Can a Car Last 500k Miles? (+6 Cars that Do)

Many car owners claim their car has lasted over 500k miles. You may be wondering if a car can really last that long. This article will cover everything from maintenance to the kinds of cars that can make it to 500k miles.

Can a Car last 500k miles?

The short answer to this question is, yes, if you are willing to properly maintain and repair your car. However, there are many things to take into consideration like maintenance, the type of driving, and the type of driver. Also, some cars Honda Civic or Honda CR-V are built to last longer than other and can easily last 500k miles.

“Last” can also mean many things. A car sputtering and smoking to 500k is not the car of focus here.

For this article, “last” will be used as a car that continues to run and drive up to 500k miles with general maintenance and the occasional repair that doesn’t require major overhauls every few months to keep it running.

Almost any car can get to 500k miles if they have enough repair work done, but the average driver does not want to be replacing the same part over and over. Instead, they want a car that can easily make it to 500k with just a few repairs and general maintenance.

Certain factors will determine how long a car lasts. Here we will take a look at some of the best practices to help your car get to 500k and some of the ones that have already proved their ability to make it to the coveted half a million miles.

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Can Any Car last 500k Miles?

The answer to this question is a little more complicated. The truth is, not every car can make it to 500k miles without multiple major overhauls. The answer to this question depends largely on how much money an owner wants to invest in their car.

It would be very difficult for many cars to reach 500k miles. Things that make it difficult for some cars to continue to run that long include the age of the car, how often it’s driven, and the type of driver. Cars that are typically used for short distances or those that are constantly being driven hard will not last as long as a car that is generally well-maintained and only driven on long tips.

Depending on how invested an owner is in their car depends on how many miles the car will make it. If an owner is regularly doing tune-ups, oil changes, and replacing old parts as they wear out, then their car can last much longer than the average. However, if an owner only does the bare minimum to keep their car running, then it won’t make it very far.

How to Make a Car Last 500k Miles?

One of the best ways to ensure that your car lasts up to 500k miles is by following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. This includes oil changes, tire rotations and replacements, brake inspections and replacements, and more.

For the at-home mechanic, regular oil changes are the most important service they can do for their car. When changing the oil don’t buy the cheapest oil and oil filter. Instead, buy a high-quality oil (like full synthetic) and filter that meets the manufacturer’s specifications. This will ensure that your engine is getting the best possible protection.

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It is also important to use top-quality parts when making repairs on your car. When it comes time for a new transmission or other major repairs, don’t cheap out on the part. Invest in a quality part and your car will likely get you many more miles down the road.

To summarize, there are many ways to ensure your car lasts as long as possible:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s service schedule
  • Use high-quality oil and filters when changing your oil
  • Invest in quality parts when making repairs to your car
  • Regularly maintain your car
  • Keep a schedule of maintenance done on your car by you or a shop
  • Frequently change our fluids. For example, each time you change the oil, change one of the other fluids as well like brake or transmission fluid.
  • Practice responsible driving habits like even, smooth acceleration.

The maintenance of a car is critical to how long it will last. A car with 500,000 miles on it has likely been meticulously maintained throughout its life.

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How Much Does it Cost to Maintain a Car with 500k Miles?

On average, it costs between $1,000 and $1,400 to maintain per year to maintain a car. However, the older a car gets, the more this cost increases. By the time a car reaches over 200,000 miles and higher, this cost goes up to around $5,000 per year.

The reason it goes up so much is that in addition to planning for regular maintenance like oil changes, new tires, new brakes, and fluid flushes, owners also have to plan for big-ticket items like engine seals, transmissions, and suspension repairs or replacements.

Cars are made of many intricate, connected systems, and a car with 500k miles on it has seen enough elements and wear that many of these systems will need to be repaired or replaced.

Are Diesel or Gasoline Cars More Likely to Last 500k Miles?

Diesel engines are more likely to last 500k miles. Diesel engines are built to last longer and have more torque than gasoline engines.

This is due in part to the way diesel fuel is burned. Gasoline engines are spark-ignited, meaning that a spark plug starts the combustion process. Diesel engines are compression-ignited, meaning that heat from the piston compressing air in the cylinder causes the fuel to ignite. This difference in how the fuel is burned means that diesel engines are better suited for high-mileage driving.

However, gasoline vehicles are more popular in the United States, so many cars that last 500k+ miles in the United States are gasoline-powered.

While both gasoline and diesel engines have been known to drive half a million miles, diesel cars are more naturally designed to last longer. Nevertheless, with proper maintenance, both kinds of cars can last to 500,000.

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Are Older Cars More Likely to Last 500k Miles than Newer Cars?

Newer cars are more advanced and efficient; thus, they are more likely to last 500k miles. Though it may seem like older cars last longer than newer ones, this is not always the case. Older cars can last longer than newer ones, but that doesn’t mean every old car will last as long as a new car.

Though new cars are more likely to last longer, some will still fail well before 500k. It is not uncommon to hear of newer cars that have major issues before 100k miles. But the right car from a company with a strong reputation for long-lasting cars will offer the likelihood of a solid ride to take you to 500k.

For older cars, it all depends on what was done with that particular vehicle throughout its lifespan and if it has been maintained properly at each stage of its life. Cars that have many miles put into them are likely going to show signs of wear. What matters is the reliability of the car and its maintenance/repairs.

6 Cars that Will Easily Last 500k Miles

While many cars can last 500k miles with the right care and attention, these six models below are some of the best:

Honda Civic– The Honda Civic has long been known to be a reliable and durable car. With proper care and attention, these cars can easily last 500k miles.

Ford Crown Victoria– There is a reason these cars are used by police forces and taxis all over the United States—they are mechanically proven. If this car can survive police chases and the constant stop and go of taxi service, it can be a reliable car to get you to 500k.

Toyota Camry- The Toyota Camry has one of the highest resale values in America because it is such a reliable car that rarely ever breaks down. If you take care of your Camry, it will last to 500k miles no problem.

Honda CR-V– It’s no wonder the Honda CR-V has been a longtime favorite for car buyers–they continue to last easily over 200,000 miles. With consistent maintenance, they can get to 500k.

Subaru Outback– A longtime favorite of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, the Subaru Outback is a legend for racking up the miles. As a bonus all those miles are AWD. These cars are safe and dependable, many having the same engine model that has served them well for years.

Toyota Prius– The Toyota Prius has long been praised for its fuel efficiency and longevity. Thanks to the electric motor, reliability is not an issue with these cars. If you choose a well-maintained used one, it can easily reach 500k miles without any major issues.

What’s more, you can find many of these cars used with plenty of life left in them for under $8,000.

The Journey to 500K Miles

No matter which car you choose to take you on your journey to 500k miles, it is important to remember that repairs and maintenance are key to keeping your car healthy and running consistently and strong.