Are Mazda Parts Expensive? (The Breakdown)

For over 100 years, Mazda has produced some legendary cars with great quality and durability. Not only are Mazda cars highly reliable and comfortable to drive, but they are also cheap to maintain and repairs aren’t that expensive.

If you’re wondering about the prices of Mazda parts, they are cheaper than the average vehicles and easy to source in the market.

Are Mazda Parts Expensive?

Being a mass-production car, Mazda parts are not as expensive as compared to German vehicles and smart manufacturing methodology keeps the prices in an affordable bracket. Where the yearly maintenance cost for an average car is $650, a Mazda costs only $450 to maintain.

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Brake Pads

Brake pads are the link between the caliper and the rotor, and their main function is to reduce friction when the brakes are applied. They should be replaced every 15-20,000 miles or earlier if worn out.

Cost of new brake pads: $140

Cost of used brake pads: $80

Used brake pads would only damage the discs and can even fail in an emergency situation. It is recommended to use only the new, OEM brake pads on Mazda cars.

The average market price: $100-150

Cheaper aftermarket alternative: ~ $60

A mechanic would charge $80-100 for replacing brake pads, and it can also be done personally at home with proper tools.

Price for Mazda CX9: $140

Price for Mazda 3: $110


Car filters check the passage of fluids and air through them and prevent contamination. A car has different types of filters: air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and cabin filters. Filters need replacing every 10,000 miles except the fuel filter, which should be replaced after 25,000 miles.

Cost of new filters (air, oil, and cabin): $50

Cost of new fuel filter: $70

Cost of used filters (all): $10-40

Used filters are not worth it as they can cause contamination and even damage the engine components due to debris.

The average market price: $50-70 – fuel filter, $100.

Cheaper Aftermarket product: $30.

Fuel filter replacement can cost you up to $60-80, while other filters are complimentary during a maintenance session. This is a relatively easier task and can be easily done at home, without any complex tools.

Price for Mazda CX9: ~$120

Price for Mazda 3: ~$100

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A car battery is essential for ignition, powering the lights, infotainment system, windows, and all the electronic parts (AC, odometer). New generation batteries are quite sophisticated and need replacement after 5-6 years.

Cost of new battery: $80-100

Cost of used battery: $40-60

If in good condition and used only slightly, a used battery can save you some money and wouldn’t even harm your Mazda.

The average market price: $80

Cheaper Aftermarket products: $40-60.

Mechanics usually won’t charge you for replacing batteries if you purchase from them, and it is one of the simplest jobs a person can do themselves. All Mazda cars have the same batteries and there is not much difference in price or amperage value.

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Timing Belt

A timing belt synchronizes the functioning of the camshaft and crankshaft, ensuring optimal inlet and exhaust valve opening/closing intervals. A timing belt should be replaced every 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

Cost of new timing belt: $50

Cost of used timing belt: $20

A used and worn timing belt would negatively affect the engine’s performance, and it’s not that expensive to get a new one.

The average market price: $40 to $60

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $30

For such a complicated job, a mechanic would charge you roughly $250 to $300. This is a complex task and cannot be done at home by everyone, and neither should it be attempted. Almost all Mazda vehicles have a similar type of timing belt, so not much of a difference in price.

Starter and Alternator

The function of an alternator is to charge the battery, and supply power to various electrical components in a vehicle. A starter on the other hand is a component that starts the car. These parts should be replaced after every 5-6 years.

Cost of new starter and alternator: $450-500

Cost of used starter and alternator: $200-250

Used starter and alternator are not worth it as they can create problems in the car’s electronic components and wiring. In case you find a donor car with parts intact, try to salvage this set for a lot less than a new one.

The average market price: $500

Cheaper Aftermarket alternatives: ~ $350.

The labor charges for replacing starter and alternator are roughly $200 for a Mazda vehicle, and this technical job cannot be done at home using household tools.

Price for Mazda CX9: $500

Price for Mazda 3: $400

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Spark Plugs

Spark plugs initiate the ignition, to burn the air-fuel mixture inside the engine and start the combustion process. Only gasoline engines have spark plugs and need replacement every 40,000-50,000 miles.

Cost of new spark plugs: $20 each

Cost of used spark plugs: $5 each

Used spark plugs do not provide adequate spark and can hamper the combustion process. These are not so expensive, and only brand-new plugs should be used.

Average market price: $20-25

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $15

A mechanic won’t charge to replace spark plugs during your routine Mazda maintenance, but a custom job can cost roughly $30. Spark plugs can also be replaced DIY after proper practice. Almost all Mazda cars use similar spark plugs and there’s not much difference in the price.

Fuel Pump

A fuel pump sends gas/diesel from the fuel tank to the engine, for combustion, and a 4-stroke cycle takes place. Fuel pumps need replacement only after 100,000 miles.

Cost of new fuel pump: $600-700

Cost of used fuel pump: $300

A slightly used fuel pump can save you a lot of money and if in good condition, you can go for it.

Average market price: $500-700

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $250

A mechanic would charge $200 to replace the fuel pump on your Mazda, and it would be advisable not to change the fuel pump by yourself.

Price for Mazda CX9: $350

Price for Mazda 3: $600

Water Pump

The water pump is a vital part of the engine that prevents overheating by ensuring the circulation of coolant from the radiator to the engine block. Water pumps are robust and need replacement only after 80,000 miles or 10 years.

Cost of new water pump: $250-350

Cost of used water pump: $100-125

Look for a donor car and if you can salvage the water pump, it’s ideal for you. Otherwise, a slightly used pump also doesn’t hurt if in pristine condition.

Average Market Price: $250 – 300

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $200

The average labor cost of changing the water pump on a Mazda is $250. Water pump replacement is a technical job and cannot be done at home (DIY).

Price for Mazda CX9: $350

Price for Mazda 3: $250


Lights are used for illumination, brakes, and warning before taking a turn. Light need not be replaced until damaged beyond repair.

Cost of new for Mazda 6: $600 (pair)

Cost of used for Mazda 6: $300 (pair)

If used lights have no scratches or damaged parts, they can save you a lot of money and still serve the purpose well. Always use OEM lights and not the cheap aftermarket copies.

Average Market Price: $350 – 650

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $250 – 400

A mechanic would charge $100 – 150 for headlights replacement on a Mazda vehicle, and this process can be easily learned to be done at home (DIY).

Price for Mazda CX9: $650

Price for Mazda 3: $400


Oils like engine oil and transmission oil keep the mechanical parts lubricated for friction-free, optimal movement and performance. The engine oil should be replaced every 10,000 miles and transmission oil every 40,000 miles.

Cost of New Oil: $35 – 50 (4 liters)

Cost of Used oil: N/A

Used oil is always discarded and is not made available or sold for re-use.

Average Market price: $30 – 40 (4 liters)

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternatives: $20

Engine oil replacement is often a complimentary service and one can also do this job easily at home.

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Tires serve the basic purpose of moving the car on road, after receiving power from the engine. Tires should be replaced after 20,000 miles or earlier if damaged or get worn out.

Cost of new tires: $400-500

Cost of used tires: $300

Used tires are always a risk, as there’s no possible way of knowing the mileage they’ve served or judging the structural damage. It is advisable to use the new tires always.

Average Market Price: $500

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $350

The average labor cost of tire change at the workshop is $100-200 and a special set of equipment is required to carry out the process, which cannot be done at home by household tools.

Price for Mazda CX9: $500

Price for Mazda 3: $400

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are used to clean the windscreen with washer fluid, and wipe it clear when it’s raining. Wiper blades should be changed regularly after inspecting them for any damage.

Cost of new wiper-blades: $20-30 (pair)

Cost of used wiper-blades: $5

It is not advisable to buy used/cheaper wiper blades when the brand-new product is so economical to purchase.

Average Market price: $20

Cheaper Aftermarket Alternative: $10

Any mechanic would change your Mazda’s wiper blades free if you buy from them, and you can do it yourself as well, in just 5 minutes.