are compatible with Volkswagen family vehicles, which include;

  1. Volkswagen
  2. Audi
  3. Porsche
  4. Lamborghini
  5. Bentley
  6. Skoda


Both devices come with genuine adapter cables that are the portal of connection to the car’s ECU, via the OBD-II port. But there’s a huge difference in the price of both, with OBDEleven’s adapter costing merely $15, the VCDS adapter can cost up to $129.


Should I Choose OBDEleven or VCDS for My vehicle?

Both of the systems are great with enhanced functionality and utility, along with the aftersales support. The majority of functions are the same and there’s not such a substantial difference in application, but you should choose OBDEleven over VCDS for your vehicle. Mainly because of the price, features, and easy usability that comes with a user-friendly interface for better access.

Why OBDEleven over VCDS?

  1. Portable, and easy to carry as it is a smartphone-based device/software.
  2. Offers a much more intuitive and enhanced user interface.
  3. Performs the scan and error rectification at a quicker pace than VCDS.
  4. Subscriptions can be freely acquired by watching advertisements, saving you some money.
  5. Offers enhanced features like one-click functions and error rectification guides.
  6. Much cheaper than the VCDS and does a similar or better job, at almost half the price.
  7. One-device-for-all. There’s no need to get extra subscriptions or equipment for multiple cars. OBDEleven is universal.